Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 review
No. 4, hmm, that'st a lot

The good:

~Customisable characters
~Customisable tracks

The bad:

~The music (most)
~Not much levels
~Same type of game to last ones though


Here is another (4th one, now that's a lot) just shows how much people loved the last ones on the PS2. I have never been a fan of the Tony Hawk's pro skater games but when I found out that you could customise your own park I so rented this game out, it turned out ok.

The customisable characters are really fun, becaue you can make so many different looking characters, this adds a lot to the replay value. Well you can have different hats, glasses, shirts, shorts, tattoos boards, etc. While you make your character you can customise his or her stats, to make them what you want them to be like.

The customisable tracks got my attention as you can of course create your own parks. There are mnay different half pipes, rails, pools etc for you to choose from but to be fun you should make your own lava park, so basiclly every where you go you are screwed. Ha ha ha, lol.

The annoying thing is most of the music, GRRRRRRRR, it's so annoying, unless your into a lot of annoying R&B rap songs, you might want to mute the T.V. It also gets frustrating with the Park maker and you stuff up heaps of times and your listening to that music.

There is many different tricks for you to do, along with the cheats, matrix mode and no gravity. They are pretty cool and you can pull of so many moves. The main campaign thing has lots for you to do, eg, the colledge, there are many people for you to talk to, so thereis plenty to do. This is addictive at first but then it might get a bit tiresome after a while.

The multiplayer is good, it's so much fun to send messages accross and then they get all cut up about it, the annoying thing is there is a lack of levels, also the levels look dull. The graphics are ok not great, but not bad.

I recommend to anyone who loves skateboarding games that do not have one already, though it is still wise to rent before you buy.

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kittyrock291 Aug 4, 07
i think there's an option somewhere for alternative music genres....
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