Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 review
Better than 2

The good:

~The graphics

The bad:

~Same type of gameplay to the last game


This is the game after the two games of Tony Hawks' pro skater. It kicks off to a go start and is ok for the first few days of playing.

There are really cool tracks that you can play in and are btter than the last game's ones. They are very interesting and there seems like a pretty cool atmosphere aorund it. The graphics for the time were supurb and showed some potential.

The gameplay is fun as you can do so many tricks. It will take you a while to master them all but it's fun trying to do them. If you enable cheats you will have even more fun as you have no gravity, matrix mode and stuff like that, that will keep you interested.

The music is ok, there are a few good tracks, but some of them are crap, the sounds in the game are at a good standard, but not the best I have heard.

The game play is very addictive but after 4 days I guarantee that you might get bored. Though you have your create a skater which adds to the replay value of the game. It's fun to make your own character and there are a few options that will make you laugh.

Though this is an old game I do suggest you rent befor you buy, as the next two games in the series are already out, but this game is very cheap.

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