Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Sick Score FAQ v1.2 - Hafiz Rahman
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Sick Score FAQ

by Hafiz Rahman   Updated to v1.2 on
                        Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
                            Sick Score Guide
                              Version 1.2      
                            for PlayStation
                      Last Updated on July 28, 2002
                          Author: Hafiz Rahman
                          Homeland: Indonesia
                  This work is © 2002, Hafiz Rahman
Table of Contents
1 Introduction and Version History
2 The Scoring Basic
  2.1. The Moves
  2.2. Scoring Theories
  2.3. Combination Moves
  2.4. General Tips and Tricks
3 Getting the Sick Scores
4 Credits
5 Recommended Sites
6 Disclaimer and Legal Stuff
7 Epilogue

1. Introduction and Version History
 After a long not-writing-a-FAQ gap in my life back then near the end of 2001,
I've been working my tail off on some new FAQs and this one, I believe, is one
of them. This is actually my very first FAQ made in 2002, and it is January 2
on my PC date, so Happy New Year yourself if you wish :)
 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is my very first Tony Hawk I've ever played. Honest.
I know I'm quite late for not playing this kind of game, but better late than
never. For that, however, I could not make any reference to the previous series
of the game anytime I cover about something in this FAQ.
 Why Sick Score? Simple, because some of my friends seem like having some
problems nailing out those Sick Score goals in Career mode. One of my friend
could only get a maximum of 39,000 points out in The Foundry level. Don't 
laugh, it is true.
 At first I had that problem too, but after reading the magnificent FAQ already
available in GameFAQs and as I dig out the game further, I found out how to get
the Sick Scores in almost no time. This includes finding the best spots to rack
up points, figuring out some good combos and such.
 I'm not very good at this game, I can't nail up to million points just like
some expert people did, but since all the Sick Score could trouble you is a
maximum of 250,000, I guess I could try to grab it. Anyway, all the content of
this guide provides "my way". They might not be the best, but of course they 
had been proven 100%ly by myself, I guess this might help you as well. So, as
a beginner, I will dedicate this for the other beginners--I do realize, at
least, that any experts won't need this FAQ at all.
Alright, enjoy then. 

Version History
Version 1.2 July 28, 2002
- Added more information about scoring, courtesy of Paul Cortney.
- Also arranged the scoring section a little bit. 

Version 1.1 April 04, 2002
- Added a new spot submitted by reader. 
- Added the explanation about moves taken from
- Added the spots in the hidden level Downhill.
- Added a new theory about moves separation. See Scoring Basic.

Version 1.0 January 12, 2002
- Everything here is the content of this very first version.

2. The Scoring Basic
2.1. The Moves

 Before we go on nailing those nasty goal, let us just simply try to understand
the way scoring works first. With this, I hope it will help you to decide which
move should you choose to include in a combo to get better scores-- because you
will need that eventually.
 At first, I thought that the moves in the game could be separated into three
kind of moves: Air, Grind and Manual. But then again, I had some idea to make
things easier, and I will separate the moves into four:
1> Air Moves
2> Ground Moves
3> Grind Moves
4> Transitional Moves

- Air Moves are the ones that are done in air, which are mostly flip and grab
- Ground Moves are the ones that are done on the ground, which includes Manual,
  Revert, and of course, moving around the terrain.
- Grind Moves are the ones that are done on any edge and involves balancing
  skill. This includes all the Grind moves.
- Transitional Moves are the ones that involve more than one Air/Ground/Grind
  type act. This includes:
  - Ollie/Nollie, which is Ground/Air act.
  - Wallride, which is also Ground/Air act.
  - Liptricks, which are Ground/Grind act.

My very big credits go to the clear explanation about
the moves, including Nollie, was taken from there. Check it out now.
<2.1.1> Air Moves
¤ Air ¤
 Air is the move that is performed once you're high on air. These kind of moves
could be done using Square or Circle button. Of course, you will need to use
the D-pad combination to accompany the action button in order for the moves to
work. E.g.: [Up+Square]. Air works the best to add your base score, but it
might not work well to add your multiplier score (more info about it later).

¤ Spin ¤
"To spin your board is to make it rotate on its vertical axis as in a pop

After you pull off a move, press either R1 or L1 to do some spin. If you
could make it into some perfect degree, you might get higher score. More 
details on it later. However, imperfect spin might get your character face
on your ground, so better practice yourself on it.

<2.1.2> Ground Moves
¤ Manual ¤
 Manual is the move where you simply run only using two wheels of your skate,
either the back or the front wheels. To do this you need to tap [Up,Down] for
the usual Manual or [Down,Up] for Nose Manual while you're running. Once you're
manualing, you need to balance yourself like when you're grinding. The diffe-
rence is that in Manual you get a vertical balance meter, and you need to use
the Up/Down d-pad (instead of Right/Left) to balance your manual.

¤ Revert ¤
"A trick that is added on to the end of any other trick, and it means to 
 spin one's self and the board 180 after completing the initial trick."

 This is, probably, the key to multi-million combos you could do in THPS3.
Revert is done using R2. Revert had the same basic as switching your stance
in a run, that's why it uses the same button. However, Revert could only be
done once you're landing after getting some air. Once you touch the ground,
you need to press R2 quickly and it will add a Revert to the move combo you
had done. With this, you could then combine the Revert with a Manual until
you reach another halfpipe to get some air and pull another combos, or a
Manual and then reach some rail to do some grind for another combos. Prac-
tice to combine Revert and Manuals because this is the easiest key to get
 the Sick Score.

<2.1.3> Grind Moves
"Any variety of tricks where the hanger(s) of the truck(s) grind(s) along
 the edge of an obstacle."

 Grind is the move that is performed by grinding your skate on a rail, or on
any terrain that acts like a rail. Such an example is like the edge of the
pool, the top of the roof, and so on. This works by pressing Triangle together
with the D-pad combination button as well. E.g.: [Up+Triangle]. While grinding,
you need to balance yourself using the Left/Right d-pad. A meter will be shown
once you're grinding something, and make sure that the tiny vertical bar,
representing your balance, stay in the middle or near to it. Grind scores less,
it depend on how long you could balance yourself in that grind position.
However, Grind is the easiest way to add up your multiplier score (more info
about it later).
<2.1.4> Transitional Moves
¤ Liptricks ¤
 Lip tricks are moves that are done on the edge of a pipe, pool, or basically
whatever could act as a rail. Inspite of grinding them, lip tricks are done
by making a static-act, like standing on your hand on the lip, stalling for
some seconds, and so on. To do this you need to press Triangle accompanied
with D-pad right when you're about to jump from the pipe or such things.
E.g.: [Up+Triangle]. Lip tricks need a perfect 90° angle from the lip (just
jump straight from the pipe/whatever), because if your character jumps even
a little bit to left or right, he/she will perform a grind instead.
¤ Wallride ¤
"A trick entailing riding your board on a very steep or vertical wall."

Wallride is quite self explanatory. You could do a Wallride by pressing
Triangle. However, before that you need to jump near a wall or any vertical
barrier. Once you're close, press and hold Triangle to Wallride.
¤ Ollie ¤
"The basis of most other tricks, it entails using your back foot to smack 
 the tail of your board against the ground while your front foot pulls the
 board up into the air. Invented by Alan Gelfand."

Ollie is actually a jump. Press X while running and your character will
lower his/her stance. It will trigger a jump if you release the X button.
With Ollie, you could reach any further destination, and you will then use it
frequently because basically (pre-)Ollie(-stance) also speeds-up your run.
¤ Wallie ¤
"Getting all four wheels on a vertical wall before ollieing"

Wallie is an Ollie, it's just performed on wall. So, you need to do the
Wallride first, and while you're on the wall, press X to do Wallie. Using 
this, you might jump higher to get on hard-to-reach rail or to get more air.
Sometimes it might be enough to perform Hawk's The 900 after a Wallie. In
some FAQs, the Wallride-Wallie combo often called as a Wallride alone, so 
don't get confused here why those FAQ told you to do some air moves after a
Wallride. Of course, you will need to perform Wallie first to get enough air
for that moves.
¤ Nollie ¤
"An ollie off of the nose of the board rather than the tail *originated 
 by Natas Kaupas, it is short for nose ollie or Natas ollie."

By pressing L2, you will switch your stance from Fakie to Nollie. In Nollie 
stance, you could perform a Nollie trick by tapping X just like when you're
about to do the Ollie. I don't know what is exactly this Nollie thing, but
as far as I know, you jump lower in Nollie, but at least it adds you one nice
Nollie trick points in your combo. However, you don't really need Nollie to
beat the Sick Scores.

¤ No Comply & Boneless ¤
"No comply: Any trick that entails the front foot stepping off of the board
            and onto the ground while the back foot initiates any of a
            number of tricks such as ollie, 180, pop shuvit, etc."

Both of those moves are basically pre-moves you could do before starting
a combo. Tap [Up,X] for No Comply or [Up,Up,X] for Boneless. You could also
do it in a usual run too. 

2.2. Scoring Theories

 Okay, I guess that's all about the moves. Now, let's talk about the specific
D-pad combination needed for the moves. When you're about to use Air or Grind,
including Specials, you need to use the following D-pad combination:

<A> The normal arrow : [Up] | [Down] | [Left] | [Right]
<B> The combination1 : [Up/Right] | [Right/Down] | [Down/Left] | [Left/Up]
<C> The combination2 : [Up,Up] | [Right,Right] | [Down,Down] | [Left,Left]
<D> The special      : [Any direction, Any direction]
A slash [/] like in [Up/Right] means you press both Up and Right at one time.
A comma [,] like in [Up,Up] means you press Up and then press Up again.
[Any button, Any button] means that the combination could just be anything.

 Now, if you want to do a move, you need to press any button in [brackets] al-
together with Square, Circle or Triangle button. Now here's a quick hint on
how to choose the moves with better scores.
- Moves using <B: The combination1> mostly scores higher than <A: The normal
- Moves using <C: The combination2> mostly scores higher than <A>, and
  slightly better than <B>
- Moves using <D: The special> scores the highest, because they are the
  special air/grind moves (duh).

 So, if you can, always try to pull off the <B/C> combination, and use <D>
to start the big combo, and eventually use <A> when the score from <B/C/D>
worn off. 

 Yes, even though they do score high, the same moves might get less and less
score if they are used continuously. Here is the quick note on how to count
 # of use -  Score
 1st      -  100%
 2nd      -   75%
 3rd      -   50%
 4th      -   25%
 5th+     -   10%
 This means, doing the same special back and forth won't give you much score.
In contrary, you will get less score the more you use the special. Anyway, I
don't know I'm right or not, but once the score get worn off, try to use
another trick first. After some times, the percentage seems to be generated
so if you use the first trick it might score high again. But I'm not quite
sure about it already, so don't depend on it.
 Now how to count the total score? Here is what you get if you do a combo:

             Heelflip+Kickflip+Heelflip  --------------- The moves in a combo
                       320 x 3  
Total base score         |   |
of all the moves ________|   |__________________ Multiplier

 Now, if you're on air and quick enough to perform Heelflip+Kickflip+Heelflip,
you might get these on your screen. The total base score of all the moves is
always increases if you add another moves (the 320 is just an example, though).
The addition was taken from the base score the moves had.
 The multiplier also always increases once you do another moves. The three
points on the screen are there because the character did the moves three times.
Although Heelflip was done twice, it will still count separately. However, it
is not always true that you get 1 more multiplier after another move. Sometimes
another move will just add 0.5 multiplier. I'm not pretty sure about what gives
1 and what gives 0.5, but I'll do some more research on it if I get the time.

2.2.2. SPIN
 Other thing to add multiplier is to do the spin. Certain degree of spin gives
out certain multiplier, so you could make use of it. Here's the quick list: 
° of Spin - Multiplier 
   180    -  1.5    
   360    -  2     
   540    -  3                            
   720    -  4                            
   900    -  6                            
  1080    -  8                             
  1260    - 10
 So, using above example will be:

                   320 x 4 (instead of 3)  

 However, spinning is not all that easy. Doing 720 is hard enough even with 
maxed air and hangtime stats, and 1260 is, although possible, requires you to
jump from a very high place to a very low yet safe place. The multiplier is
a bit nice, however, so you could practice yourself on this to get scores.

 Stances (That are Regular, Switch, Nollie and Fakie) also affect the score.
- Regular adds nothing to the points.
- Switch adds 20% of the base score of the move done within the stance
- Nollie adds 470% of the base score of the move done within the stance
- Fakie adds 560% of the base score of the move done within the stance

 The downside, of course, laid in the fact that non-Regular stances aren't
that easy to maintain like the Regular one. Doing a Fakie will slow down your
speed and thus even though you can have much extra points from some air move,
you can never have much speed to have enough air, thus limiting your time
to pull as many moves as you can do with Regular stances.    

2.3. Combination Moves

Now, here are the combination moves I found out to be useful in this game:

1. Air combos + Revert + Manual + Air combos + Revert + Manual + Grind(s)
     This is best done in a pool or halfpipe or quarter pipe or such. Get some
   air, pull off one or two air combos (special is preferable), quickly follow
   it with Revert (R2) and Manual (Up-Down or Down-Up) once you're landing,
   move to the other side of pool/pipe, jump again, air combos again, and so
   on. This combo actually goes infinitely, but however, doing Revert and 
   Manual will eventually slow you down. So, once you cannot reach the other
   side, just jump (Ollie, tap X button) to the lip of the pool/pipe and 
   use some grind moves there. At that time you will surely be able to pull
   off some special grind, so do it. You may also want to do the normal easy
   grind for several times. Not for your base score, but to add your multiplier
   one. Now stay grinding as long as possible, and land off safely once you're

2. Wallride + Wallie + Spin + Grind(s)
   This is best done in a place with some long rails, like in Rio. You need to
   Wallride and Wallie to jump higher, Spin to get some multiplier and land
   yourself already on a rail to perform grinds. Use specials to increase base
   score (you will need to stay as long as possible), and use ordinary grinds
   to increase multiplier (you don't need to stay too long, instead, try to do
   it as fast and as much as possible). The difficulty of this is actually how
   to position yourself right from Spin to Grind moves. If you missed the rail,
   you need to start it all over. For some alternative way, try to jump off 
   from high places instead of doing Wallride, do some spinning Air moves, and
   then followed with the Grind. The longer you could stay on the rail, the
   more score you might get.

3. No Comply + 720° spin or more OF <B/C/D> d-pad air move (just once)
    Remember those <B/C/D>? See the combination D-pad list above to see what
   those mean. Okay, the way to do this is to get a long fast run, and jump
   straight off a pool/pipe. When you're jumping, release the X and press Up.
   This will do the No Comply. Now, pull off one trick and spin as long as
   possible. One of my friend did this continuously to win Tokyo and he did it
   very well. The good thing of this combo is that you only need one move per
   combo, thus the base score of it and another moves will not get down very
   quickly like when you do a huge combo with the same moves. If you want to
   do that again, just pull off another move. Simple. The bad thing is that it
   might score less, and you might not be able to jump higher to get a 720 if
   you don't run that fast and jump that high first. If you can't do 720,
   however, 540 is quite nice too as a last resort. Anyway, if you failed the
   No-Comply one, you will need to add one more simple <A> d-pad move, because
   it is important to get your multiplier up one point more.

4. <A/B/C> d-pad air moves + <D> d-pad air moves, or
   <D> d-pad air moves + <A/B/C> d-pad air moves, or
   <A/B/C> d-pad air moves + <D> d-pad air moves + <A/B/C> d-pad air moves
    Okay, this is not quite good but at first I did this as my one and only way
   to get some scores. However, the only place where I could rack-up Sick Score
   with it is in the Foundry (75,000). As a personal record, I could just do
   about (100,000) points using it. Not much, considering that you could do
   more than (200,000) points using the other combo listed above, but at least
   it is way much easier. Just jump off a pool/pipe, pull the air combos, land,
   and try to find something else to get another air and another combo. That's
   it. You could add some liptricks before opening the combo, because using it
   will greatly add your special meter. One last warning, though, this hurt
   your thumb. Trust me.

  ::           If you want to add your own combo method,              ::
  ::            reach me via <>                  ::

2.4. General Tips and Tricks
 So, I guess you know most of the basic in this game. Now check out some tips
I'm including here before we go on to the Sick Score section:
- If you want to add your base score, try to pull off some air combo.
- If you want to add your multiplier, try to pull off some grind combo.
- Don't push yourself too far when doing air combos. 3 moves in one air is
  already enough to do. Having too much combos might get your face land on the
  ground first instead of your skate.
- Don't push yourself too far when doing grind combos too. If you think 
  ("feel") that you can't keep your balance any longer, just jump off the rail
  and pull off some Manuals to get some more points. You don't want your long
  run combos get failed up because you lose your last grind balance.
- Practice your fingers to do moves faster. At some point your fingers will
  get quite tired. Just get some rest for them, this is just a game after all.
- Be patient when you're trying to master the combos method. You might need
  some time to get them all by your hand, and that's normal.
- Quoting RHCP's song in this game: "/fight like a brave/don't be a slave/".
  That means, don't be afraid of falling and failing. Most of us will have to
  face it sometimes, but from there we will then learn much. Also, don't have
  any doubt when you're going for some long combos. You might think, "Now, I
  should reach that rail. But could I really reach that? No, I guess I'll think
  another way." In the end of it, you already bump yourself into the ground. 
  You need to be brave, think fast, make fast decision. Don't keep any doubt,
  don't be afraid of failure. Just do it first. Anyway, that extreme sport is
  all about.

3. Getting the Sick Scores
 Now, let's get to the main topic of this guide, getting the Sick Scores in
Career Mode itself. I will simply put the best spots to rack-up some points,
and what you could do at that place. Spots arranged based on my own preference.
Spot #1, obviously, will be more suggested for you than the Spot #2, and so on.
• The Foundry • Sick Score: 75,000 •
SPOT #1: 
 Run straight from your start point and you will soon meet a halfpipe in the
end down there. Jump into it, and you could start racking up some points.
First, you could try some liptricks to add your special meter. After two
liptricks, your meter should be enough. Then, jump a couple time until you get
enough air (running down the halfpipe after an air will speed you up, thus
making your next jump higher), and start pulling off your Air special. When
you're landing, you should pull off your Revert and try to get another air to
do another air moves. If you aren't fast enough to chain between the Revert and
the next air moves, you need to add Manual before jumping off. Eventually, use
Manual and when it slows you down, jump to the lip of the pipe and start
grinding. The rail will not be that long, and in the end of the pipe, just
jump off of that rail, but don't get into the pipe. You might fall if you get
into the pipe, so it is safer to jump to the flat platform. If you do it right,
you will already have 75,000 score, or at least near to it.
 However, if you don't get used to that combo, just use the usual Air combos,
without the Revert. After a whole lot of air combos and/or specials, you will
eventually get 75,000. However, I warn you that it will eat up all of the time
(2 minutes) to get 75,000 or more. If you fall down, even once, you might not
be able to reach the score. It is easier, though, you just have to be creative
by not using the same old air moves back and forth.

SPOT #2:
 Run straight, jump over the halfpipe, move straight to the back end of the
level where the control booth is. There are two piece of quarter pipes 
inbetween the booth, and use it to get scores. This spot is better than SPOT #1
because it gives you longer rail to be grinded on. This spot, however, is also
worse and might be harder than SPOT #1 because after all it is just a quarter
pipe and you need to turn around after landing to get another air.

SPOT #3:
 I just realized this long grind combos spot--Over the halfpipe and go up the
place to your right (the one with water tank). You could actually grind the
rightmost rail (get some speed by airing on the quarterpipe on the back of
the halfpipe), stay up and down, and jump to the next rail (where you get
a letter, "T"), follow the rail all around the back of the level, and when
the rail ends in the back-left-side of the level, jump again to reach the
next rails ("s", because there are two rails there). Finally there wouldn't
be nothing else remain, nothing but huge scores. As an addition, you could
also do this in reversal, start from the rail on the middle-left part of the
level, grind 'round the back level and end up after the water tank on the
middle-right part of the level. Note that you desperately need good enough
Grind Balance and Speed stats for this.

• Los Angeles • Sick Score: 100,000 •
SPOT #1:
 From your start point, jump over the stair and turn to your right. You will
eventually meet the NOKIA building. There are two quarter pipes facing each
other before the entrance of the building. Use that place to get some combos.
Jump off high, get special moves, Revert and Manual, jump again, back and forth
until you get much points. Here, you don't really need to add another grind,
because the quarter pipe is way too short to be grinded anyway. If you could
chain-up combos in about four times air, you will surely get this one fast. If
you can't, just break the combos in two times air or so.
 If you can't do the Revert+Manual combos to link up air moves, I might not be
able to give you another alternative way. You have to master it because the
next level will actually need this combos to get their Sick Scores easily.

SPOT #2:
 From your start point, jump over the stair and move straight front and you
will eventually find a place with graffiti and two quarter pipes placed near
each other. There is also a nice wall to be grinded on between those two
quarter pipes, so you could add some more points from grind after chaining up
air combos using the pipe.

• Rio de Janeiro • Sick Score: N/A •
In Rio, you don't need to rack up Sick Scores, but you will still need to get
a lot of points here anyway, because that's the only way to win the medal here.

SPOT #1:
 Just jump to your right/left from your start point and there will be some
kind of quarter pipes facing each other there. Simply use air combos with Re-
vert and Manual here. After that, you could also add some grind because the
rail is quite nice to get one special grind or more than two usual grinds.
If you couldn't make more than 125,000 points here, you need to practice more.

SPOT #2:
 Move straight front from your start point, and you will find some jumping
places connected with a wooden bridge. The not-so-easy way is to jump off the
jumping place, get some air combos, and land on a grind on the wooden bridge
until the end of it. Doing so back and forth are enough to win this stage. If
that is too hard, just use the quarter pipes and ramps nearby that area, it
is not that hard to find.

SPOT #3:
 Jump/get-down-and-turn-around/do whatever you can to the back of your start
point and (if you still facing to the same direction with your first point)
turn to your right. Find the rail alongside the left part of the street,
and grind it on. Jump to reach the next rail (which _will_ always be there,
trust me), and after several rails you should ended up bumping a place with
ladder, and getting lots of scores already. Anyway, you could hit that
ladder to breakdown that high place, so that if you start the combo from
this spot, you could get more points by grinding the broken place (instead
of bumping into it) and the continuing to the next set of rails.

• Suburbia • Sick Score: 150,000 •
SPOT #1:
 Move straight, follow the three set of rails and you will find two big
quarter pipes facing each other. The same old Revert+Manual combo is the 
easiest way to use here. Pull off some specials. Anyway, due to the space bet-
ween the two quarter pipes, which is kinda long, you might just be able to do
one air for each pipe, and the Manual will just slow you down. If it does 
happen, then jump to the lip of the quarter pipe and do some grind combo,
because the rail way from there is kinda long. It is preferable to use the
furthest quarter pipes to add the grind combos. It is actually connected all
way down to the right, thus you will be able to make long grind combos, as long
as your balancing skill is good enough.

SPOT #2:
 Turn right from your start and go past the fence to find a pool there. Easy,
use the pool for the air+Revert+Manual combo and finish it up by grinding the
lip of the pool all way round. Watch your spin, though, you might get fallen
in all of the sudden due to the surface of the pool itself.

SPOT #3:
 Turn left from your start to find the quarter pipes with the high blue tower
between them. These are also good place for our old Revert+Manual bud. Note
that the space between the two facing pipes are kinda long, you may need to
balance your Manual a little bit longer.

SPOT #4:
 Another good quarter pipes is right inside the house area behind your start

SPOT #5:
 Turn left from your start and turn left again. You will be in the left side
of the house behind your start point. It also holds some nice quarter pipes,
just note the long space between each of them.

• Airport • Sick Score: 200,000 •
SPOT #1:
 From your start, jump off the place to your right and get into the hidden
place behind that black curtain :) You will find a small yet useful bowl to
the right of the secret room with deck. Use it to grab the Sick Score, using
the same old Revert+Manual. Anyway, if you're fast enough, you will not need
the Manual because once you Revert you will get on air again due to the size
of the bowl itself. Now, to get it all more interesting, Do that combo and
grind the bowl lip and jump off to the rail on the rightmost wall. Keep
grinding on them to eventually meet the quarter pipe, Revert, Manual and jump
back to the rail and once you get back to the pool safely, at the very least
you will be very close to 200,000 points.

SPOT #2:
 Move all your way down to the place with flags. Jump off the pseudo-quarter
pipe and wallride the glass window. Do a wallie and a spin (540, at least) and
land yourself safely on the rail (there are lots of rail choices there on the
window). Pull off some usual grinds to add your multiplier, then use your
special grind as a finisher. Go through the rail as long as you could. Repeat
the combo for about three or more times and you should get the goal.

• Skater Island • Sick Score: N/A •
Skater Island is also a competition. No Sick Score, although it IS the reason
why this place is made. If you can't made up to 200,000 points in this place
using our old Air+Revert+Manual+Grind combo, you ought to be joking.

SPOT #1:
 Right when you're down from your start points, you are already in a huge
halfpipe. Use it and go for as long as you can for air+Revert+Manual+Grinds.

SPOT #2:
 Either to the left or to the right of that huge halfpipe is the pool area.
They provide less air to reach, but longer lip to grind on. You decide.

SPOT #3:
 Past the halfpipe to your right-front is some sets of quarter pipes. There
are a lot of spaces between them if you have good balance in Manualing.

SPOT #4: 
 Get through the white door near SPOT #3 and suddenly you're in a park type
area with lots of quarter pipes. You know what exactly to do with them. 

• Canada • Sick Score: 250,000 •
SPOT #1:
 Grind the rail in front of you, jump and rail the wire fence and land in the
other side of your start point. Turn around and get yourself to the big pool
there. Use the old combo and you will get it after some try.

SPOT #2:
 From your start point, get down and turn around to your left, and get to the
long way. You should find a ramp there near the first leftmost building. Jump
off it to the roof and jump again to the rail. Grind it to the end, and you'll
find a gigantic halfpipe there. Use it. You could also try the spinning air
moves combo trick here, because the air you could get here is kinda high.

SPOT #3:
 Use the first way to get to SPOT #1, but instead of turning around to the
pool, just use the pool right in front of you. Beware, however, the falling
chances here is higher due to the surface of the pool.

SPOT #4:
 Between SPOT #1 and SPOT #3, there should be a way with a big quarter pipe
in it. It is the place where you could find the letter "A" for S-K-A-T-E
(the place where you should start once you fell down out of the stage). Get 
some air moves there, Revert and Manual and jump to the long jumping place
in the opposite side of that quarter pipe, and use another air moves before
landing on that long ramp-something by grinding it. Grind it all way through
and you will get some huge score already when you land in front of the pool.

SPOT #5:
 Okay, this is crazy, but this is possible. You should know how to blow up the
tree, right? Jump off to the detonator and get down. The big tree should have
fallen. Jump and grind it (this is also one of the other task to do) until the
end of it, jump off, pull off a spin or air moves, and land by grinding the
wire fence near the start point. Now you have a choice to keep grinding the
long wire fence, or jump off for some Revert and another air combos in the
pool to your right. If you have succeeded all way down,I think 250,000 should
have been passed long way ago. You need to be very good in balancing, though.
The grind will be very very long to keep on going. I never succeeded on this,
but I already had the plan, so there.

From Moses Lahey <>
SPOT #6:
 "In the beginning of the level, keep on going straight until u can only go 
  right. Go right since its the only thing to do, and grind on 1 of the 2 
  rails, jump on to the next one, do a manual , go up the half pipe, and do a 
  special. Keep on doing that until u r done. If done right, u should at 
  least get around 150,000. U can continue the trick by doing a revert, and 
  going back on the rails.
  P.S. u can do some special grinds while on the rail (duh!)"

• Tokyo • Sick Score: N/A •
Tokyo is the last competition to go. Here, the safe point is about 200,000,
which you should easily get, if only the time limit is not just 1 minute.

SPOT #1:
 The best place for Air+Revert+Manual+Grind combo is the pseudo-pool right in
the back end of the level. To get there effectively you could either grind the
leftmost or the rightmost way of the stage. The leftmost is easier, but the
rightmost gives more scores (the leftmost contains one stat points and the
rightmost has three). Once you reach the double pseudo-pool, make sure you had
filled up your special meter already. Once you start it all with your special
air move, everything will come easy.

SPOT #2:
 Once you get down your start point, either turn left or right to find the
quarter pipe or jumping place or whatever it is right on the wall. My friend
uses this for his signature (HIS signature?!) combo: No Comply+Spinning Air
moves. He only did about 10,000+ points per combo, 30,000+ points if using
special, but he grab the gold already. You just need to be patient to do it
this way. You will need to do the combo frequently to get more than 100,000+
(in contrary, you might just need to do the Air+Revert+Manual+Grind combo once
to get the same amount); but after all it is easier. You just have to focus on
spinning and getting (at least) 720 for each of your air move and that's it.

SPOT #3:
 Another good place is the hidden in-the-air black sphere which is actually
a halfpipe connected with a quarter pipe in both end of it. I won't tell you
where, it is quite obvious because, listen this, "the arrow will guide you".

• Downhill • Sick Score: N/A •
This neat place means nothing but Stat Points (in Career) and nothing else
(in Free). However, this is a secret place, so there. Anyway, you need all
the Stat Points here to have perfect-stats character (yea, no cheat!). But
then, this has nothing else to do in Career. Well, you could use it against
your pal, to practice your near-great skills, or just to show off someone
new to this game.

SPOT #1:
 Just get ALL way down, across the river, and in the end you will find a
pool in which you could use for the old revert combo.

SPOT #2:
 Dude, this place is _made_ out of long rails. Either on the leftmost or
the rightmost wall, there should be a lot of long rails going towards the
end of the level. My personal favorite is on the leftmost area, the long
set of rails that will give you the gap "24-stairs set" along the way.

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4. Credits
Allah SWT, for everything. Everything.

Mike Truitt and Paul Cortney. I read both of their FAQ and learn a lot from
them. The Spin-Multiplier and No.of use-Percentage list was from both of
their FAQ. Without them, I might never understand how to get long combos. I
still can't get multi million scores just as they said, but I'm still on it.
Some of the sites in Recommended Sites are also from Paul Cortney's. Thanks
a lot, dude!

Again, Paul Cortney, for letting me use the outstanding scoring information
from his FAQ.

CJayC, the best man of GameFAQs. I'm kinda missed his name in the first ver.:), for the explanation about some skateboarding jargon.

Moses Lahey <> for sending SPOT#6 in Canada. Thankz!

All of my friends that I know as a Tony Hawk's player: Bayu-Kamajaya-Kamadian-
Paxdhe, for helping me out with a lot of stat-finding and goal-reaching, Kakek
for just being there when I want to show someone off :), and of course thanks
to Alip, the "just-39,000 points-guy". This FAQ is, basically, made for you.

Rei of NGE, for just being there. I'll just shut-up alright.

Sopo Jenenge, my forever loyal custom skater. He lands on his head thousand of
time, crashes his body to just about anything for the other thousand of time,
and that's without any shirt and protector--however he is not quitting off and
instead choose to just shut up and skate (and I'm supposed to thanks Elissa
Steamer for that too :).

5. Recommended Sites
For any Tony Hawk's Pro Skater stuff, from Paul Cortney's FAQ:

For some real-life skateboarding stuff:

For some dumb things made by the author as a pseudo-shameless-self-promotion:
- The Author's Official Homepage (huh? OFFICIAL?!) (or)
- Author's GameFAQs Contributor Page

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