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: : : : Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

by GValko   Updated to v2.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PSX version of the game.
|                        |
|Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3|


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If you want to use it, e-mail me.
This FAQ/Walkthrough is my sole property according to international copyright laws.
If this is found anywhere else then the sites listed, please e-mail me.
Please note that I reserve final judgement on all submissons. 
All Created skaters are property of their creators.
If you wish to remain anonymous  on your suggestion or skater, I will reserve the right to 
allow other people to publish it.


Send in those CAS!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Version updates
3. Controls
4. Skaters
5. Levels
 f)Skater's Island
 g)Los Angeles
 j)Oil Rig (XBOX only, in progress)
6. Bugs, Glitches, and Cheats
7. Create-A-Skater
8. Credits
9. Contact Information
10. Stats

1. Introduction
Tony Hawk Pro Skater has been a great series so far. I just got it on All Hollow's Eve 2001. 
The gameplay has remained mostly unchanged from the last one.
The only major change is the Revert. (Manuals for hangtimes.)That means bigger combos. 
The cash system is gone, with Decks and Stat points hidden around the level. Now onward ho!

I realize that this might appear in the XBOX section of some sites, so I want to note that
this FAQ was originally made for the PS2 version.
I don't have an XBOX so if anyone wants to let me know the differences, or level walkthroughs
please email me.

Well, all good things must come to an end. Thanks to everyone who has supported this effort, and
supplemented it as well. I probably would never have finished it without you. Thanks again.


2. Version updates:

11/9/02 Complete. I'm done. Been a fun year. See you when my next FAQ is published.

2.0- Much added. Been over 6 months since last update.

1.83- Tahnks to Kevin Khatri, for helping me finish off all the bios.

(4/16)1.82- Finally someone sent me in a bio. Also added something in the Oil Rig walkthrough.

1.81- Controls for XBOX added.

4/5- 1.8- Major rehaul starting. I'll start with the XBOX addition first.

1.72- This FAQ is mainstream. I'm working hard on it.

1.71- Tip added. Added a really bad ASCII diagram somewhere in this FAQ.

MWAHAHA! *cough*

1.7- Minor fix, another CAS.

Near-Final- Last SKATE location. Its not final, as you can always submit CAS to me.

1.6- Fixed some codes, added some stuff, and another CAS! <Timeline: 12/26/01>

1.5- More codes, 2 skate locations, another deck location, and a skater.

1.34- 2 CAS, and some other stuff. Sorry if this wasn't a huge update, I've been busy.

1.33- 'Nother few CAS. More little things. Another bio.

1.32- Few updates. Omitted tricks section after non-use. 'Nother 3(!) bios. I need to stop. Too
many updates. 5 in 3 days. Time to submit.

1.31- Minor updates. 1st and 2nd CS added. 1 more bio.

1.3-11/11/01-More SKATE areas, Create a skater section, bios starting to be added.

Version 1.2- More SKATE locations, Wall of Shame added, Deck locations for Cruise Ship up.
Cheat/Bugs/Glitches area filled. Minor updates in other sections. First update of my FAQ on 

Alpha 1.1- 11/8/01- Finished all level guides in the game!!! 
>SKATE will come as soon as I remember where they are.
Beta 1.0- First build

3. Controls:
                  _____                 ______
                 | L1,2|               | R1,2 |
                 -------               --------
                /   _    \____________/        \
               |  _| |_    ___    ___     / \   |
               | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []     O |
               |   |_|    __   __   __    ><    |
               |         /  \ |  | /  \         |
                \       | AL |----| AR |       /
                 \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                  \___/                  \___/

                          - fizuckle - 

X: Ollie. The longer you hold it the higher you jump. Hasn't changed. Tap it to recover faster.
Confirm on menu screens.

O: Grab Tricks.
: Flip Tricks.     
Press a direction to perform a trick in the air in conjuction with either button to
perform a trick.

Triangle- Grind. Jump press a direction on a rail and grind. Make sure to adjust. 
Also used for Lip tricks. Approach a pipe straight on press Triangle and hold a direction.
Cancel on menu screens

R1- Spin faster
L1- ditto
R2 or L2- ReVert. Press it when you're coming down on a pipe.
L2- Nollie. Press L2 and then ollie.

Start- Pause
Select- No use.

A- Ollie
B- Grab trick
X- Flip trick
Y- Grind

L trigger- Switch from fakie to normal, and vice versa.
R trigger- ReVert

Start- Pause
Select- No use.

Help from: <>

If anyone has a macro of a XBOX controller, could you sned it to me. 
I would like one to show the tricks.


4. Skaters:
I'll add in the bios later on. These are the skaters:
Through some bad luck I've lost my manual. If anyone can e-mail me the bios, thanks in advance.
(All bios are from the manual.)

Tony Hawk:

Depending on whose home you were checking, Tony Hawk's been a household name for over 20 years.
But it's really been his last half-decade of contest winning and 900 spinning that have tattooed
HAWK on the foreheads of our youth. A trailblazer in the effort to bring skateboarding to the
ends of the world. Tony has become an icon for a generation of kids sorely needing one. Through
the invention of countless tricks, his seemingly limitless potential, and a sense of grace and
class that follows behind his quickly moving self, Tony Hawk soars.

Steve Cabarello:

One of a select few, this "Godfather of Modern Skating", helped define just what it means to be a
professional skateboarder, pioneering this modern era of technical skating with innovations like
his namesake fakie ollie 360- the Callabriel. With energy of a teenager and the sophistication
of a man who has made his own way, Cab is an a year-round skater who teaches by example. He rides
every terrain- street, vert, and parks- with the skill and passion of a master.

Kareem Campell:

An ideal combination of both East and West coast sensibilities, Kareem Campbell is not a bridge
joining an equal-but-opposing geo-cultural issue, he's just an authentic skater. Born and raised
in real cities, his skate-life come-up led Kareem to develop an urban foundation to his skate-
boarding. Not by design, but rather out of necessity, his metro-style is a well-honed version of
what the world's street dwellers hope to someday attain: smart, real, and smoothed out-without
the R&B.

Rune Glifberg:

An O.G. Dane enduring the climate of sunny So. Cal, Rune Gliffberg's been known to phone home
using ubiquitous digital technology. His extra-terrestrial power-style has led him to be the 
podium of many a vert competition, but he's suprisingly well versed in all of the undisciplined
disciplines of modern skating- parks, pools, streets, and, of course, whatever. Pinching bits and
pieces of experience from all the terrain has made Rune one of the most versatile skaters of the
day. Rune has shown that street, vert, or otherwise, it is possible to be at home no matter where
one may be in the world.

Eric Koston:

Th clean-bean ideal of an Everyskater, Eric Koston has quietly become skateboarding's most
influential front-row cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers. Tirelessly supportinh his home team
to a dominating NBA Championship 2-peat, Eric has also managed to evolve his smooth, consistent,
and innovatice skateboarding skills to the point that young fans everywhere are abandoning their
dreams of crossovers and three pointers in favor of someday nailing 15 stair backside noseblunt
slides, "Just like Koston".

Bucky Lasek:

Bucky Lasek is an excitable twenty-somethingwho, once emerging from the long shadow cast by his
friend and mentor Tony Hawk, proceeded to destroy any sitcom sidekick preconceptions by cranking
out his own style of beyond-the-boundaries vert skating. Bucky carries along with him a weighty
satchel of trickiness that includes above-the-lip flips and twists and a laundry list of tech
coping sorcery.

Bam Margera:

Bam Margera is both lightning bolt and lightning rod- snapping necks with his unrestained 
Pennsylvania-grown skate style, and harnessing the energy of his own massive discharge by video
taping literally every waking moment of his practical-joker lifestyle. For skaters, he's hilario-
usly talented breath of fresh air in the form of non=serious, and for the rest of the world who
knows him simply as "the jackass who skates," he's the bad example that everyone wants to follow.
Perfectly shocking.

Rodney Mullen:

Rodney Mullen birthed today's street tech. Period. An icon among idols, he's the man who free-
styled many of the moves today's freshest pros use as a foundation for their own progressive
skating. Flat ground ollies, 360 flips, and ollie impossibles were all made manifest by the
critical thought and problem solving of this tenured Prof. of skateboard conceptualism.
(Beat the game with him early. His video IS WELL WORTH IT!)

Chad Muska: With a nod to the past manifested in Muska Style, be it his deck designs or his
daring 'dos, this heroic skater poudly represents today's new breed of renaissance professional
 skateboarders. This customized sled shredder is known not only for his breathtaking leaps and 
bounds on board, but his other-level self promotion - demoing, music making, and palm pressing 
like the tireless public figure he's built himself into. Still, Muska has and always will be 
respected for fearlessly testing the physical bounds of real-deal street skating with the best 
very of them.

Andrew Reynolds: Bringing a precise lank and stomp to the sometimes flailing 
world of big-drop street skating, Andrew Reynolds' It's-Hammer-Time 
tendencies are powered by his willingness to throw his six-foot frame from 
heights that make limping crybabies out of lesser men. Powered by invisible 
springs and kept upright with hidden gyroscopes, Reynolds represents 
skateboarding's ultimate fighting machine- declassified and unleashed on the 
planet in hopes of keeping our streets free of ticky-tack mediocrity.

Geoff Rowley: An explosion of over-the-top activity has elevated Geoff 
Rowley from excellent skater to skateboarding's par excellence. Consistently 
operating above the also-rans in the non-competitive competition that 
defines real skateboarding, this re-located Brit has paid his fair share of 
dues whilst unceremoniously being dubbed the offivial holder of the title, 
King Assassin of Unsuspecting Rails and Double Sets. And that's official.

Elissa Steamer: Tryly a skater's skater, Elissa Steamer hasn't made her name 
in professional skateboarding as a flag waving "first female," but as a 
no-nonsense skater with a sick desire to learn, progress, and rise above 
even her own preconceptions of what can be done on-board. Taking her lumps 
and paying her dues along with the rest of the pro field, she's altered the 
testosterone-soaked landscape of skateboarding by refusing to lower herself 
to the level of gender debates and instead choosing to just shut up and 

Jamie Thomas: Coming up quick on fifteen years of serious skateboarding, 
Jamie Thomas still wakes up everyday thinking, living, and breathing his 
leap-of-faith style skating - and shows no sign of easing up any time soon. 
With a drive strong enough to motivate his mind over what really matters, 
Thomas can often be found speeding through immense handrail and gap 
situations leaving in his wake the shredded conceptions of where 
skateboarding can be shoved for the sake of "How far?" and "How high?"

Hidden Skaters (See codes section for more)

Darth Maul (How they'd pulled off the liscensing is beyond me)
Wolverine (Standard Marvel Character now needed)
Officer Dick (A THPS staple)
Private Carerra( Another Staple)
Ollie the Magic Bum (See THPS2 Venice Beach.)
Kelly Slater (Actually uses a surfboard.)
Demoness (Demoness from hell, comes with Maxed out stats. She also makes the Skate guy dude 
burn! =P )
Neversoft Eyeball (Thing from Neversoft Logo)

X-Ray (X Box Only)

5. Level Walkthrough:

Notes before getting started:
1. They actually show where the goals are. (Use this to help you)
2. There are 3 locations for SKATE, Stats or Decks.
I won't list stat points, as there are 5 per level per skater, and 15 different locations.
3. I won't list suggestions for scoring goals, as you should be able to find good scoring
lines easy. Just do plety of combos and you'll be fine. (Exception Comps)
4. There is one interchangable goal on all the levels. Its either for Street or Vert.

a) The Foundry:

High Score goals: 10,000; 30,000; 60,000

Collect S-K-A-T-E
There are 3 locations for the letters. I'll get to posting them asap.
Luckilly they all are in some sort of order.

Set 1:
S- Quarter near red tanks.
K- Head back over the pipe, its on one of the two quarters near the rollin.
A- Green rail thing near the foreman.
T- On the yellow rails near breakroom.
E- Otherside of the red containers.

Set 2:
E- Behind you to your left.
S- Jump the pipe to get it.
K- Green thing in front of foreman.
A- Transfer from the 2 quarters in front of and next to the melting pool.
T- One of the 4 rails heading past the red bottles.

Set 3: (Yes the final set.)
S- Quarter in front of pool facing start. (Foreman area)
K- Hump back over the pipe. Its on the left quarter.
A- Pressbox kink
T- Its on the rail thats in the the back of the level.
E- It may seem like you want to use the quarterpipe below to get up there. Don't.
   Instead skate up to the next higher platform. (The one where you launch for the bucket)
   Use the kicker instead to get it.

Unjam 5 switches:
Ok in order to do this you'll need to grind on the bars above the switches. 
There are 2 on the sides on the halfpipe you start near.
Another 2 are on the far side of the level opposite eachother.
(Near the melting bucket) The final one is on the catwalk with the foreman. 
Get all 5 and unlock the generator room. (Right behind where you start).

Hidden Tape-
Launch to catwalk and manuver your way to the glass room. Launch off the kicker
on to the beam and grind your way to it.

Grind the Melting Bucket-
Skate to the far side of the level, and wait for the bucket to start pouring molten goo into the
vat. Jump onto the bucket and grind on one of its 2 side rails.

Cannonball the Halfpipe. (Vert Skaters)
Skate down the main ramp, and do a cannonball over the halfpipe in front of you.

50-50 Tc's Rail. (Street)

50-50 grind the rail opposite the press box. (Near containers: || || ) third rail from left.

Knock The Foreman in the Drink
Find the Foreman. (He's on the right side of the level up on a platform.)
Grind by him to make him swim.

Deck Location:
3 Alternate Locations

1. Right of your start above the quarter.
2. Above the melting bucket control room. Need a lot of hangtime.
3. On the rail on top of the red bottling tanks.

b) Canada
<This has 3 of the funniest moments in the game. Chuck, the bully, and the gap...>

Score goals: 35,000; 70,000; 120,000;

Unstuck Chuck- 
Ripping a scene straight out of "A Christmas Story" someone has licked a flagpole. 
In freezing tempatures. He's over the fence to your left when you start. Ram into him.
Now laugh at what he says. "My thung! My thung!".

Bury the bully-
Jump into the snow covered tree behind you when you start. Laugh.

Melon Grab over the blade (Vert)-
The blade is the thing you start on. Build up speed and so a melon over it. 'Nuff said.

Nosegrind around the horn (Street)-
Turn around and head into the forest. Drop into the open water. Nosegrind the right rail
until you get the gap.

Secret Tape-
This is a twofold task.
1. Head up to the walkways in the trees. Take the left fork. Grind on the rail near the brown box 
thing. Humm "transformers robts in disguise". 
2. Transfer to the now raised quarter from the lower. Use the ramp to launch to the halfpipe.
Transfer to the angled halfpipe. Skate to the end. Right rail gives you the Tape. Left rail
deposits you above the cabin near start and the "Mandatory Video Game Minecart Ride" gap. <lol>

Impress the skaters-
There are 5 skaters around the skatepark area. Pull off a trick or combo to impress them.
They all are pretty easy to find.

Collect S-K-A-T-E
Set 1:
S- over the parked cars.
K- Quarter pipe directly accross where you start.
A- Going down th hill in the parking lot its on the left fence.
T- Quarterpipe near the hill after going down.
E- Grind the quarterpipe, onto a wire and over the signs to get the final letter.

Set 2:
S- Right behind where you start on a fence.
K- On the cabin. Use the snow pile to launch your self up.
A- On the branch leading from the topmost walkway down.
T- Branch leading to machine from the middle walkway.
E- Transfer b/t the pipes like you have to get to the Secret tape.

Set 3:
S-Fence to your right at the start.
K-Continue grinding from where you got the S, when you finish the corner, transfer to a small 
block to get it.
A-Back-left quarterpipe in the skatepark.
T- Fence that borders nothing, (Heading for pools) near the three rails.
E- On the TOtem Pole. Time a jump to make it.

Deck Locations:
1. Above the Snowplow with the Canadien flag.
2. In the pool near the Parking lot.
3. Grind around the horn.

c) Rio- Contest#1 ["Quiksilver Rio Ruckus"]

Comp 1. The standards have been raised. Score over 150k per run, and a win is guaranteed.

Suggestions- Max out Rail and manual balance. Go around the outside level using (Special) grinds 
and manuals for a hude combo.

Deck Locations:

They're all around the hidden pool. The pool is on the leftside of the level, past a
badly constructed fence.


d) Suburbia

<Before I start. There are 5 areas here. Slums (Trailerpark, appropriately named "Utopia"),
Pink house, Regular House, Construction, and the Haunted House.>

If you gain enough speed in the beginning of the level use your rollin to launch to the roof
where there's a halfpipe.
<Sent in by:>
(This requires more speed than the alternative method>

Scores: 55,000; 110,00; 200,000

Help the Thin Man:

Head for the construction. There is some wood set up like rais in an area. Grind the right to get 
an axe. Skate to the Haunted House and give the hell-bent demon his axe.

Secret Tape:
This normally would go later, but its related to the thin man. Skate into the newly open passage
And transfer to the right into the graveyard. Line yourself up to the upper story of the house.
Launch into it, and go out the front and grind the rail to get the tape.

*Alternate Method*
(Credit goes to Erwin [])
Build up speed and use the rollin that you start on to get there. You'll need high stats though.

Nosegrab between the tailers (Vert):
Head to the metal halfpipe in the slums and nosegrab to the other metal quarter. (See video)

Heelflip the Trailer (Street):
There is a trailer with a guy shouting to his dog. Line up on the back using the quarter, and
do a heelflip the trailer. (Default Right+) 

Smash 5 pumpkins:
Do a trick in front of them to smash them. (Lip, vert, or grind)
1- In front of the normal house.
2- Backyard of the normal house on a quarterpipe.
3- Pink house wall b/t it and construction.
4- Quarterpipe against the Haunted House on the outside.
5- On the wooden halfpipe in the slums.

Restore power to the Satellite Dish-
Go up to the roof of the normal house. Grind the roof and wires so that you'll head for the pink
house. Repeat on the second line to restore power.

Collect S-K-A-T-E:
Set 1:
S- on the fence heading into the normal house's backyard.
K- On the ramp on the roof of the normal house.
A- Above the picnic table propped against one of the halfpipes in the slums.
T- House wall b/t the two sets of stairs.
E- Above the quarter propped against the house under consrtuction.

Set 2:
S- Above the "Utopia" sign.
K- Somewhere in the slums.
A- Above the SUV.
T- In the backyar of the normal house near a quarter.
E- On the roof near Pumpkin #3

Set 3:
S- Use the ramp near the firetruck. (Behind the quarterpipes)
K- Brick wall behind the pink house.
A- On top of the trailerhome nearest to the normal house.
T- In the halfpipe area of the slums.
E- Near the haunted house.

1) Grind near Set 2's E through the tree onto the street to get it.
2) Where Set 1's E is, jump to the second floor and it'll be on the nearby quarter.
3) Roof near satellite. (YOu'll most likely get it during the power obj.)

e) Airport
<I'm suprised they got this through the game after Sept. 11th, pretty obvious>

Jump over the right counter, and go through the baggage opening. Not much except a helicopter.
(If anyone knows what it does OTHER THAN TAKING OFF e-mail me)
<Contributed by>

Score: 75,000; 150,000; 300,000

Stop 5 pickpockets:
Get this out of the way first. The crowd won't panic afterwords.
Ram into them to stop them.
1) Foward and to your right. He dashes foward.
2) Otherside of the walkway, he'll make for the bathroom.
3) Women's bathroom. He'll make a break for the gates area.
4) Ditto, except he heads for the area near the phones/
5) Right side gate info. He'll make a break for the matinence area.

Visit 10 countries:
Head to the gates area, and grind past all the flags. Kinda simple.

Deliver the tickets to your skating buddies:
Grind the counter to your left. YOu have to get to the gates area WITHOUT bailing.
Head for the escolators and jump and grind on the lights. Drop off past the guard. Next get over
the security gates either by using the bag check thing as a kicker or using the quarter 
on the left. Finally jump on the light above the rail to get over the final security guard.
Your buddies are on th left hand part of the level on the windows side.

Airwalk over the Escalators (Vert):
Jump the right counter, and skate in the gate. Have fun and grind on the helicopter.
Next head down the escalators. Use the quarters on either one to go over it, and do an airwalk.

Crooked grind the Baggage Claim:
Follow the smae steps as vert, but instead of using the quarter, crooked grind (Default Up-right
triangle) around the baggage claim until you get the bonus.

Secret tape:
Get to the Gates area, and use the "C" gate to launch to the high rail and grind.

Set 1:
S- Walkway in front of you.
K- Lights near bathroom on second level. Try getting the grind on the light over the
escolators and moving near it.
A- Small quarter right in front of the entrance to the gates area.
T- One of the stair rails heading down to matinence.
E- Below the hidden tape in the Matinence area.

Set 2:
S- Men's Bathroom.
K- Ladies' Bathroom.
A- Grind the light heading into the gates area. (Above stairs)
T- Left info terminal in the air.
E- Matinence area above cartons

Set 3:
S- Use the telephone booths as a kicker, and grind on the lights.
K- Ditto, 'cept for the next lower level.
A- Quarterpipe in front of you when you hit the gates area.
T- One of the Gatepipes.
E- Right big info terminal.

1) Past Security gate 2 on grey block.
2) Where the secret tape would be on the otherside of the level. Just use a different gate .
3) Use the top of the baggage claim to launch onto some lights and grind from there.
4) This is one that'll bother a few people. Its on the lights on the left of the second level.

f) Skater's Island- Contest#2 ["King of the Coast Jam"]
Actually I have had the chance to be there (Its an actual Skatepark in Rhode Island),
I have to say its pretty accurate. (Except for the pirate ship).

Suggestions- USe the pools or halfpipe. A score over 200k should do it.
Vert or street. Its up to you.

#Secret Area#

Grind the pirate flag pole near the announcers booth.

1) On a light above where you start. You can use the rail above you to get there OR head 
into the smaller ppol, head to the side by the wall, aim slightly left of the label and 
launch to the light.
2) Atop the boombox. Use 1 of the 2 wires to get up there.
3) Above announcer's booth. Make your way up the ramp. Jump and get it.

g) Los Angeles
Time to cause a natural disaster...

NOTE: In the Towers area, if you grind the brick planter bend and get "There Grate" gap,
2 halfpipes open up. 1 is right next to you, and the other is up on the brown building.
Depending on the skater there may be a Stat Point up here.

Score: 100,000; 190,000; 400,000

Goals available in both Pre only:

Set off an earthquake:
There are 4 rails you need to grind.
West- Inside the building you start in front of. The one that hugs the wall.
East- Make a left from start and grind the long rail down the ramp.
North- Rail near the step heading towards the towers.
South- Rail with newspaper things in front of it.
Get the bonuses to start the earthquake.

Post Quake Goals-

Stop the Police Chase:
Head through the carwash. Transfer upwards to the higher halfpipe. Jump the gap in between the
two pieces of freeway. Grind over the car. Bye-bye.

Secret tape-
Get onto the freeway using aforemntioned method.
Head for the end where there are 2 buildings. Hit the kicker to the building. Jump the next gap
and stop. Line up with the outcropping and jump and then grind to get the tape.

Either way it doesn't matter goals:

One-Foot Japan the towers gap (Vert):
Head near the fountain. Use the halfpipe to transfer to another hidden in the roof.
Do a 1 foot Japan. (Default: Up-Left+O).

Varial Kickflip the Towers rails gap (Street):
Don't scream. Head to the towers and choose a set of rails.Do a Varial Kickflip 
(Default: Down-Left+) and hopefully land in the other one in a grind.

Free Ballin':
Center park in the level. Head to the purple area and jump into the 2 balls. Done.

Collect S-K-A-T-E
Set 1:
S- North Quake rail
K- Near fountain
A- Rail near building that is near ALL the Quake rails.
T- On top of the purple thing. Grind on the grey curved piece and jump.
E- In the hotel area b/t the two quarterpipes.
Set 2:
S- East Quake rail
K- In front of the theater.
A- Tower rails gap.
T- Above Car Wash.
E- Above the quarter used to transfer onto the top of the carwash. This is high up.
Set 3:
S- In building in front of you.
K- Fountain area. Towerpoppin gap
A- One of the towers rail gaps.
T- Wire suspended over the road. Use the terminal thing nearby to get it.
E- On the yellow building.

Deck Locations:
1) Head to the fountain and use the right quarter to get on the window boxes. Grind on down.
2) Grind on the wire on the purple halfpipe on the side near the theater.
3) Grind the back of the yellow halfpipe towards the fountain, it is in the wire you 
grind down off the pipe on... <submitted>

h) Tokyo- Final contest. ["Mega Mecha Mayhem"]
Suggestions- Get over 300k here. No real suggestions.

In Tokyo there is a red bowl in the top middle of the level.
If u come down from the rollin u start off on and use the ramp to reach and grind the bowl 
then continue on and grind the top of the loop u can score 120 k easily.U must use flip tricks 
and multipliers to raise the score.I found that this is the easiest way to
beat the competition with any skater that has high stats.
I hope the tip is helpful and enjoy.
<Thank you to Daniel S. (>


If you can get up to the circular sign on the leftside of the level you can unlock a new section 
of the level. Just break a wire. It s pretty cool.

Deck Locations:
1) Atop the starting area. Use the wire with lanterns to get there.
2) Go to the pool at the end of the left hand side of the level get speed up and launch yourself 
up toward the huge greenish sign to get this deck.
3) Get the secret area, and grind around the sign to get it.

i) Cruiseship
You've earned it. Nice level.
Oh and listen to the captain.
Funniest remark by him so far:
"Attention Passengers... Oh my god! Oh my god! Iceberg! Iceberg!...just playing with you folks"

Near the red thing on the level with the rectangular pool. To the right of the huge red thing,
grind the white rail to drain the pool.

Trash the museum:
Skate and drop down to the next deck with the pool, reverse and head down the ramp. Break the 2
wires holding the propellor. This'll cause it to roll out of the room, and break a valve.

Raise the ferry:
Head to the shopping area and wallride over the box to raise it.

Invert the High Wire (Vert):
Drain the pool, and then launch and do an invert on one of the 2 wires. (Default: Down+Triangle).

Noseblunt an awning (Street):
Use the rails in the shopping district to launch up to the awnings. Noseblunt is Up+Up+Triangle.

Collect S-K-A-T-E:
Set 1)
S: Wall to your right at start.
K: Lowest deck, head straight from start. Go down the rollin and grab it in the air.
A: Use the two lifeboats by the bow of the boat to launch there.
T: On the safety nets.
E: Near ferry: Jump and get it.

Really bad ASCII diagram of where the E is.
 |  |
 |  |
 V  V

^-^-^ |
| | | | |
| | | | \
| | | |  \
| | |e|   |
| | |  \  \
v-v-v  \  \

Spiral Staircases are hard.

Set 2)
S: Jump on the wire behind you.
K: Quarterpipe where the wire deposits you.
A: Use the 2 Quarters nearby to get it.
T: Atrium in the bob. (Chandaliers)
E: Where S in set 1 is.

Set 3:
S: Right highwire. (in front of where you start.)
K: Right side of red halfpipe.
A: Metal Thing sticking out from the bow.
T: Use the cake kicker to get it.
E: Use the left kicker near the sculpture.

Secret tape:
Use the kicker in front of you to get to the wire, and fall in when you get to the red thing.
Use the Halfpipe luke...

Impress the Neversoft Girls:
There are 7 girls wearing Neversoft t's in the level. Impress them with combos:
1: Left of the pool in fron of you.
2: Next level down, Near the pool.
3: Bow of ship, near the rollin.
4: In the Atrium.
5: In front of the shops.
6: In front of the museum.
7: On the bow of the ship.

Deck Locations:
1) Use the kicker on the leftside of the helipad.
2) Jump between the awnings. (If you're skating street. This is an easy one to get.)
3) Between two of the lifeboats near the atrium.

j) Oil Rig
<As soon as I can play it, or if someone can email me a walkthrough for this>
Bust Five Valves
#1,2,3-You must go down the beginning ramp and catch
the pipe(or grind on a pipe in midair in other words).
reach the platform. you should have saw a valve in the
jump but didnt
hit it. go get it and come back to the platform.make
it to the left side and there should be some
pipes.grind the one with the valve. go directly south
of the first valve. and grind the pipe. you will hit a
valve and should be at the base of the (H)pad.
#4-5-Now that your at the base of the (H)pad, there
will be four pipes. you went on the last one going
left to right. go to the second to last one and grind.
this is your fourth valve. grind back and grind any of
the other pipes to get to a lower level. go all around
the edges until you reach the pipe with the valve. it
is the middle of three pipes. that is the last valve.
the top of the (H)pad will blow up, leaving a QPS
outer pool.
Lip Trick the Pump
This one is fairly easier than the bust five
valves. get of the ramp and get around the edges going
left till you are in front of what looks like a
horizantal tower. it doesnt matter which part you
grind, but the middle is the easiest. there will be a
vertical pipe with fire coming out of it at the end.
you will also see a pump under it. lip trick the pump
and you will hear a red alert sound. nothing will
happen until you go back to the main area, where it
will blow up and leave one giant pool.

submitted by: jason flax <>
If you have anything to add, email me.


6. Bugs/Glitches/Cheat


Cheap way to beat the system for the street/vert objectives:
As long as the gap and the trick required is in the combo, you'll get the objective.

Unlock Movies:
Cheat menu: "Peepshow" (PS2)
Cheat Menu: "ROLLIT" (XBOX)

All Characters:
"YOHOMIES" on cheat menu.(PS2)

Unlock all CAS with special names:

Unlock all cheats code

On the cheat menu type "backdoor" (PS2)
Unlockable Characters: (PS2)

Name-Points name-How to Unlock (Beat game X times with 54 goals) (PS2)
Darth Maul-"Force Points"- First Game.
Wolverine-"Mutation Points"- Second Game.
Officer Dick-"Donut Points"-Fourth Game.
Private Carerra-"Demerit Points"-Fifth Game.
Ollie the Magic Bum-"Puke Points"-Seventh Game.
Kelly Slater-"Break Points"-Game#8.
Demoness-"Possesion points"-Game#9
Neversoft Eyeball-""-Game#20

Unlockable Characters: (XBOX)

X-Ray- 2 games.
Darth Maul- 3
Wolverine- 4
Officer Dick- 6
Private Carrera- 7
Ollie- 9
Kelly Slater- 10
Demoness- 12
Eyeball- 23

Hidden levels- (PS2)
Warehouse, Burnside, and Roswell are back from THPS1.
Beat the games 3, 6, and 9 times repectively.

Hidden levels- (XBOX)
Oil Rig- Complete the game once with all goals and golds.
Warehouse, Burnside, Roswell- 5, 8, 11.

Cheats: (PS2)-(XBOX)

Snowboard Mode: (11 times)-(13)
You can land sideways and spin in place when braking and turning.

Always Special: (12 Times)-(14)
Self Explanatory.

Perfect Rail: (13 times)-(15)
Ditto for above except you also have perfect lip tricks too.

Super Stats: (14 times)-(16)
Stats become improved. (Doesn't show it though)

Giant Mode: (15 Times)-(17)
You grow in size.

Slowmo: (16 times)-(18)
Your comboing slows down, allowing for more tricks.

Perfect Manual: (17 times)-(19)
Perfect manual, but not perfect speed.

Tiny Mode: (18 Times)-(20)
You shrink down.

Moon Physics: (19 Times)-(21)
You get much higher air when you jump.

Expert Mode: (20 Times)-(22)
Apparently gives you better landing
<Thanks to for pointing this out>

First Person Mode: (22 times. You'll need 1 created skater.)-(24)
You actually look through the eyes of the skater.


7. Create-A-Skater:

I am no longer accepting CAS.

Thanks to all that did.

Location: Ossining, NY
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180lb
Mongo on switch

Light Skin 3
Sideburns B
0, 50, 50
Hat fowards
0, 50, 50
Marvel Logo
0, 50, 50
Sweat, hood down
0, 50, 50
THPS1 logo
*Pants and shoes*
0, 50, 50
Low socks
0, 50, 50
Callabero's shoes
0, 50, 50
Stats: lean me to more of a street skater.

Name: Psycho
Location: Unknown
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Never Mongo

Face: Light Skin 2
Hair: None
Hair Color: None
F. Hair: None
F. Hair Color: None
Hat: G.I. Joel
Hat Color: Default
Hat Logo: None
Glasses: Night Vision
Glasses Color: Default


Shirt: None
Shirt Color: None
Front/Back Logo: None
Backpack/Color: None
Accessories: Punk Bracelets
Chest Tatoo: The symbol that's all black (forgot which one)
Back Tatoo: #2 (another symbol that's all black, it might be #2)
L/R Arm Tatoo: Both have Forearm (the one with the black symbol)


Pants: Snow
Pants Color: Default
Socks: None
Socks Color: None
Shoes: Mullen's
Shoe Color: Default
L/R Leg Tatoo: None

-Safety Gear-

(no safety gear)


High lip and manual balance, but the rest can be whatever.


The 900
Dark Disaster
The Jackass

[Done by Dark Shadow X]

HaRrY PoTtEr (WiTh RoBeS) 
-Harry Potter
-England, UK
-5 ft 0 inches
-155 pounds
-Light Skin 3
-Blonde Slick 2
-colour =305, Saturation=0, Brightness=0
-clean shaven
-round1 glasses
-Sweat - hood down
-colour =305, Saturation=0, Brightness=0
-pants - baggy
-colour =305, Saturation=0, Brightness=0
[Done by]

Name: Afro Joe
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 190 pounds
Trick Style: Vert
Stance: Goofy
Push Style: Always Mongo
Face: Dark Skin 3
Hair: Afro
Hair Color: ---
Facial Hair: Sideburns A
F. Hair Color: ---
Hat: None
Hat Color: ---
Hat Logo: None
Glasses: Stylish 3
Glasses Color: ---
Shirt: Short Sleeve - Open
Shirt Color: ---
Front Logo: None
Back Logo: None
Backpack: None
Pack color: ---
Accessories: L Bracelet 5
Chest Tatoo: None
Back Tatoo: None
L. Arm Tatoo: None
R. Arm Tatoo: None
Pants: Pants - Jeans
Pants Color: ---
Socks: sporty
Socks Colr: ---
Shoes: Motorcycle
Shoe Color: ---
L. Leg Tatoo: None
R. Leg Tatoo: None
Helmet: None
Helmet Color: ---
Helmet Logo: None
Elbow Pads: None
E-Pad Color: ---
Kneepads: None
K-Pad Color: ---
[done by

Name:willy Stantos
trick style:street

Face:tan skin 1
Facial hair:clean shaven
hat:hey skipper

shirt: t-shirt (black)
front logo: birdhouse

pants:cargo shorts

name:Deawon Song
trick style:street

face:tan skin 4
hair: buzzed dark (blonde)
facial hair:clean shaven

Shirt:basketball jersey

Pants:Koston's pants

[Will and Deawon done by]

Name: Veronica Jenkins 
Hometown: Lake Worth,Florida 
Age: 17 

Sex: Female 

Height: 6.Ft 0.In 

Weight: 180.lbs 

Trick Style: Street 

Stance: Regular 

Push Style: Never Mongo 

Face: Light Skin 5 

Hair: Black Ponytail 

Shirt: Elissa's Shirt 

Shirt Color:
Jeans - Baggy 
Socks: Short Socks 
Shoes: Gilbergs 
Rail Bal:5 
Lip Bal:5 
Manual Bal:10 

Kickflip Superman(Forward,Down,Circle) 
Kickflip Underflip(Back,Forward,Square) 
The 900 (Down,Back,Circle) 

[Done by]

Location: Phoenix, AZ 
Age: 13 
Sex: Female 
Height: 5'7
 Weight: 145 lbs
 Street Regular Never mongo
Face: Light skin 1
 Hair: Medium Light Brown
 Hat: None Glasses: Square (i have weezer glasses!!!) 
Glasses Color: Black **CHEST** Shirt: T-Shirt Shirt Color: 
Yellow Front Logo:
Volcom Backpack: None Accessories: 
Punk Bracelets L/R Tatooes: 
Flames on both wrists 
Pants: Baggy Pants 
Pants Color: Dark 
Green Socks: None Shoes: 
Thomas's Shoe Color: 
Default L/R Tatoo: None 
**STATS** max out grind and manual points
 *SPECIALS** I really don't care, do a sacktap for all I care.

Name:Punk Dude 
Location: San Diego California 
Age: 16 
Sex: Male 
Height: 6'0 
Weight: 160 lbs 
Never mongo
Face: Light skin 3 
Hair: Mohawk 
Color: Green 
Glasses: None 
Shirt: None 
Shirt Color: None 
Chest Tatoo: Scar Back Tatoo:the black curvy thingy 
Backpack: None 
Accessories: Punk Bracelets L/R Tatooes: Flames on both wrists 
Pants: Baggy Pants 
Pants Color: Black 
Socks: None 
Shoes: Thomas's 
Shoe Color: Default 
L/R Tatoo: yet again, the black curvy thing.
dont care 
dont care 

Created By: Melisa Fossum []

Name: Emily 
Location: Dayton, OH 
Age: 16 
Sex: Female 
Height: 5'6 
Weight:150 pounds 
Street Regular Never mongo 
Face: Light skin 1 
Hair: Black Long 
C=0 S=0 B=0 
Shirt/Upper body*** 
Shirt: Vest - Camo 
C=260 S=70 B=50 
Accesories: Bracelets Punk 
R. Arm Tattoo: Flames 
Pants: Camouflage 
C=260 S=70 B=44 
Socks: None 
Shoes: Campbell's 
No safety gear. 
Stats dont care. 
Specials dont care. 

[Done by]

Name: Choculink
Age: 15
Weight: 130
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Preset: Vert
Stance: Regular
Push: Never Mongo

Face: Light Skin 5
Hair: Brown Slick 2; Color: 50, Saturation: 28, Bright: 50
Facial Hair: Clean Shaven
Hat: None
Glasses: Square; Color: 25, Saturation: 100, Bright: 0

Shirt: T-Shirt; Color: 25 Saturation: 86, Bright: 30
Front Logo: Red Dragon
back Logo: None
Pack: None
Accessories: R Braclet Punk
Pants: Cords; Color: 0, Saturation: 10, Bright: 100
Socks: Any
Shoes: Mullen's

No Safety Gear

High: hangtime, ollie, air, speed, spin
Moderate: Switch, rail, manual
Low: lip

Christ Air
FS 540 Heelflip
Stalefish Frontflip
[Choculink submitted this one]

Name: Frankie Muniz 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 
Age: 16 
Sex: Male 
Height: 5 ft. 9 in. 
Weight: 126 lbs. 

the 3 things at the bottom of the 1st page: 
never mongo 

Face: Tan Skin 1 
Hair: brown slick 1 brightness: 0 
Facial Hair: clean shavin 
Glasses: stylish 3 
Shirt: long sleeve 0,60,50 
Front Logo: THPS 3 
Back Logo: Dolby 
Pants: cargos-baggy 0,50,0 
Socks: Lo 
Shoes: Hawks 

Grab,Flip and Lip Tricks: anything you want 
Abillity Points: just do anything you want and as you play your career build them up 
i have gotten to the last level and have my points all the way up except manual is on like 2 or 


Lara Croft
69 in.
145 lbs.
Light skin 5
Tank top C:145,S:40,B:90
Brown Back Pack
Shorts C:35,S:100,B:20
Work Boots C:35,S:50,B:20

<"Javier Torres" <>
Sex: Male
Height: 48"
Weight: 180lbs.
Face: Tan skin 2
Hair: None
Facial hair: Clean shaven
Hat: Viking
Hat color: Use defaults
Glasses: None
Shirt: T-shirt
Shirt color:
- Color: 0
- Saturation: 100
- Brightness: 30
(no logos)
Backpack: Cow pack (it looks sorta like his cape)
Pack color: Use defaults
Accessories: Bracelets Punk
L. Arm Tattoo: Forearm 3
R. Arm Tattoo: Forearm 3
Pants: Glifberg's Cargos
Pants color: Use defaults
Socks: None
Shoes: Generic 2
Shoe color: Use defaults
(no tatoos)
(no protective gear)
Use this character to encourage a sequel to the game "Ico."

-Lara Croft- (Alternative)
Sex: Female
Height: 72"
Weight: 155lbs.
Face: Light Skin 2
Hair: Dk Brown Pony Tail
Hair color: Use defaults
Hat: None
Glasses: None
Shirt: V-neck
Shirt color: Use defaults
Back logo: None
Backpack: Brown backpack
Pack color:
- Color: Any
- Saturation: 0
- Brightness: 24
Accessories: None
(no tattoos)
Pants: Shorts
Pants color:
- Color: 40
- Saturation: 100
- Brightness: 86
Socks: None
Shoes: Black boots
Shoe color: Use defaults
(no tattoos)
(no protective gear)
Name: Zachary Spector
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Height: 64"
Weight: 150lbs (not my real weight, but it looks the closest)
Face: Light skin 4
Hair: Brown slick 2
Hair color: Use defaults
Facial hair: Clean shaven
Hat: None
Glasses: None
Shirt: T-shirt
Shirt color
- Color: 110
- Saturation: 100
- Brightness: 50
Front logo: Neversoft 2
Back logo: Red Dragon
Backpack: Pack off
Accessories: None
(no tattoos)
Pants: Cargos - Baggy
Pants color: Use defaults
Socks: Sporty
Socks color: Use defaults
Shoes: Glifberg's
(no safety gear)

-My little brother-
Name: Gabriel Spector
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Sex: Male
Height: 50"
Weight: 155lbs. (again, not his real weight)
Face: Light Skin 4
Hair: Blonde Slick 2
Hair color: Use defaults
Facial hair: Clean shaven
Hat: None
Glasses: None
Shirt: T-shirt
Shirt color:
- Color: 255
- Saturation: 100
- Brightness: 50
(no logos)
Backpack: Mud pack
Pack color:
- Color: 55
- Saturation: 100
- Brightness: 100
Accessories: R. Watch Gold
(no tattoos)
Pants: Shorts - Cargo
Pants color:
- Color: 180
- Saturation: 100
- Brightness: 70
Socks: Lo
Socks color: Use defaults
Shoes: Generic 1
Shoes Color:
- Color: Any
- Saturation: 0
- Brightness: 16
(no safety gear)

<All 4 done by Zack>

Name - idiotbox (Matt)
 Hometown - Florida 
Age - 18 Sex - Male
Height - 6'0" (or 72") 
Weight - 176 pounds 
Trick style - Street Stance - Regular Push Style - Never Mongo
Face - Light Skin 1 
Hair - Brown Slick 1 
Hair Color - 140, 100, 34 (Dark Green) 
Facial Hair - Clean 
Hat - None 
Glasses - None 
Shirt - None 
Accessories - Bracelets Punk 
Chest Tattoo - Chest 1 Back Tattoo - Back 2 
L & R Arm Tattoo - Bicep 1 
Pants - Hawk's Shorts Pants Color - 0, 0, 0 (Black) 
Socks - None Shoes - Generic 1 Shoe Color - 0, 0, 0 (Black) 
L & R Leg Tattoo - Left 1 & Right 1 
 No Protection

Name - Hot Chick 
Hometown - Mine 
Age - 18 
Sex - Female 
Height - 5'4" (or 64") 
Weight - 150 pounds (otherwise she looks to skinny) 
Trick Style - Vert Stance - Regular Push Style - Never Mongo 
Face - Light Skin 5 
Hair - Light Brown Long 
Hair Color - Default 
Hat - None 
Glasses - None 
Shirt - Tank-top 
Shirt Color - 0, 0, 0 
Front Logo - None 
Backpack - Brown Backpack Pack Color - 0, 0, 0 
Accessories - Bracelets Punk 
No tattoos 
Pants - Jeans 
Pants Color - 0, 0, 0 
Socks - None 
Shoes - Steamer's Shoes 
Color - Default 
No tattoos
No Protection  
<Submitted by idiotbox;>

Name: Jesus Christ 
Hometown: Bethlehem 
Age: 30 Sex: Male 
Height: 6 ft. 1 in. ( 73 inches ) 
Weight: 160 lbs 
Trick Style: doesn't matter
Stance: doesn't matter 
Push Style: doesn't matter 
Face: Light Skin 3 
Hair: Light Brown Long Hair 
Color: Color 0 Saturation 50 Brightness 50 (defaults) 
Facial Hair: Beard Full 
Facial Hair Color: Color 0 Saturation 50 Brightness 50 (defaults) 
Hat: none 
Glasses: none 
Shirt: no shirt 
Pants: Shorts - kneepads (doesn't matter, you could be flexible I guess ) 
Shoes: Margera's (they looked the most like sandals) 
<Go after , not me.>


8. Credits-
Neversoft and Activision for making a great game.
CJayC for making I'll also wish it an early B-Day. 6 days left! (V. 1)
To the people e-mailing me on mistakes and suggestions.
Kevin Khatri for helping me alot.

9. Contact Info.

(No flames, threats or virii) Help appreciated though.
If you have a submission

If anyone would like to seek permission on the Created Skaters, e-mail the creator, not me.
(Exception if it is me.)
Please note that I reserve final judgement on all submissons. If you wish to remain anonymous
on your suggestion or skater, I will reserve the right to allow other people to publish it.


10. Stats:
Latest Version Completed
CAS: ~20
Flames: 4
Compliments: A lot. :)
# of e-mails asking for letter: 3
# of Regular characters that I've beaten the game with: 13
# Hidden character: 10
# of CAS: 1

All Characters, (Except those noted, such as the Created Skaters) are copyrighted Activision,
Marvel Comics, LucasFilms, and any-other possible things.
Created Skaters are copyrighted by their creators through copyright laws.
All trademarked names are held by whoever registered them.
This FAQ is copyright of the Author. No form of it should be found in any other places 
listed in
aforementioned Legal section.