Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Cheats

Secret level in Tokyo!!!
When you start the level Tokyo keep going straight until you come to a ramp.(you will need the cheat menu).go at top speed towards the ramp and let go of the x button. If you do this right you will be up on the blimp. once you get up there, turn your player left, go straight off the blimp, when your half way across let go of x. you should now be on a half moon shape. Skate up and down on it without the x button, then press forward at the top. You will now see a rope hanging on to the round faced shape. Run through the rope and a short video should come on. all you have to do then is go to the place where it fell and there should be an opening going through the wall, go through that opening and you're in the secret level. This will take a few tries.