Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Cheats

All Cheats For This Game
Within the Skate Shop menu go to Options and then Cheats and type in the codes written beneath then enter it to activate them.

Pause the game in any approach at some point in the game play to see a cheat selection.

This bestows your present skater all the decks, stats, goals, levels and all gold medals fulfilled.

This unlocks all mode options.

Unlock all of the concealed skaters.

Put your skater's stats to the max.

Unlocks all of the decks for your present skater

All created skaters
After Entering this cheat, To Access These Skaters, in the main menu, go to Create-A-Skater and Start Create new, and rename the present skater to any of these given names.
Aaron Skillman (also by entering Aaron, Skillman, or ARS)
Alan Flores
Andrew Rausch (also by entering Jujy)
Andy Nelson
Brian Jennings (also by entering BDJ or Brian)
Captain Jennings (also by entering Cap'n Jennings or Capn Jennings)
Chad Findley (also by entering Stallion or Doofus)
Chris Glenn
Chris Rausch (also by entering Team Chicken, CJR, or Rausch)
Chris Ward
Connor Jewett
Darren Thorne (also by entering Darren or Thorne)
Dave Cowling
Dave Stohl
Edwin Fong (also by entering Maya's Daddy)
Gary Jesdanun (also by entering Garvin or Garvin Jesdanun)
Henry Ji
James Rausch (also by entering My Jamie)
Jason Uyeda
Jeremy Anderson
Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow
Junki Saita (also by entering Kage)
Kevin Mulhall (also by entering Guilt Ladle)
Lisa Davies
Mark Scott (also by entering Hi Ben)
Matthew Day
Mick West
Mike Ward
Nicole Willick
Noel Hines (also by entering Noel or Hines)
Nolan Nelson
Paul Robinson
Pete Day
Rachael Day
Ralph D'Amato
Ryan McMahon
Sandy Jewett
Scott Pease (or by entering Scott Pease, Spease, or Cheesy Peasey)
Steve Ganem
Steven Rausch (or by entering Wevenowski)
Trey Smith
William Pease (or by entering Wild Bill)

All FMV sequences excluding Doom Guy skater and Gearbox