Thinkin' Things Collection 2 FAQ/Walkthrough v1.00a
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Thinkin' Things Collection 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

by menji76   Updated to v1.00a on

                         Thinkin' Things Collection

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                            Nick Bryant (Menji76)
                               July 14, 2008
                               Version 1.00a  

Thinkin' Things Collection 2
Macintosh OS 7 (up to OS X)
Windows 95/98
Edmark Corporation 

     Enter the world of Thinkin' Things. You have the ability to choose from
     five different activities to improve your thinking. If you ever need to 
     leave an area, click on the STOP sign in the bottom left corner. Anything
     in CAPS signifies that it's a button that you have to press.

                           1. Orange Banga's Band
                           2. 2-3D BLOX
                           3. Snake BLOX
                           4. Frippletration
                           5. Toony's Tunes
                           6. Adult Section
                           7. Trouble Shooting

                           Playing Thinkin' Things

Oranga Bangas' Band

 Create Mode
|                                                                            |
| Click the Orange Banga logo to begin. To begin, you can click any of the   | 
| arrows beneath the three band members to change their instruments. They    |
| each have three different instruments to choose from. From there you can   |
| click on the NEW button to change the sound of the instrument from the     |
| preset sound, a wacky sound, or a sound you've recorded (you need a        |
| microphone for this). Each member has sixteen possible chances to play a   |
| note. By clicking on a square corresponding to their own line will have    |
| them play at said time. If you want to erase a line, click the the ERASER. |
| Once you're done, click PLAY to hear it all together. If you want ideas,   |
| click IDEA and here samples. From here; you can exit, save or go to Q&A    |
| mode.                                                                      |
|                                                                            |
| To save, click SAVE. From here, choose a letter from the top, drag it to   |
| an open square. Then click OK. If you want to delete one, drag the letter  |
| to the trash bin. To open a song, click OPEN and choose your letter        |

 Question & Answer Mode
|                                                                            |
| While in the main Oranga Banga screen, click Q&A to access the mode. From  |
| here, you have two options; WHICH and WHO. If you choose Which, press play |
| and Oranga will play a line and you must decide which line he just played. |
| If you choose Who, press play and you have to decide who played that line. |
| To change the difficulty, click the button next to the STOP and adjust it  |
| accordingly.                                                               |


 Create Mode 
|                                                                            |
| Starting on the bottom row; just right of OPEN/SAVE I'll run through each  |
| button. IDEAS, lets you look at premade ideas. Choose from premade 2D      |
| Workspace pictures (Holding Alt/Option will go in revere order). Choose    |
| premade Background pictures (Holding Alt/Option will go in revere order).  |
| Change the shape of the 3D image. Lathe tool; edits 3D image. Switch       |
| direction of rotation. Change speed of rotation. Hide the tools, 2D        |
| Workspace, and/or controls.                                                |
|                                                                            | 
| Now, starting just above the STOP. Turn the music on or off. Choose music  |
| to go with your design. UNDO, undo/redo last action. Choose the paint      |
| color. Choose the letter or number to stamp on picture. Choose the width   |
| of the brush. Stamp letters and numbers onto your picture. Spray random    |
| colors. Fill area with selected paint. Fill entire picture with paint.     |
| Draw a rectangle or square. Draw a circle or oval. Paint a design. Draw a  |
| line. Use the hand to drag your work around the page. Erase your design.   |
|                                                                            |
| To save, click the SAVE and drag your design to an empty square and click  |
| OK. If you wish to delete, drag the icon to the trash can. If you wish to  |
| continue your art. Click OPEN and select your project and click OK.        |

Snake BLOX

 Create Mode
  Paint mode and Mask mode are two different layers. The 'snake' will go
  between them. This a very in-depth design progam.
 Exploring Snake BLOX
  Ideas                 Cycle through ideas created by others.
  Music Note            Choose music to go along with your visual.
  Ear                   Turn music on or off.
  Snake                 Create a path to follow, the speed you draw it 
                        Coincides with the speed it'll travel.
  Rectangles w/ arrows  Cycle through premade pictures.
  Rectangles w/ arrow   Hide tools or contorls.
 Paint Mode
  Brush      Freehand painting.
  Bucket     Fill area with paint.
  Square     Draw rectangle or square.
  Eraser     Erase your paint.
  Line       Draw a line.
  Circle     Draw a circlce or oval.
  PB Stroke  Choose the width of the paintbrush.
  Color      Choose your paint color.
  Erase      Erase the whole picture.
  Undo       Undo the last action.
 Mask Mode
  Brush       Paint masking paint.
  Bucket      Fill empty area.
  Wand        Cover an area of the same color.
  PB Stroke   Choose width of brush.
  Invert      Invert the mask.
  Eraser      Erase paint for the mask.
  Line        Draw a line of masking paint.
  G Wand      Cover a color that that colors appears.
  Erase       Erase the entire mask.
  Undo        Undo last action.
 Snakes Controls
  Shape     Choose the shapes used to draw the 'snake' and your artwork.
  Form      Choose the form of the 'snake' from the three choices.
             -Smaller to larger as the 'snake' comes toward the screen.
             -Smaller to larger when the 'snake' comes close to the 'point'
             -Larger to smaller when the 'snake' comes close to the 'point'
              *To choose 'point' select the snake tool and press Alt/Option
  Length    Choose number of shapes in the snake.
  Size      Choose the size of the shapes.
  Spacing   Choose the space between each shape.
  Speed     Choose the speed of the snake.
  Color     Choose the color of different parts of teh snake.
  Click save and drag your design to an open square and click OK.
  Click open and select a design to work on, click OK.


 Question & Answer Mode
|                                                                            | 
| Click one square and then another and try to find pairs. By clicking on    |
| the one 'monster' you'll play by yourself. If you want to play against the |
| computer you have to click on two 'monsters' and you'll play. Click HEAR   |
| to see auditory challenges and SEE for visual challenges. Click the button |
| next to STOP to change the difficulty.                                     |

Toony's Tunes

Create Mode
|                                                                            |
| If you want to mess around, click any of the ten bars to play the          |
| xylophone and hear the sounds. You can also use the keyboard keys 1 to 0   |
| to play. If you click PLAY, Toony will play what you just played. By       |
| clicking on SONG you can lisen to one of Toony's premade songs, there are  |
| fifteen. Clickin on NEW will have playing the xylophone. You can choose    |
| from four different styles (Normal, sheeps, weird shapes, and a tuba).     |
| From here, you can save a song you've created by choose a letter and       |
| dragging it to an empty space. Clicking OPEN and selecting your letter     |
| will open your saved song.                                                 |

 |                                                                           |
 | To get here, click on LEARN. Then choose SONG to learn a song. Choose one |
 | of the icons and OK to starting learning the song. Toony will play a song |
 | and then he'll help you play the song step by step. Once he's played part |
 | of the song, play it or click on Toony again to have him play it again.   |
Adult Section
Hold down Command and Option while pressing 'A'

-Change sound volumes
-Sound Recording (Y/N)
-Exit Thinkin' Things (Y/N)
-Single Switch Input (On/Off)

Activity Settings
-Choose difficulty for Oranga Banga's Band and Frippletration
-Remember progress (Y/N)
-Allow access to difficulty (Y/N)
-Allow access to save creations (Y/N)


  Erratic movement in 3D image/Snake.
  Another program running at the same time as Thinkin' Things.
  Quit all other applications.

  Sound problems
   Using virtual memory.
   Turn off virtual memory in the Memory control panel.

   Cursor hidden
   Single switch input is on.
   Click single switch input 'off' in the Adult Section of Thinkin' Things.

  I wrote this guide because I loved playing the game as a kid. If anyone has
  ever played this game, please contact me so we can share in the memories of 
  Thinkin' Things. I hope I'm not the only one who experienced this game and 
  still has a copy of the game. I would like to thank CJayC for created the 
  marvel that is Gamefaqs and many  thanks o SBAllen for keeping up with 
  everything and managing  all the FAQs by himself.
             ...If you found this guide, it should have been through...

                        to me...

Copyright 2008 Nickworks
Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
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