The Thing review
Interesting to Play

The good:

~Your interesting team members (T.M)
~Check up on T.M's emotions
~The graphics
~The atmosphere

The bad:

~Replay value
~Can't choose levels, unless you make a save in a different slot each time, (confusing)


At first I had never heard of the movie, it looked like an interesting game so I hired it out, and yes it was quite interesting, more than I thought, though it's not the most action pact game out there.

The Thing's story line is like the movie's, not much to it, but lots of killing and blood, that's all I'm saying. Your T.M's have an emotional state where you can check up on all the time, if you go into somewhere really creepy and dark and most of your T.M's have died, well most likely your T.M's will lose it and start shooting around the place, if you want to cool them off you can take them outside (where there may not be any danger) or just use drugs.

Your T.M's may get infected along the way but most don't say, as then they need to be killed, soon enough the monster within them unleashes and eats them, then they turn on you. SOme are brave and will shoot themselves. Interesting hey.

The atmosphere is really creepy looking and you may jump up from your seat sometimes as the shocking parts will get you. Weapons are cool, along with some handy gadgets. While you are playing the story kind of unravels.

The game has been constructed beautifly and is a great game, though if your one of those gamers where you like to play games after you have finished this is not the game, as it does not have good replay value, also you can't choose your levels, if you want a game just for a quick rental, then I suggest this game. Rent before you buy as some will like this game while others won't.

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