The Sims Tips

Unlimited Money!!!!
Go to to the main menu. Enter the cheat code "MIDAS" (Press L1,L2,R1, and R2 to bring up the cheat menu thingy) Then enter the cheat code "FREEALL" (no spaces). Go into the mode and save file where you want the money to be. Go into buy mode. Buy a bunch of "Libidnex Spa Systems". Save and return to the main menu. (This should not have cost you money) Enter the cheat code "FREEALL" again. Go back into the save you just made. Enter buy mode, then sell all the spas. I did this and thet amount of money went to $99,999. Any time i pay bills, the number just stays the same, thus giving you infinate money.(I guess you could run out of money, but then you could just repeat the process)