The Sims Tips

How to get your dream home
Okay so to get your dream home, press R1, L1, R2 and L2 at the same time on the game menu and enter the cheats FREEALL, SIMS and MIDAS. You could also enter FISH EYE and PARTY M but you only need FREEALL, SIMS and MIDAS for this cheat, anyway, to make a family press the circle button and select NEW FAMILY. You could also use and existing family. Move your family into a blank space and build their house for free! You will also have unlocked all of the items. To edit a family you press the circle button and select an already made family. You can add, edit or delete sims but if you want to have a baby you have to have at least an adult male and female. You can add another adult/child if you like just make sure there is room for one more sim. To have a baby your sims must love each other. You can do this by getting their relationship up. If love hearts appear on top of the sims heads that means they love each other. Once they love each other make one of your sims keep kissing and hugging the other until a pop-up comes up on the screen and it says: Should we have a baby? To have a baby press the X button and a cradle should appear near your sims. You have to welcome the baby and play with it. When the baby cries, feed it and sing to it and it should go back to sleep. Enjoy your new family and your dream home!

NOTES: The baby will need fed around every 4-5 hours, make sure at least one sim doesn't get a job so that they can take care of the baby. If you don't take care of the baby, the social services will come and take your baby. It may take a while for the baby to grow into a child, once it does, make sure your child goes to school or he/she will go to military school and will be removed from the family FOR EVER!