The Sims Tips

4 Glitches I found!
1.The Death cheat (remember to put in Fish Eye before you do this!) make a sim die and press the circle and again and itll be what the sim sees therell be like the inside of the body and if you move one of the controller sticks youll see some fire and possibly deaths skull face. 2.Sayonara Burglar! we all hate burglars right? right,well i have an answer as soon as the burglars done robbing you and is running on the lawn go into build mode and put a wall in front of him and back of him and hell be confused and the police will come and youll get money yay! (remember to delete the walls when hes arrested duh),you bored? bored with the game already? not anymore press L1 L2 R1 R2 put in free all on the menu and make a sim in the neighborhood and put it on a empty lot and but 25 of those monkey butler huts,love tubs,and love beds,save quit your on the menu again enter free all again and play the lot sell everything your rich! 4.wanna kill? 3 ways sims can die 1.Starvation sell the fridge and or grill and about three or four sim days theyll die.2.drowning easy put furniture around the pull wait a couple of days and you made a sim soup! 3.Fire,make a sim go to a room light a fireplace sell the door,and place counters around the sim (make sure that the sim's only 1-2 squares away from the fireplace for them to die quickly) and you made sim chicken!