The Sims Tips

Move out of moms house fast!
In the beginning of The Sims game your living with the old grouch that's your "mom" To get out of her house quicker do these steps

1. Your in a daydream and you wake up on a couch right near a bookcase. Hurry up and get up. Study cooking first. You need at lease one cooking point to cook and accomplish a goal. When you get one skill of cooking hurry up and stop studying. Start studying mechanical. In order to fix the t.v you need 2 mechanical skills. If you only have one you'll electrocute yourself. If you waste one second through this process you will go into a bad mood and it takes forever to get it green again hints keeping you longer at your mom home.

2. Fix the T.V

3. fix a meal for yourself

4. You should be a bit happy hurry up and entertain your mom and talk. Do each social one two times. Then ask your mom for money. Clean up everything GET OUT OF THERE! You should be out of there in 2 days.

I hope it helps. In sims time it took me about a week to get out of her home but for you it should take 1 to 2 days!

Enjoy!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />