The Sims Passwords

Neat cheats and Funny glitch
The Creepy glitch steps:
1.Use the fish eye cheat
2.Create a Male sim in Get A Life Mode
3.When your sim goes to get in the hot tub with Roxy enter fish eye mode

What Happens? Well,
As the camra angle moves around a little, The blur will dissapear for
a second and you can see Roxy's barbie boobs.
No nipples, just a couple of VERY noticable bumps.

Scared the crap out of me and my little brother when it happened to him.
Its HILARIOUS when you don't expect it. And we did NOT expect that!
So, sorry if I ruined the surprise, but YOU read it.
Anyways, enjoy your TV Barbie Boobs.

P.S.In the starting menu hold L1+L2+R1 And R2 to bring up the cheat menu.
And if the cheat works, a female sim voice will say somthing like,
"hokey hokey", and if it isn't properly written
or isn't really a cheat she says, "uh-uh".
PasswordWhat it does
MidasUnlocks all Items.
Fish EyeLets you see what your Sim sees. (Push Circle to use)
FreeAllMakes everything free.
Party MUnlocks all minigames. (Sometimes needs multiple tries)