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The Sims Tips

making kid go to millitary school
Never make kid study and lock it in room so it needs

a) Sleep
b) Fun
c) Food
d) Social
e) Comfort
f) Bladder(Potty, toilet)
g) Hygiene( Shower)
h) Room

Basically evertthing.

You need the room to be floorless, No wallpaper, Small

Another easy way to do it is when the fall down and go to sleep, have a tv on, preferably a plasma, so it with keep him/her awake

You can use anything that makes noise.

You can do the same to kill an adult sim you hate.

If you wish to stop the process BEFORE he/she is dead/going to military school) just pause, quit to neighbourhood, then evict the family. Move them back in and they will all be happily ever after!

You can do this to a friend/neighbour that visits that starts to annoy you. But, still move out, they will be magically 'teleported' back to their home. The downside of them teleporting back is they`d come togrumpy...(The neighbour/friend/kid)

Hope it solves ya problems!

P.S. You can make the kid in there for the rest of their lives ( If they need to go to millitary school) by not opening the walls! Hehe! Great fun!