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Catch the robber easy///get married
When you're robbed you get extra money for catching the robber while hes robbing you. first go to the menu and hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and type in freeall. Then play either play the sims of get a life and wati to be robbed wait for him to get inside the house and then press start sell all the doors leading out of the hosue the rober cant get out. then you can call the police and catch him when the police get there buy your doors back for free!!
if you want to get married in play the sims. what you have to do is throw a party and wait for a bunch of peole to come. buy a couple extra beds and when they are all inside sell the doors. an easy way to make more money is to have two people living in your house and you build a sort of mini home for them just have them get a job and keep them out. anyways have your "locked in" sim talk to whoever you want to marry as much as possib and buy a 2 person bed. When you go to sleep lick on the sim you want to marry and click join. this will get them comfortable then in the morning click on them if you are lucky you can propose if they say yes then you're married if they say no they tell you what to do do it and propose again