The Sims Tips

Free Money?
Now as you know about the meet Major Domo, and hot tub cheat the do work but so does mine.

Hold down L1 L2 R1 R2 at the main menu, and enter
these codes:
freeall: free stuff (bills and services cost)
midas: unlocks all stuff
sims: the sims mode

Now go to Sims Mode create a Neighbourhood called "money"
create a family with a man.
first name:Malcolm
family name: Money

Enter an empty spot (grass)

buy all these stuff

45: love beds
45: love tubs
45 major domos

And exit the game (save as well)

turn of ps2, then turn on again.

open cheat menu (L1 L2 R1 R2)

And enter these cheats only:

Only enter these 2 cheats, or my tip wont work.

Then go to your house with money, family enter house and sell all tubs, beds, and domos.
save the game, turn of ps2 and repeat as many times as u want.