The Sims (PS2) Cheats

The Sims cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Sims cheat codes.


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All Cheats
These are all the cheats for sims. Press L+R at the main menu to activate the Cheat Menu
PasswordWhat it does
filipposfast time
Neat cheats and Funny glitch
The Creepy glitch steps:
1.Use the fish eye cheat
2.Create a Male sim in Get A Life Mode
3.When your sim goes to get in the hot tub with Roxy enter fish eye mode

What Happens? Well,
As the camra angle moves around a little, The blur will dissapear for
a second and you can see Roxy's barbie boobs.
No nipples, just a couple of VERY noticable bumps.

Scared the crap out of me and my little brother when it happened to him.
Its HILARIOUS when you don't expect it. And we did NOT expect that!
So, sorry if I ruined the surprise, but YOU read it.
Anyways, enjoy your TV Barbie Boobs.

P.S.In the starting menu hold L1+L2+R1 And R2 to bring up the cheat menu.
And if the cheat works, a female sim voice will say somthing like,
"hokey hokey", and if it isn't properly written
or isn't really a cheat she says, "uh-uh".
PasswordWhat it does
MidasUnlocks all Items.
Fish EyeLets you see what your Sim sees. (Push Circle to use)
FreeAllMakes everything free.
Party MUnlocks all minigames. (Sometimes needs multiple tries)


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the sims cheat
How to get free play
UnlockableHow to unlock
Free playpress L1 L2 R1 R2 at the same time and that will access the cheat menu type in SIMS and it should give you freeplay straight away!


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4 Glitches I found!
1.The Death cheat (remember to put in Fish Eye before you do this!) make a sim die and press the circle and again and itll be what the sim sees therell be like the inside of the body and if you move one of the controller sticks youll see some fire and possibly deaths skull face. 2.Sayonara Burglar! we all hate burglars right? right,well i have an answer as soon as the burglars done robbing you and is running on the lawn go into build mode and put a wall in front of him and back of him and hell be confused and the police will come and youll get money yay! (remember to delete the walls when hes arrested duh),you bored? bored with the game already? not anymore press L1 L2 R1 R2 put in free all on the menu and make a sim in the neighborhood and put it on a empty lot and but 25 of those monkey butler huts,love tubs,and love beds,save quit your on the menu again enter free all again and play the lot sell everything your rich! 4.wanna kill? 3 ways sims can die 1.Starvation sell the fridge and or grill and about three or four sim days theyll die.2.drowning easy put furniture around the pull wait a couple of days and you made a sim soup! 3.Fire,make a sim go to a room light a fireplace sell the door,and place counters around the sim (make sure that the sim's only 1-2 squares away from the fireplace for them to die quickly) and you made sim chicken!
Alien Abduction
First you have to buy your Sim a Telescope,
you have to use it for a long time(No Breaks)

Then,your Sim well get abducted buy aliens
and disappear.It will appear in a few hour
or less.

It will appear again with new stats.
Almost Free Housing
To get your almost free house, first you must enter the FREEALL cheatcode. Then go to Play The Sims mode.

Once you have done that, create a family or just choose an old one. Go to a blank spot and purchase it for nothing. You will still have the same amount as before.

Then, you enter the blank spot and then go to build mode, where you will be able to build your dream house!
Alone In Your Unabomber Style Shack
Keeping a Sim's social meter up can be a nightmare. A good way to avoid this is to make the outgoing trait as low as possible (mine are usually zero). A shy Sim may take longer making friends, but an outgoing Sim constantly needs companionship (which takes up a LOT of time). With this trait at zero, once you fill up the Social meter, you can go three or four days without a visit from ANYONE!

Also, for me, the most difficult ability to fill is Body. If you make your Sim's Active trait high, they'll take to the treadmill like a duck to water. You can also guarantee that watching the Action channel on the TV will always provide some fun. Making Active high works well if you want your Sim in the military.
Anti-social sims and Jobs
If you're like me, you absolutely hate trying to make and keep all these ruddy friends to make it to the top of yuor promotion ladder. Personally? I prefer to get into the military career track. It's usually there at the beginning, and it doesn't require you to have that many friends at all, which is a nice thing when it comes to having to juggle a dozen things at once in this game. 8 is the maximum that you will ever need in this track.

For the record, Life of Crime is 12, and Xtreme is 11 -- all others are above this amount.
Aroma Machine
If you turn on the aroma machine, and if your sim is in the same room, one motive will fill on it's own!

1. Peppermint & Juniper- Helps Room
2. Lavender and Marjoram- Helps Fun
3. Juniper & Rosemary- Helps Energy
4. Rosemary & Peppermint- Helps Comfort

As long as your sim stays in the same room as the machine, the motive goes up. I've found this helpful in working out, putting on the third option whilst walking is like not using energy at all!
When the baby is born make sure you play with it stright away otherwise when you want to play with it another time it will just keep crying. if you want to move the cradle you have to wait until the baby is asleep and nobody is touching it then go into the menu and move it. the thing i do is get a bedroom built when iam making the house and make it for a child then as soon as you have the baby it will have a bedroom of its own then when it developeds from a baby to a child its will have the bed there ready for it. NOTE the baby will need feeding around about every 4 hours so make sure you take it in turns so you dont get to tired. if you ignore the baby more than twice somebody will come and take it away. make sure at least 1 of you doesnt have a job so you can look after the baby. when the baby turns into a child it will sometimes have a painting on its face if you want to change this just buy a vanity mirror than sell it as soon as you hve changed it.
BAd MonkeY BuTler!
When I bought a monkey butler, sure it cleans up but I noticed that my butler was doing something to my plants. Guess what? He looked left and right if there's any sign of my sim. Nope. No sign of me. Then he put my plants in a garbage bag. He looked again. Then he put it in the garbage can!
Now I threw him away too. Hehehe!
Bobo the Bum
In level 4 if you ever see Bobo the Bum walk past invite him in and then click on him and click give food. By doing thins you will unlock a two player game.
Body Skill - Choice of Machine?
For the record, I find going with the treadmill is best. While the machine is all good and well, the treadmill, on run, for example, tends to get your sim up to a level you want faster, even if you sometimes fall off.

Keeping it to jog is always useful as well, but the top thing is that, if your sim doesn't seem to be up for much work, you can always walk. Slow, yeah, but less effect on your sim in all ways, so if you want to get something done, that's the way to do it.
Busy As A Monkey
There is a better way to keep your monkey butler longer than just to put a fence around his tree. Put a light on the wall an wait for it to burn up. Then immediately put a table, nightstand, or desk in front of it making it impossible to replace the bulb. The monkey will not be able to finish the task and stands around until there's something else to do.
Catch the robber easy///get married
When you're robbed you get extra money for catching the robber while hes robbing you. first go to the menu and hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and type in freeall. Then play either play the sims of get a life and wati to be robbed wait for him to get inside the house and then press start sell all the doors leading out of the hosue the rober cant get out. then you can call the police and catch him when the police get there buy your doors back for free!!
if you want to get married in play the sims. what you have to do is throw a party and wait for a bunch of peole to come. buy a couple extra beds and when they are all inside sell the doors. an easy way to make more money is to have two people living in your house and you build a sort of mini home for them just have them get a job and keep them out. anyways have your "locked in" sim talk to whoever you want to marry as much as possib and buy a 2 person bed. When you go to sleep lick on the sim you want to marry and click join. this will get them comfortable then in the morning click on them if you are lucky you can propose if they say yes then you're married if they say no they tell you what to do do it and propose again
Cool fish eye thing
I bet you didn't know that if you look into he sims eyes when you put in "fish eyes" and press circle, you look at any angle you want, so if you look at the end of the orld, it's blue!!!!
Creating Your Sim: Nice Point Bar
Work on getting this one as high as possible. Simple reason is -- it makes job promotions easier, it helps you make friends easier (especially, I find, if you have a good amount of outgoing points as well in your character) and it helps you keep them, which is something I've always had problems with whenever I play.
Do you want to know how to become a realtor on someone else's property?
This tip is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow my method. First, sell all the items you can in the house. Then take out all the walls, doors, and windows you can get your hands on. Now that you got that out of the way, build a new house in place of the old one, but make it smaller. Then pick a different location and build a house there. Build fences if you have to in order to isolate the houses. Purchase the important items first. Then purchase the most expensive items you can get. Do this until you get less than $100 so when the phone rings, you get extra money. Keep repeating the process until the meter gets full. This gives you more money whenever you move out. Now do the same thing to the next house you go to. You can add some tiles and wallpaper if you want. That helps a whole lot.
Doing Everything Yourself
While this is all well and good in the first levels, you will find that, as your life progresses, you'll have less and less time to get things done while still keeping the sim happy. After the second/third level, you should start considering hiring the maid full time, as it is more of an investment that way.

Keeping your sim happy will assist you in the future in a number of ways. For example, they will do better at work, be more willing to learn some new skills, and these sims also tend to interact better with others.

If you chose not to rely on the handy people on the other end of the phone, from the pizza guy, who is immensely useful, right through to the repairman and the maid, expect for a long and difficult game.
If you are about to get robbed pause and save, then reset the ps2. When you load it again you still have all of your stuff and the scary music + the burgerlur are gone!!!!!!!!!!
Dont sell your mums stuff!
Don't sell your mums stuff in the first level to get to £800 quick. When you complete the level you have to pay her back for all the stuff you sold and end up with no money!
easy death
An easier way to kill your Sims, is to buy a mosquito lamp, and place it somewhere, then touch it, and your Sims will die, I hope.

Make sure your Sims have no mechanical skills, or it will not work.
easy money
first u enter free all and midas then enter any mode then buy then go back into the tons of expensive stuff then save and exit the cheats will cancel once u get into the menu then enter the house again then sell all the expensive stuff i got about 200,000 do as many times as wanted
Extra Costumes
Sometimes, in the game, some Simmers may wonder why there are characters throughout BOTH "Get A Life" AND "Free Play" modes that wear more "interesting" fashions which do not seem to be accessible in Create A Sim. However, there is a way to get these hidden clothing and hairdo options.

Simply become friends the Sim and which sports the the special style you want, (making sure your relationship meter evenly reaches up to 50 points), and it will become unlocked as a bonus item for you to use.

Long Skirt - Befriend Pauline Peacock

Stripy Pants - Befriend Pierre Peacock

Camouflage Cargo Pants - Befriend Dudley Landgrabb

Pointy Pigtails Hairsyle - Befriend Mimi Landgrabb

Bunched Pigtails Hairstyle - Befriend Fran Foofaraw

Mullet Hairstyle - Befriend Freddy Foofaraw

Camisole - Befriend Zara Roomies

Backwards Baseball Cap Hairstyle - Befriend Betty Roomies

Punky Mohican Hairstyle - Befriend Bingo Roomies

Fishnet Tights - Befriend Layla Roomies

Bowling T-Shirt - Befriend Leon Roomies

Geisha Girl Hairstyle - Befriend Theresa Thimblewit

Cowboy Hat - Befriend Charles Cheeky

Cleopatra Wig - Befriend Chantal Cheeky

Tophat Hairstyle - Befriend Thomas Thimblewit

Dyed-Tips Hairstyle - Befriend Pamela Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Cat-Eyed Sunglasses - Befriend Ginger Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Genie Blouse - Befriend Debbie Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Tiger-Print Skirt - Befriend Candy Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Flared Jeans - Befriend May Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Cowboy Shirt - Befriend Rod Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Stripy Sweater - Befriend Peter Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Golden Sunglasses - Befriend Randy Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Orange Sunglasses - Befriend Woody Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Cornrows Hairstyle - Befriend Ziggy Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Extra money!!!
Many people just get the 800 off mom and go. Don't!! Ask for more and more!!! She'll give it to you as long as she's in a good mood!
Free Money?
Now as you know about the meet Major Domo, and hot tub cheat the do work but so does mine.

Hold down L1 L2 R1 R2 at the main menu, and enter
these codes:
freeall: free stuff (bills and services cost)
midas: unlocks all stuff
sims: the sims mode

Now go to Sims Mode create a Neighbourhood called "money"
create a family with a man.
first name:Malcolm
family name: Money

Enter an empty spot (grass)

buy all these stuff

45: love beds
45: love tubs
45 major domos

And exit the game (save as well)

turn of ps2, then turn on again.

open cheat menu (L1 L2 R1 R2)

And enter these cheats only:

Only enter these 2 cheats, or my tip wont work.

Then go to your house with money, family enter house and sell all tubs, beds, and domos.
save the game, turn of ps2 and repeat as many times as u want.
Get away from robbers//have money without entering any cheat or restarting the game
To catch robbers without bothering to call the police, or making the alarm more effective, put up/build a wall on the sidewalk nearest the corner where the burglar enters and place the alarm there. With that, even before the burglar gets to enter the house to steal anything, the alarm would go off and thus summon the police faster and you get to have a thousand for "capturing" the burglar.

To be able to have 99999simoleon (or more--as excess money; 100000 doesn't really show on the screen) in a breeze, build the longest wall you can on a lot (the wall must form a straight line). Place the most expensive wallpaper on one side of such wall. Try selling the opposite side of the wall which has no wallpaper. If it indicates a certain cost, continuously press the sell button (or the pink square) until the desired amount of simoleon is raised. If pressing the sell thingy does not work, try placing the wallpaper on the other side of the wall, and sell the opposite side of it. Although make sure the you have enough money to build the wall and wallpaper. If your money is a small amount at first, just build a short wall until you can have enough money to build the longest wall on the lot.

Get money from Mom.
This is for if you need some money for level 2.
At the main menu, press L1+L2+R1+R2 at the same time then enter FREEALL and MIDAS. Then, go into Get A Life and go into your Mom's house. Buy a whole bunch of really expensive items, but just add them, don't sell anything because you will have to pay for items you sell. Then, finish everything on the level and when you finally move out, your Mom will give you money for all the expensive items you bought. This will give you money because on level 2, you need to replace some things with more expensive versions of them. Hope this helped!

Getting Tired of mom?
Ok heres what you do, when your in the main menu hold down the L1,L2 and R1,R2 buttons. Make sure you put in FreeAll and Midas. When your finished start a new game so when u move in with mom you can buy whatever you want! But if you`re one of those who cant stand to be around her, build a house next to hers in your own style, put some nice things in moms house too so she will leave you alone, like put an extra Tv in the house. After you have unlocked everything for the next level mom will give you some money except shes paying you for the house you bulit and for the contents inside, so unlike playing the sims without cheats you will have unlimited money. BUT IT DEPENDS ON HOW BIG __YOUR___HOUSE IS!!!!! which will determine how much money you get.
glitch to get money
in the first 3 houses if you go on build mode and sell wallpaper on the outside of the house click the sell button over and over and it will sell the blank wall.(not the wall but the wallpaper...which there is no wallpaper. but still it worked for me.)
Have Fun while you sleep!
Ok, we admit, it's hard to have fun during the day! Were so busy eating, sleeping and pottying that we forget what were really missing... FUN!
There are of course many ways to have fun, but who has time for that?

So, as in Sims 2, Simply buy a Aeromaster Whifferpuff Gold and as you get ready to go to sleep, set it on Lavender and Majorom. As you're sleeping your fun level will rise along with your comfort and energy levels! Yes they are expensive but just remember to use the MIDAS and FREEALL cheats, and you won't have a problem. Happy Sleeping!!
Headless Sim
First open the cheat menu, and type in "fish eye". The start the game in any mode, go into fish eye view and press up, down, left or right, and hold it. If you did this right you and the sim's head will stay still while the sim's body walks away.
Heart Spa Tip
This cheat can gain you $10,000.

1. Turn on PS2, and at Sims main menu press L1,L2,R1 and R2 together to bring uo the cheats menu.

2. Type in FREEALL and MIDAS.

3. Then, load the type of game you wish to play and buy as many heart spa's as possible.

4. Then,save and quit and in the main menu screen, type in FREEALL again. This will undo the previous FREEALL cheat, and now everything is not free.

5. Go back into the the game, and sell all those heart spa's. You should get 10,000 a time.
hearts on the tree swing
Get a family with a man and a woman in it. then build a house \'n\' stuff. then buy a sweetsway tree swing then get the man and the woman to sit on it if they love eachother love hearts come out off the tree. but then get the man to get off the swing and leave the woman on the swing. then love hearts are still coming out of the swing when only the womans on it. its kinda funny cos its like she loving herself lol.
Helpful cheats and hints. No way you say. Yes way I say!!!
Well do you want to make a hobo house with plants and crap in them?
All you have to do is leave at least one section of wall out, then enter your stuff, bring your Sims in, and your house will be like a hobo.
Also if you want super fast energy without a bed or espresso, buy a bug zapper, turn it on (have at least one Mechanical) and touch it a few times, then you can study cooking or Mechanical while getting comfortable.
Easy maid clean up is quick and get the newspaper without a door.
just go to buy menu pick up the paper bring it in or if the maid doesn't have a door to go in just put a sink or dishwasher out go to buy menu and bring your stuff out without wasting any Sim time.
How 2 Throw A Rageing Party !
Well this level is hard, but not any more first get lots of money by entering midas and Freeall and so forth, but now do up the house that will be the firt part done.Now become good friends with alot of people Then invite them all over and put some music on and play the guitar.And ask to move in with one of the people at the party.Then Get Premoted to level four by working out and you have completed the level !
P.S the next level is harded !
How To Build Up Energy Without Wasting Time
Does you sim have work soon, but has 0 energy? No worries! Get your sim to go to bed (or take a nap) and as soon as they go to bed, press L1 (pause) and check their motives. You will see their energy rising and the time will be stopped. The only downside is it takes sort of a long time to do.
How To Get A Roomate
-Be At Least A Family Friend
-Be In A Great Mood
-Be At A Great Party!

HELPFUL TIP: Ask to be a roomate in a room with lots of "Room".
How to get your dream home
Okay so to get your dream home, press R1, L1, R2 and L2 at the same time on the game menu and enter the cheats FREEALL, SIMS and MIDAS. You could also enter FISH EYE and PARTY M but you only need FREEALL, SIMS and MIDAS for this cheat, anyway, to make a family press the circle button and select NEW FAMILY. You could also use and existing family. Move your family into a blank space and build their house for free! You will also have unlocked all of the items. To edit a family you press the circle button and select an already made family. You can add, edit or delete sims but if you want to have a baby you have to have at least an adult male and female. You can add another adult/child if you like just make sure there is room for one more sim. To have a baby your sims must love each other. You can do this by getting their relationship up. If love hearts appear on top of the sims heads that means they love each other. Once they love each other make one of your sims keep kissing and hugging the other until a pop-up comes up on the screen and it says: Should we have a baby? To have a baby press the X button and a cradle should appear near your sims. You have to welcome the baby and play with it. When the baby cries, feed it and sing to it and it should go back to sleep. Enjoy your new family and your dream home!

NOTES: The baby will need fed around every 4-5 hours, make sure at least one sim doesn't get a job so that they can take care of the baby. If you don't take care of the baby, the social services will come and take your baby. It may take a while for the baby to grow into a child, once it does, make sure your child goes to school or he/she will go to military school and will be removed from the family FOR EVER!
How to have a Baby?
First you have to make a family or just meet
a sim, get the couple married.

Then, take them somewhere private place
to kiss(It May Require 4 Or 5 Kisses).

After it should say in a little box
'If you want a Baby'!

There You Have Your Baby(:
How To Kill A Sim (Death By...Burning?)
Okay.. Well, Yes This Is a Evil Thing To Do But... Mehh Nevermind! Make a Room And Then Have A FirePlace...Normal Right? Yeah Well Then Put Lots Of Side Tables All Around But First!... Get The Sim You Want To Die To Stand Near The Fire And Then Surround It With Furniture And If You Can Just Have A Lot Of Fires And Furniture. Remove All Doors And Windows, No Phone! And The "Sim" Will End Up Wetting TheirSelf. Screaming And Then Eventually It Will Burn! Tada...? Or .. Drown Them In A Pool, They Will Get Tired. And Die! Happy Killing!

How to Make 700 simoeleons
First, create a sim (prefferably a child). Move it in to a house, and give it a phone. Then, you go back to the neighbourhood and go to the house where your sims that you want to have 700 simoleons live. Move in to their place, and it will be seven am if you have not already started that place. Get a sim to throw a party on a phone (it should already have one). Then, you just wait for the sims to start arriving. Find the child sim that you wish to murder, then greet it. You create a room at the top of the garden, then go into it. Call the child over to you. When it is coming, go into build mode and build a fence around it. It should shrug. Then, you get your sim out of the room and basically make it do whatever it wants. After a while, your sim will get a little restless. Just ignore it. After three days, it will clutch it's hands to its stomach, scream and fall to the floor. The grim reaper will wave his skythe over your sim and it will turn into a grave. By then, you should notice the grim reaper turning a bit smoky. Just go into buy mode, sell it and voila, 700 simoleons!
how to throw a great party
first the longer the Sims are in a good mood the longer they should stay. you will need pizza,hamburgers,group meal,and a cooler and they will never go hungry.for fun they need 2 or more couchs with a tv,a pool,2 or more hot tubs, and a radio.decorate your house for room motive.a lot of bathrooms (5 or more trust me <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />) and the pool,hot tubs,and sinks for hygiean. 5 or more espreso machine for energy and dont forget the maid and it will be raging (buy ballons make they get cleaned up after every party and then by some more before every party and make sure they go away before midnight or pay the cops)
How To Throw A Great Party (And Get A Roomate!)
Okay here are the things you need:

-Food From Stove (Sims like varieties)
-(OPTIONAL) Beverage Bar
-Hot Tub
-(OPTIONAL) Another Hot Tub
How to throw a great party in less then 5 minuets!!!!
At the start of the game menu, go in the cheats code (L1,L2,R1 and R2) and enter freeall and midas, then start get a life.

When your about to start a party do the usaul of course, 2 hot tubs, music, a table to eat at, two plates of bbq food of from the kitchen, ballons, ect.

Now the way to get a great party is wherever you are, outside or inside, in the area your party is in, place two small bed side tables together in the area, then buy two aroma machines and place them on those tables. Get your sim to set the mood of one of the machines to the second choise of the scent you want, then with the second aroma machine set it to the third choise.turn them on just when the guests arrive. it should say great party in about 1 min. hopefully.

That should raise your sims and guests fun and energy. I did that to every party i did in the whole game and it probably even worked in less than 3 minuets.

Good luck!!!!!
I hate Mom
Getting tired of Mom? If you want her out of the house, here is what you do.Get Mom to walk out side and make her stand there, then build a wall around her so she is trapped, make sure to build a big wall around her.Then put a radio or something so she cant sleep then she will get very very angry.When you think she got what she deserves let her out.Or you can leave her there to die. Great Fun <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
if you want to kill your sims
first you had to put a lot of fire places.
second you had to put a stove be sure yourm sims dont know how to cook or else it wont burn.
Third let them cook in the grill.
Kill 'em
If there is a neighbour in "the sims" mode you HATE, invite them to your house and lock them in a room with no doors or gaps in the wall. Leave them there to starve and a few days later, they will be dead and you won't have to put up with them anymore. The only Problem is some people will come and do nothing but cry at the grave so all you hear is 'WAH WAH WAH'. Either way, you win. all around.
Level 3-- Mimi
Annoyed at how Mimi doesnt cook, clean or build her body skill?
Get her to use the barbeque to eat, the maid to clean and have her go in the pool to build her two body skills for her job as Convenience Store Clerk.
Live in LUXURY and get money for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before living with mom at the begining of 'get a life', type in cheats MIDAS and FREEALL. When the game begins, buy luxurious items for free so mom will be and you can ask her for money without her bitting your head off . When you have enough money, get a job. leave the house and mom will pay you tons of money and you will be :$near:$enough:$ rich.
Love Tree
This involes that tree swing. If you go on it with some one you like -or- just someone who is of a other gender, hearts will circle the tree.
Make Mimi or Dudley Work Out
When in level 3 Party Animals if you live with either Dudley or Mimi and select work out on treadmill or weightlift bench they will absolutely refuse to work out.Here is the cheat Note:This cheat helps Mimi or Dudley getting promoted to lifeguard.Build a pool in the backyard make Dudley or Mimi swim then immediatley press pause,surround the pool with trash cans.Then unpause put the game in fast motion until you got the body skill you need.Then pause the game and sell all the trashcans and then make mimi or dudley exit the pool.If your motives are low raise them.
making kid go to millitary school
Never make kid study and lock it in room so it needs

a) Sleep
b) Fun
c) Food
d) Social
e) Comfort
f) Bladder(Potty, toilet)
g) Hygiene( Shower)
h) Room

Basically evertthing.

You need the room to be floorless, No wallpaper, Small

Another easy way to do it is when the fall down and go to sleep, have a tv on, preferably a plasma, so it with keep him/her awake

You can use anything that makes noise.

You can do the same to kill an adult sim you hate.

If you wish to stop the process BEFORE he/she is dead/going to military school) just pause, quit to neighbourhood, then evict the family. Move them back in and they will all be happily ever after!

You can do this to a friend/neighbour that visits that starts to annoy you. But, still move out, they will be magically 'teleported' back to their home. The downside of them teleporting back is they`d come togrumpy...(The neighbour/friend/kid)

Hope it solves ya problems!

P.S. You can make the kid in there for the rest of their lives ( If they need to go to millitary school) by not opening the walls! Hehe! Great fun!
Married Sims In Bad Mood with each other
Just by the heart tree swing and have the husband or wife sit down and call one of them over they'll sit down and swing together and you'll see hearts coming off the swing!!
Mom's Mood
If you buy a KraftKing BE CAREFUL! Mom's attitude will deteriorate rapidly when she spends too many hours on it. Give her some time to relax, Watch TV, (fix it if you didn't by studing mechanical to at least level 1) eat, etc. Then mom's attitude will go up again.
Money while having fun
Buy an easel. Use it to paint pictures and sell them. You get fun and lots of money, without cheat codes! I recommend switching the Aromaster whifferpuffer Gold to increase your other motives at same time.
Before you start the game enter the cheat freeall and midas now enter you house and buy the monkey butler. I bought 10 and it's all free!! Now save and quit. Go back to your house and don't put in anymore cheats. Then sell all your monkey butler and you'll have $99,999 and after that you won't have to pay for anything you buy even though you didn't enter a cheat.
More Fun
If your watching T.V buy the plasma screen. And After flip through the channels if your sim says"yew" change it. And If your sim says "anhan". Keep it there and your sim will raise its fun bar faster. I just figured that out.
Move out of moms house fast!
In the beginning of The Sims game your living with the old grouch that's your "mom" To get out of her house quicker do these steps

1. Your in a daydream and you wake up on a couch right near a bookcase. Hurry up and get up. Study cooking first. You need at lease one cooking point to cook and accomplish a goal. When you get one skill of cooking hurry up and stop studying. Start studying mechanical. In order to fix the t.v you need 2 mechanical skills. If you only have one you'll electrocute yourself. If you waste one second through this process you will go into a bad mood and it takes forever to get it green again hints keeping you longer at your mom home.

2. Fix the T.V

3. fix a meal for yourself

4. You should be a bit happy hurry up and entertain your mom and talk. Do each social one two times. Then ask your mom for money. Clean up everything GET OUT OF THERE! You should be out of there in 2 days.

I hope it helps. In sims time it took me about a week to get out of her home but for you it should take 1 to 2 days!

Enjoy!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
I seriously recommend this for all those players like me who simply can't seem to get things to work the way they want them to. By what I mean, the social bar's seeming constant emptiness, tied with the time to get things started up...

The number one thing to remember is that your sim should have someone living with them, which is best. Living alone tends to make things harder, as inviting people over is a chore, and speaking to people over the phone is difficult.

To fill up this bar, I usually do it at the same time I do other things. For example, I will have my sims eat together, although rather rarely, to fill up both hunger (the quickest bar to deplete half the time, IMO) and the social bar. Sometimes I will have them watch TV together, to raise both fun and social.

I prefer to make them hot tub, however. My sims get social points, comfort points, cleanliness points, etc, all in one, which is great this early on in the game. Since it works for four sims, this is one of the best things to do to keep sims occupied at parties, etc, and make them stay longer as well.

In closing, if you can multitask, do it. Life is just so much easier that way.
Neat Point Bar and The Maid
While some of you out there might put some points into this, like I did, my first time around, I'm recommending to you all to stop this, or put the minimal amount of points in.

While being neat is all well and good, the maid will do all of these actions the neatness bar forces your sim to do (cleaning up after himself, flushing the toilet, emptying the trash compactor) herself, thus, it's an unnecessary waste of your time and should be done away with at the beginning of the game, since you have access to the maid by level 2.
Never (or rarely) get Robbed
I am sorry if this does not work and some of your sims' hard earned possesions still get robbed. To do the tip, simply station burgler alarms all over your house (the outside of it). The burgler will know they are there and not come because he does not like getting caught, or come and get arrested before he has a chance to do anything except walk and make the scary music.
This is something I recommend for all games. If you can pause and queue up what you can do, like in this game and in the KotOR series, among others, than do it! There is nothing like having to handle ten things during gameplay, when simply pausing for some time can give you a good five minutes to think things over, and get everything you want done in the correct order.
Raise your skills
At the Beginning of 'Get a Life' stay at moms place and build up your skills so that later on you can just enjoy life.
Save Sim tiMe
When dressing, you'll see a purple curtain right? Well then, pause the game while your sim is changing and the curtain will automatically go down even though its paused. Save sim time instead of using fast forward.
Save time with cleaning while saving money
Instead of wasting money to hire a maid or wasting time waiting for the monkey butler, what I do is when my shower, toilet, fish tank etc, I go to buy mode and sell the dirty item then buy it back, good as new.( This tip works better if Midas and Freeall cheats have been entered.)
Sims PS2- Second House
This is the house that Mimi used to live in and now the spoilt little daddys girl has a new house you can live in her old one....if you clean it up. She has trashed the house juring a party so you have to clean it up if you want somewhere to live.

When you get to cleaning up whats left of the burnt down kithen it is quicker and easier if you buy about 3 bins and put them next to you. Then when she needs to put the rubbish somewhere she doesnt have to go all the way out to the front of the house!

Then the convenient part is that afterwards you can just sell the bins and get your money back! Genious! Have Fun ! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Skiping Work
If your sim is in the red, then a day off work is a must. You can take a day off as soon as you move in to a house and then work 3 days and take another. This gives you a well-earned break and helps you to keep green.
Skipping Work
While not the best thing to do, sometimes your sim is in such bad condition that you need a day off to work things back together again. While every time you do this is says that it is your final warning, you will be able to do this once every other day.

That's right, folks, for the entire time you're employed, you only have to go in half the time. Personally, I never risk it and go in full time, but that's just me. I've tested this on most consoles, so be wary with this overall -- sometimes, games do unexpected things.
Skipping Work
Having trouble getting promotions because you have to go to work EVERY DAY and can't seem to find the time to work on your skills or get your Sim in a better mood? Then this tip is for you! After you get a job, you can work one day, skip one day, then work the next. If you read the message when you get the phone call it says "don't make a habit of this" or something like that. Your employer seems to mean that you can't miss two days in a row or you will be fired. Going one day and skipping the next ensures that you can build your skills AND keep your Sim happy so those promotions, especially the ones further along the career track, are easier to obtain.
so hungry but have to go to work
If you are asleep and are hungry and have a roommate or wife. stay in bead and switch to the wife or roommate and go to the fridge and select serve breakfast etc. so when your sim wakes up it will have something to eat
so want to get a load of money on first level?
ok so u know when u sell a load of stuff when ur on the first level then u have to pay mum back and end up with no money?
well i found a hint!!!!
1. make sure u have a job and have full motives
2.sell everything
3.puase and save then quit then put the cheet freeall and midas
4.go back into the game adn move out u may get the message that u have to pay her back but u dotn lose no money!

take my advice
Who ever says 'put the burglar alarm on the outside of the house' is a total nutcase. If you do that, burglars will just runaway and you get no money! If you have a burglar alarm on the inside of your house, burglar comes, the alarm goes off, police comeand you get a bunch of money for catching the theif (and if they take something, you get money for that too) so take my advice.
The Burglar
Are you worried about that pesky burglar coming to steal your stuff? Try this out. Play Free Mode, build a moderately sized house, and put at least one expensive thing in it, and make sure to buy some burglar alarms. You may need the MIDAS and/or FREEALL cheat(s) for this. Play the game normally. Eventually the burglar will come to your house. If you have multiple burglar alarms, and the expensive thing is far from your front door, then he should definitely be caught. You will not only be reimbursed for the stolen item, but now you don't have to worry about that stupid thief! There is only one thief used in both modes of the game. Catch him in one and you don't have to worry about him in either ever again!
Tired of having too much people in the house?
If you are then you could have some of them go into a room, then sell all doors and windows and put in a lot of fireplaces and fire ataching items, like the floor lights and put them infront of the fireplace and have them set a fire in all of the fireplaces and fastforward through time and eventually they'll get burned and die!
Two Player EASILY
When You At Your House With "MOM" (Not Dream House With "ROXY") Press Quit Then And The Main Menu Do Not Click Get A Life Click Play Sims Then When You Have Moved In Your Family When Your In the House With Contoller 2 Press Start Then The Screen Will Be Split Diaganol Then Your And You Friend/Brother etc. Can Both play
Unlimited Money!!!!
Go to to the main menu. Enter the cheat code "MIDAS" (Press L1,L2,R1, and R2 to bring up the cheat menu thingy) Then enter the cheat code "FREEALL" (no spaces). Go into the mode and save file where you want the money to be. Go into buy mode. Buy a bunch of "Libidnex Spa Systems". Save and return to the main menu. (This should not have cost you money) Enter the cheat code "FREEALL" again. Go back into the save you just made. Enter buy mode, then sell all the spas. I did this and thet amount of money went to $99,999. Any time i pay bills, the number just stays the same, thus giving you infinate money.(I guess you could run out of money, but then you could just repeat the process)
Wallpaper Help
A fast easy way to laydown wallpaper and tile in a big or small room is by pressing and holding L1 or L2 then pressing X this will lay tile or wallpaper in a second instead of using click and drag.
Whiffer puff
The whiffer puff, yes, is a very useful thing. Some good ideas to use it for are when you are working out, sleeping, or studying.

BUT: it breaks ALOT it especially stinks cuz if you are sleeping, you wake up, and you cough and cough and cough.

If you have a whiffer puff in your bedroom, i suggest you get a monkey butler and a couple extra doors into your room.

Whifferpuff Gold
This little machine is incredibly useful. While I have problems keeping it out of the burgulars hands, in the past it has helped me go through several levels with it in tow.

What it does, is it effects your sim without you having to do something. The effects that are involved are:

- The one I use the most, lavender and majoram will increases your Fun bar.
- The setting peppermint and juniper will increase your Comfort rating.
- Juniper and rosemary will increase your energy, which is useful for those who actually sleep.
- Then there is rosemary and peppermint, which increases the room rating.

So, for those of you with this handy device, use it as you please.
Your SIMS and Skills
Whenever your Sims get a promotion, the game will send you a note, with subtle hints at what you're going to need to do to go up to the next level. For example, in the life of a thrill seeker, you sometimes need to have high charisma in addition to excellent physique.

Not paying attention to these notes could hold off your promotion for a good long time, as you try to build up in the wrong areas for several points instead of the correct section for one.
Alright, while not the best thing to do in real life, this is a handy addition for the game, especially once you make it to fourth level with the sonic shower (although, personally, a good couch is good as well).

My sim always seemed to need a good ten hours a day for resting, meaning I had very little time to get things going, until one day, quite by accident, I found out that the bug zapper saves all my problems.

By touching it, although your comfort bar lowers (I mentioned how to combat this before, the couch, etc) a couple of jolts can keep you going for quite a while, compared to sleeping. While being an insomniac can be bad, so can having low bars in everything else and never having time to do everything you want to. In the end, it's your choice.
Zombie Sim
Kill a sim. The Best way to do this is to Burn them. First Build a room get them to go in it and build a fireplace. Then light a fire (kids cant light fires). Then place a bear skin rug next to the fire place and some more rugs around the room so most of them overlap each other and the floor is not showing. Then when the fire starts watch you sim burn (if the rug did not catch on fire move it closer to the fire it needs to be touching it). Then the grim reaper will appear. Get another sim to beg for the sims live. The grim Reaper will either kill you sim anyway bring you sim back to live of bring it back as a Green Zombie Sim (if you do not talk to the grim reaper in under 30 mins in sim time he will kill your sim anyway).


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1 The Wallpaper Money Glitch !!!!
First buy wall
Make the wall to a long line
Buy the most expensive wallpaper
Put the wallpaper in the wall in both sides
Then hold square(the sell button) to sell the wall
Once you sell the wall keep tapping square quickly

When a robber comes and its in your house and u dont have enough time 2 call the cops and catch him, simply block the door with benches (use buy mode)and then call the cops and the robber will just wait there and when the cop comes sell the benches and there u go.
So you need to put in the cheat fish eyes make 2 sims male and female and make them have a baby press the play option on the baby press the o button and there you have it stare at your new baby
Ew! that is sick and wrong
On the main menu press R1,R2,L1 and L2 together at the same time. Then enter the cheat FISHEYE this will let you see from ur sims point of view. Make a male charaacter in get a life mode and at the beginning of the game when you get in the bathtub with Roxy press either square or circle (i cant remember) and you will see through your sims eyes. Doing this you will see two noticable bums a.k.a. Roxy's boobs!!!!!!!
How 2 cheat off of a cheat!!
On get a life on the 2nd house, get a monkey butler/ major domo to do all of the fixing and cleaning! All you have to do is get the promotions!! Hav the Nice point bar full for ur sim at the start of the game. It helps. Have fun!
How to have a baby alone. single person
have a man and woman sleep in the vibromatic heart bed about 3 times. Have someone, anyone, a kid or adult, anytime after within about 12 sim days and a baby will pop out of nowhere at the edge of the bed. It happened to me in story mode but play the sims mode could work
In the beginning of get a life when your in the hottub with the girl (make sure you have fish eyes turned on) use fish eyes when your getting on. thewn pause the game over and over and you can see her breast <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Nude Sims With no Blur
I discovered this while torturing my Sims by burning them alive, to do this first have your sim vibrate in the heart bed, then surround the bed with some small wooden tables so hes stuck, then place a fireplace nearby, light it and then place a trrail of wooden objects to the bed and after the sim burns he instantly reappears naked. except they will still be wearing any hats. plus it will go away anytime you do something that makes your Sim change clothing. So go try it and disturb yourselfs <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
see a thing
at the main menu hold L1+L2+R1+R2 at the same time, the inter FISH EYE,then get a life and make a boy sim and when you go into the hot tub with roxy the blur will disapear for a second,it was so cool

have fun
Sim Beheading
when you have the cheat code fisheye on have your sim walk somewhere and hold down a button on the dpad(up down left or right) and its body will keep going with out its head. your sim will be happy and headless.
The Wallpaper Money Glitch !!!
First buy a wall.
Make the wall to a long line.
Purchase the most expensive wallpaper.
Then cover the wallpaper in both sides in the long line wall.
Now hold square( the sell button) to sell one side of your wall.
Hold the square button to sell the wallpaper.
Now sell your wall and tap square a lot of times



Easter eggs

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at night get an adult to look out the telescope then after a while he sees a ufo! then it comes and takes him away for a few days.

warning only use this if they dont have a job othewise they will get fired.
goog gaming


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All 2-player modes, all things cost 0 § and more!
To get to the Cheats Menu, go to the main menu and press all the shoulder buttons at the same time. From there you can access the following:

MIDAS: All two player games, all locked objects and all locked skins

FREEALL:All objects cost 0§

SIMS:Unlocks play The Sims mod without having going through the Get A Life dream house
Barby Nudity
First kill sim by sim by fire in bath tube, then sim willl apeer somwhere eles on your lot, then find them, have them go onto a toilet and then they will get off the toilet and there will be no blur.......put in "fish eyes" and see them in first person view.
Change Curtain Time Shave
To save yourself a good number of minutes in the game, whenever your Sim is changing their clothes, pause the game the instant the curtain begins to rise up over them. Hold it down until the curtain goes back down and you will have saved game time instead of wasting it while waiting for the change curtain to disappear.
Cheat Menu
To get the cheat menu to appear, head to the main menu screen and simultaneously press L1, R1, L2, and R2.
Cool cheat
Hold l1+l2+R1+R2 Then tyep MIDAS this will unlock everything
Easy Clean Up - Second Level
Okay, first when you are on the main screen, hold R1 R2 L1 L2 and put in MIDAS and FREEALL. Go to Get A Life. Once you've finished the first level you go to Malcom's House where the kitchen has been burnt. First thing I do is buy the monkey butler, then build a wall for the kitchen because it has been burnt down. This is especially good because if you don't it puts down your room level. Just leave the monkey to clean up everything-it does-even the broken stuff. so I use this time to make some friends because we all know that it comes in handy in the end.
Extra Income
There are a few ways to make extra money with your skills, especially in the early stages of Get A Life.

Buy an Art Easel: The higher your creative skills are, the faster you'll complete a painting. When it's finished, sell the painting for cash and you can use the easel over and over again.

Buy an Artist Block: Again, the higher your creativity, the faster you'll finish the sculpture. Then, sell it for more than what you paid for the original block. Keep buying more blocks as necessary.

Buy a Woodworking Table: The higher your mechanical skills, the faster you'll produce gnomes. Also, the cash you get for selling the gnomes gets higher and higher as you go along.

Answer the Phone: Sometimes you'll get a random call saying that you won something or some work of yours got published, which will get you lots of extra cash. Answering the phone often ensures you get one of these bonuses.

Install Burglar Alarms: If you don't have alarms next to your doors, you'll lose a lot of money if a burglar happens to come! Make sure they're posted on the wall next to every door out of your house. When you are robbed, the alarm will alert the police. Even if he manages to steal something, you'll get reimbursed for the exact amount of the item he took, plus a cash bonus for catching him.
Fish Eyes
This cheat is to go into third person view,First,you bring up the cheat menu and you input "fish eyes"
Well you need to get up the cheat menu and type in FISHEYE and you can see what the Sims are seeing through there own eyes or something like that sorry if that didn\'t make sense but type in FISHEYE to see for yourself
folow this to have a sweet life
hold down R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 to open cheat menu

midas: unlock all stuff

party m:unlock party motel if compleated in under 1 minut you unlock ALL 2 player games

freeall: free unlocked stuff

sims: opens play the sims if you have no memory card

fish eye: alows you to be in your sims sheos

hope they work for ya
at the main menu press R1+R2+L1+L2 all at the same time then a cheat menu will appear then type in freeall with no space now nothing cost anything so you will be able to buy anything. well by buy i mean get beacause ITS ALL FREE!
get rich fast
First go to the cheat menu type in midas and freeall and then buy 15 meet major domo and then save and go to the main menu and type in the cheats again to take them off and then sell the meet major domos and you will have 99 999
Ghost Sim
Wanna turn your place into a Haunted House? Well now you can! Simply kill off one or more of your Sims. The best way to do this is to stick them in a side room, remove the doors so they have no place to go, and let them die of starvation. The Grim Reaper will come, and they'll turn into an ash urn. Keep the urn around and eventually, when nightfall comes, the ghost of the dead Sim(s) will randomly wander around the house, through walls and back to its container. If a living Sim comes across the ghost, they'll be spooked. Do this as many times as you like, creating and destroying Sim after Sim for some ghastly fun!
Have fun and talk to sims........ in your sleep ?
Heres a neat trick:

If your fun or social bars are low never fear because i have the solution.

While everyone/you are asleep press start and save and quit, or if your playing the play the sims mode you can just exit to neighbourhood.

Now go back to the game you just quit, your
sim(s) will be having loads of FUN and talking to other sims in there sleep.

To put it another way, your FUN and your SOCIAL bars will be going up rapidly while you sleep, pretty cool ey.

Doesn't work every time, and usually only when your Sim is napping on the couch.
Lazy Roommate Upgrade
Depending on the gender of your character in Get A Life, you'll move in with either Mimi or Dudley. These characters are phenomenally lazy and will not learn skills or clean up after themselves. However, there's a way to cheat and get their initial body skill requirement up enough to get them promoted once. Buy a pool, and have them swim around until their body bar goes up. The income they get isn't that much of an upgrade, but it's better than nothing. After that, they need Charisma to get promoted again, so you're going to be stuck because neither of them will practice their speech in a mirror.
Life of Crime
Prevent a thief from escaping in Get A Life mode (while stealing) to unlock the Life Of Crime career in all modes.
make all objects free.
Enter FREEALL at the cheat menu.
Make Faster Income
Whether you're playing Get A Life or Play The Sims, there's a faster way to make money by working. First, get a starting job and then work up all the stats you need to get promoted to the maximum level in your field. Then, get a new job (without getting fired) and work any new skill requirements for that one. Everytime you start a new job, you'll get promoted faster and faster, which will get you more money in the long run because you get cash bonuses with every promotion.
Moving In
Having trouble getting your brand new $20,000 family into the lavish house you just built? Don't know how to build it just under the $20,000 mark to get them in? First, bulldoze the lot and make sure it is empty. Then, move your family into the empty lot. Enter the area and then build the house while they're standing on the sidewalk. If you have the MIDAS and FREEALL cheats on, then it should be no problem to get everything you want for them AND increase their net value to $99,999.
If u just want to get your charisma or mech. or something up all the way, when they say "i don't want to do this", go to the neighborhood, evict the family, then make them move in again, go into the house, and their bars will be all four green!!!! Repeat as much times as you want.
Outside Stuff Inside
Normally you can't put something say a basketball hoop inside your house. To get pass this you simply build the room that you want to put the item in BUT leave a section out of it. The game won't read it as a room so you are still free to put outside things inside of it.

OTHER OPTION: Buy all of the things for your Sims home first and then build your house around it.
Party fine?........ Not for me!
As you know if you party past midnight you might get a fine of $50 or even $100! Well this just might help you. First bring up the cheat screen wich is L1,R1,L2,R2 (AT THE SAME TIME) then type PARTY M. Make sure you have a space between the party and the M. This cheat will help you make more friends. And who knows friends might help you in the future.........
Party motel 2 Player Game
Enter PARTY M at the cheat menu.
Restock Your Motives
Having trouble keeping your motives under control in NeighborHood Mode? Simply evict the family you want to restock, then move them back into the same house. When they start back home, most of their motive meters will be full again. They will also still retain whatever jobs and skills they had.
Save Your Sims
When you Die the grim reaper comes BUT you can stay ALIVE if you get one of your other sims to PLEAD to the grim reaper and if your lucky your sim will be spared And He or she will now become a ZOMBIE.
See what sims see
Press L1, L2, R1, R2, a cheat menue will show a cheat screen enter Fish Eye note: this works when you change the wall view
When the sims has fully loaded (on the main menu)
hold down L1, L2, R1 AND R2 all at the same time then a cheat menu will come up, when it has type in FREEALL and everything will be for free, you may need to press L1, L2 etc, etc again to type in another cheat, the other cheat is MIDAS it will unlock all off the sims furniture, then go on to ''play the sims'' or ''get a life'' then you simply buy 10 love tubs (its all for free)once you've done that save and quit then reset your ps2 then go back to what ever you were on and sell the love tubs and you will get about 100 000 simoleans. Love tubs sell for 10 000 simoleans
Supa Easy Money-Get A Life
When I go onto Get A Life, I love having a lot of money so what I do is I buy as much stuff as I can (expensive stuff is best) and after I finish the level mom says "oh you've giving me so much stuff here's some money for it all" or something like that. This works on all the levels-I think. The most money I have ever got is around $100,000.

PS: You must watch the red line that tells you how much your house is worth, if you get to the top you can't buy anything else.
Unlock 2 player games, locked games and locked skins.
Enter MIDAS at the cheat menu.
Go to your game, Be Best Friends with Mimi. Make Sure When you quit your game she is on the couch sleeping.