The Sims Tips

I seriously recommend this for all those players like me who simply can't seem to get things to work the way they want them to. By what I mean, the social bar's seeming constant emptiness, tied with the time to get things started up...

The number one thing to remember is that your sim should have someone living with them, which is best. Living alone tends to make things harder, as inviting people over is a chore, and speaking to people over the phone is difficult.

To fill up this bar, I usually do it at the same time I do other things. For example, I will have my sims eat together, although rather rarely, to fill up both hunger (the quickest bar to deplete half the time, IMO) and the social bar. Sometimes I will have them watch TV together, to raise both fun and social.

I prefer to make them hot tub, however. My sims get social points, comfort points, cleanliness points, etc, all in one, which is great this early on in the game. Since it works for four sims, this is one of the best things to do to keep sims occupied at parties, etc, and make them stay longer as well.

In closing, if you can multitask, do it. Life is just so much easier that way.