The Sims Tips

How to Make 700 simoeleons
First, create a sim (prefferably a child). Move it in to a house, and give it a phone. Then, you go back to the neighbourhood and go to the house where your sims that you want to have 700 simoleons live. Move in to their place, and it will be seven am if you have not already started that place. Get a sim to throw a party on a phone (it should already have one). Then, you just wait for the sims to start arriving. Find the child sim that you wish to murder, then greet it. You create a room at the top of the garden, then go into it. Call the child over to you. When it is coming, go into build mode and build a fence around it. It should shrug. Then, you get your sim out of the room and basically make it do whatever it wants. After a while, your sim will get a little restless. Just ignore it. After three days, it will clutch it's hands to its stomach, scream and fall to the floor. The grim reaper will wave his skythe over your sim and it will turn into a grave. By then, you should notice the grim reaper turning a bit smoky. Just go into buy mode, sell it and voila, 700 simoleons!