The Sims Tips

When the baby is born make sure you play with it stright away otherwise when you want to play with it another time it will just keep crying. if you want to move the cradle you have to wait until the baby is asleep and nobody is touching it then go into the menu and move it. the thing i do is get a bedroom built when iam making the house and make it for a child then as soon as you have the baby it will have a bedroom of its own then when it developeds from a baby to a child its will have the bed there ready for it. NOTE the baby will need feeding around about every 4 hours so make sure you take it in turns so you dont get to tired. if you ignore the baby more than twice somebody will come and take it away. make sure at least 1 of you doesnt have a job so you can look after the baby. when the baby turns into a child it will sometimes have a painting on its face if you want to change this just buy a vanity mirror than sell it as soon as you hve changed it.