The Sims Tips

Getting Tired of mom?
Ok heres what you do, when your in the main menu hold down the L1,L2 and R1,R2 buttons. Make sure you put in FreeAll and Midas. When your finished start a new game so when u move in with mom you can buy whatever you want! But if you`re one of those who cant stand to be around her, build a house next to hers in your own style, put some nice things in moms house too so she will leave you alone, like put an extra Tv in the house. After you have unlocked everything for the next level mom will give you some money except shes paying you for the house you bulit and for the contents inside, so unlike playing the sims without cheats you will have unlimited money. BUT IT DEPENDS ON HOW BIG __YOUR___HOUSE IS!!!!! which will determine how much money you get.