The Sims Tips

Extra Costumes
Sometimes, in the game, some Simmers may wonder why there are characters throughout BOTH "Get A Life" AND "Free Play" modes that wear more "interesting" fashions which do not seem to be accessible in Create A Sim. However, there is a way to get these hidden clothing and hairdo options.

Simply become friends the Sim and which sports the the special style you want, (making sure your relationship meter evenly reaches up to 50 points), and it will become unlocked as a bonus item for you to use.

Long Skirt - Befriend Pauline Peacock

Stripy Pants - Befriend Pierre Peacock

Camouflage Cargo Pants - Befriend Dudley Landgrabb

Pointy Pigtails Hairsyle - Befriend Mimi Landgrabb

Bunched Pigtails Hairstyle - Befriend Fran Foofaraw

Mullet Hairstyle - Befriend Freddy Foofaraw

Camisole - Befriend Zara Roomies

Backwards Baseball Cap Hairstyle - Befriend Betty Roomies

Punky Mohican Hairstyle - Befriend Bingo Roomies

Fishnet Tights - Befriend Layla Roomies

Bowling T-Shirt - Befriend Leon Roomies

Geisha Girl Hairstyle - Befriend Theresa Thimblewit

Cowboy Hat - Befriend Charles Cheeky

Cleopatra Wig - Befriend Chantal Cheeky

Tophat Hairstyle - Befriend Thomas Thimblewit

Dyed-Tips Hairstyle - Befriend Pamela Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Cat-Eyed Sunglasses - Befriend Ginger Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Genie Blouse - Befriend Debbie Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Tiger-Print Skirt - Befriend Candy Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Flared Jeans - Befriend May Party Girls (Male Sims Only)

Cowboy Shirt - Befriend Rod Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Stripy Sweater - Befriend Peter Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Golden Sunglasses - Befriend Randy Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Orange Sunglasses - Befriend Woody Party Guys (Female Sims Only)

Cornrows Hairstyle - Befriend Ziggy Party Guys (Female Sims Only)