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Real estate on everybody's property
Unlike Sim's Bustin Out, in this game, you don't really have to rely on charity. There is that cheat code that grants you over millions of dollars. What is it again? Oh yeah, "Rosebud". Add the semicolons and exclamation points after you submitted "Rosebud". First sell all of your items. Then take out the walls, doors, and windows. Then build houses in random areas, as many as you want. Then buy all the items you can get your hands on. Then go to another property and do the exact same thing as you did in your place. This works everytime. Oh and one more thing, move the mailbox to your other house and place a fence around the houses. Wallpaper, tiles, and rugs also help you. Choose anyones you want. Who cares? It works everytime.

Press CTL, SHIFT + C then type into the box ROSEBUD and Press enter, now press CTL, SHIFT + C again and type ! then put a ;
You can make millions of Simoleons.
If you do this !;!;!;!;!;
(Always start with ! and end with
If you put !;!;!;!;;
(Two semicolons ; at the end, it will say no such cheat but it will add the money)