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To have, or not to have... (Babies)
Here's some handy hints for all you sleep-deprived sim-parents out there!

First of all, when you have a baby, and it's not quite the gender you wanted. Click [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C. Then, type in Move_objects on. Go onto 'buy mode' and delete your baby. Go back to 'live' mode and wait only a few short 'Sim minutes' until a screen pops up and your baby is 'reborn'.
Just keep doing that until the baby is the gender you want.

Have someone in you family spend 24/3 with the baby (after about 3 days the baby will turn into a independent Child, either mum, dad, or even sibling.

For all you working parents out there, take turns with spending a whole day with the baby (you'll get a warning from your boss but one day is okay). And if you have a 'heads up' on when you want a baby. Quickly evict (leaving all furniture if possible) your family, and add in an adult, one which you can make your maid/nanny etc.

But there also is a third option for this. You can always use the 'Move_objects on' tool to delete your car pool very time it arrives, giving both parents quality time with your beloved child. Aww…

When it comes to keeping your baby happy, IMMEDIATLEY cater to its needs as soon as it starts to cry, you can choose a few options.

Either, you can just Feed it, sing to it (may need to be repeated a couple of times).
Or, if you'd like your child to be nicer, more out-going etc in future, play with it as well.
But remember, you don't NEED to play with it. But it makes the child more willing to learn (pretty much just that little better than what it could be) etc.

The baby DOESN'T care if it has its own room. Come to think of it, if you really must, you can make it share with the parent once it's a child, though, its 'Room' and 'fun' levels are higher if it's got its own bedroom.

HANDY HINT #1: This may sound a bit strange, but you tend to find that with boy babies, they prefer to be feed and sung to twice or more times. Only few baby girls need more that one round of food and song.

HANDY HINT #2: You'll probably know by now about using the 'Move_objects on' cheat to better your Sim's moods. The baby also will be nicer if the parents are happy when they feed, play and sing to it.