The Sims Cheats

more money and potions
if you have sims unleashed you'll find mice all over your house right? well it turns out if you type move_objects on and click on the mice you can sell them for $406!

red- makes a random sim in the neighborhood fall in love with the drinker

blue-makes the drinker happier in some needs

green-makes a clone of the drinker

lime green-makes the sim fall to a negative mood by bringing down all of his/her needs

purple-turns drinker into a monster that smashes anything that can be broken

yellow-turns personality to the opposite of what was started with

orange-turns drinker invisible

in sims unleashed if your pet is feeling lonely or sad and a warning says he/she may run away, bring up the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c)and type in move_objects on and delete your animal. don't worry your animal won't be gone. if you click on your animal's head at the bottom of the screen your pet will come back with full stats!