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GeT a LoVeR aNd PrOpOsE tHe EaSy WaY!
Call the person you wish to propose to and invite them to your house. Greet them and they should come inside. Talk to them and when your relationship meter is up to 30 compliment them and when it is up to 40 flirt with them. Once your relationship is up to 100 press Ctrl+Shift+C
and enter the cheat
move_objects on
Go on buy mode and remove all the doors, so the person cannot leave. Cook a Meal. Allow the person some time to finish their meal. Turn the radio/jukebox on and dance. Click on the person and select join. You will dance with the person giving the person fun. Then flirt with the person, hug them then kiss them. Select propose, it should work if not take not note of what they say eg. I can't decide on an empty stomach. Make them a meal. If your sim is dying after all this; go on buy mode, delete your sim, then go off buy mode and click on your sims image at the bottom off the screen all needs will be as they were when they first moved into their house. Good Luck!