The Sims Cheats

WATER_TOOL - Puts water around your home
SET_HOUR (1 to 24) - Set time of day
SET_SPEED (-1000 to 1000) - Set game speed
AUTONOMY (1 to 100) - Change how much the Sims think on their own
INTERESTS - Change interests and personality
GROW_GRASS (1-150) - Set grass growth level
MAP_EDIT ON/OFF - Toggle map editor
ROUTE_BALLOONS ON/OFF - Toggle tutorial
SWEEP ON/OFF - Toggle "ticks" of the game
TILE_INFO ON/OFF - Toggle tile info.
DRAW_ALL_FRAMES ON/OFF - Toggles drawing every frame
LOG_MASK - Set event logging mask
SIM_SPEED (-1000-1000) - Set sim speed
SIM_LOG BEGIN/END - Creates a log of your Sims history.