The Sims Tips

So, you want your sims to have a baby? Easy peasy. If your sims arent in lurve then, get them talking, hugging, and kissing (pecking, polite and romantic are the best for the job). Once they are in love when the bars on the relationship scale are top - 100 and bottom - 100 do the passionate kissing, hug in between other wise the relationship will go down. Do this until a pop up comes up on the screen, Shall we have a baby? If you want your sims to have a baby click on yes if not then no (obviously). The baby will then be born. Now, this is the most important part, choose one of your sims or both if they do not all ready have a child and do ctrl shift and c then type in move_objects on (this is so you can move your sim), then press enter and click on one or both of your sims in buy mode. Put them in the bedroom or a big room in the house and the baby. Then get rid of all the doors by either doing ctrl and click on the buy a door section. If the stairs are in this room get rid of the stairs as well. Now, put all the sim essentials into the room, 1 cooker 1 fridge 1 toilet 1 shower 1 chair 1 desk 1 computer 1 double or single bed (depending on whether there is 1 or two sims) and a phone. now you have all you need to look after your baby for 3 days until it becomes a child. The thing to remember is ALWAYS answer to the baby, get ur sim to stop doing whatever it is doing and go and look after the baby. What i find affective is first feeding the baby and if it is still crying after that try singing to the baby and if that doesnt work try playing with the baby, if he or she is still crying then repeat the process. Once it has been three days as a baby it will atomatically turn into a child, this usually happens during the night when all of your sims are asleep, before it does turn into a child there will be A LOT of crying. When the baby is still well... baby then if you do not like the gender then delete both of ur sims, then click on the little circles on ur sims head/s then the baby is born again, in another gender, keep doin it until u wana baby the gender u want it to be.
when the baby is a child if you want to keep the child then keep sending him or her to school, if not never ever send them to school and they will get sent to a military school and you want see them again. hope i helped.