The Sims Tips

How 2 live in a haunted house!
first, make a family, it doesnt matter wot their names r or n e thing coz ur just gonna kill them but have 8 people in that family. move them 2 a house and build a swimmin pool, make them all get in the pool and when theyre all in delete the stairs so they cant get out. Then just sit back, fast forward time and watch those poor sims die! he! he! When theyre all dead u will have gravestones around the pool. Move them some where but dont delete them... if u do the ghosts cant come out of them! Build a pretty lil grave yard (if u want 2)
Then go out of that house and make a family, once uve made it move them into that house and u can build them house and stuff. Evry time its about 1 or 2:00 in da mornin u will hear this scary music and the family that were killed will b hauntin them and wonderin around their house!!!