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creating ur family
Creating Your Family

If you want to keep your costs down, start by creating a couple of adults or just one adult. You can create a few families and houses in your neighborhood to your liking. You really want to leave kids out of the picture right now and focus more on the relationship with your spouse or your neighbors. If you create a variety of single sims and married sims, you can expand in the future. Future possibilities could include anything from two single sims getting married, two couples moving in together, or even adding in younger members to the family. In this first section, we'll take a look at your created sim from single to married and all the way down the road of parenting to give you tips on a number of different scenarios.

There are ways to keep your sims happy without fancy, expensive sofas or video games. In The Sims, you can do a variety of things with your sim counterparts that will increase both your mood and theirs. Entertain or dance with your sims to increase their entertainment levels, give back rubs to increase comfort levels, and cheer them up when they are having a bad day to increase their mood levels. You don't always need to put a sim in front of the TV to entertain him, and though these things help, letting sims entertain each other will increase both Single
If you live life as a single male or female, you can build a smaller house, which in turn will save you money in the building process. A single person isn't going to need nearly as much room as a couple would, and you can worry less about maintaining a relationship with a spouse and focus more on the things like work, which will benefit you through income. Relationships can slow you down in your career life and having a single relationship will let you move up the career ladder a little bit faster.

That's not to say you shouldn't maintain a small relationship with your neighbors, just try not to get too involved with them. Score high on the relationship charts by inviting them over every couple of days and chatting or participating in other group-related activities. A small but not too involved relationship will get you a head start later on when you will need friends to get promoted for future jobs.

As you move higher up the career ladder, you want to get into relationships with the neighbors to get promoted further into friendship status. Neighbors can get very time consuming if you try and spend all your days with them, so try to maintain a steady relationship, but definitely don't stay up all night in the hot tub chatting. If you spend too much time trying to build your relationships, you may find yourself suffering in other areas such as hygiene, sleep, fun, or hunger; and that definitely won't help you out in your professional life. Remember that good relationships don't happen overnight and patience is the key to having successful friendships.

As time moves on and you have established yourself with the neighbors, you can get closer and closer to these people. This will open up things like love and the end of a single life. For marriage tips, see the related section.their moods and their relationships. Couples
Couples will want to consider making a bigger house so they won't feel so cramped living together. If one of your sims is making enough money to support both people, you can free one of the couple from work life if you choose. This will allow the free sim time to do some extra things around the house. A spouse with no job can go to bed a little bit earlier than the working sim, so that he can wake up to fix the working sim a meal before he heads off to work. Keeping the house clean is also another responsibility for a nonworking sim. During some free time, you may want to consider letting the sim read up on cooking and mechanical things to prevent fires and expensive repair costs.

If you choose the life of two working sims, you'll want to consider a few things. First, make sure you devote some free time to your spouse. A couple of hugs and kisses can help your relationship out a lot. Babies and Children
Children are bound to enter your sim-based life eventually. You can decide to add a child in your family when you first start the game, adopt one later, or even have one of your own at a later time. If you don't start off with a child, you must go through a couple of scenarios before you will be given the chance to have a child of your own.

If you by chance choose the lifestyle of a same sex couple or a single adult, you may be given the opportunity to adopt a child. Before you accept the child from the adoption agency, make sure you can support the child. You can't really do much to trigger the phone call (you must have a phone to adopt a child) from the adoption agency. It's just something that pops up randomly; if you're ready for a kid, watch out fOpposite sex couples can obtain a child through other means. To have a child, you must first fall in love (reach love status in your relationship), then be really passionate to your lover. A few hugs and kisses will present you an opportunity to have a child of your own. You can't decide the sex of the child, but you can name it.

Once you have your baby, taking care of it will be no easy task. The baby must be well taken care of for three straight days before it turns into a fully nondependent child. There are three things you can do with the baby: feed it, play with it, and sing to it. If the baby starts to cry, try these three things in this order:

1. Feed the baby; if the baby is crying, chances are, it's hungry. If feeding the baby doesn't shut it up, you must move on to other methods to quiet it down.

2. Try playing with the baby. If you don't play with the baby, you will make it feel neglected. Give the baby a little bit of attention, and if that doesn't work, try feeding it again.

3. Last, sing to the baby. A baby can't sleep on an empty stomach, so it sure won't care if you sing to it on one either. Once the baby is fed and feeling less neglected, singing to it should make the baby stop crying and fall asleep.

Once the baby grows into a child (or if you have a child,) you can control it through the control panel. A grown child is less dependent on his parents. A child cannot get a job, but has a report card for school. The school bus shows up at 7:00 am. Give the child an alarm clock next to his bed, so he can wake up in plenty of time to catch the bus. Respond to any needs the child might have before he heads off to school. Once home from school, give the child an opportunity to have a snack. After he is done, make him hit the books (you will need a computer or a bookcase for this). When the child is done studying, give him the rest of the night to play, take a shower, eat, use the bathroom, have a social life, and so on. Make the child go to bed early, so he will be energized for school.

If you decide that you don't want the child for whatever reason, you do have the option of neglecting him and letting him miss school until his grade status reaches an F. The military school will eventually come after the kid and put him in a nice boot camp. Once the kid is gone, you can sell his belongings for a fraction of their value.

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