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Theme Park World Cheats

More Visitors
When you are in Dinoland, just ignore or delete the message about the cheap gate price to get a lot of visitors.

More Money
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the "standard.sam" file in the "levels" sub-directory inside the game directory. Scroll Down the "Bank balance stuff" heading appears. Go Down a few lines and change the starting balance from "$50000" to any amount.

All Worlds
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the "global" file in the "data/levels/space" or "data/levels/fantasy" folders. Change enter to what to a desired number.

Power Money
Start a small park with four puzzle games close together, two rides, one food, one bathroom and a gate price of $0. If you set it up so all four puzzle games are within view of each other, you can do the global price raise/lower for all puzzles while all four are active (making $40,000 at once) The $0 gate price will get the visitors in fast. Set the prizes value to $10 and a maximum win possibility. That makes the visitors happy, stay longer, and play more.

World of Wonders park
Collect three Golden Keys.

Space Zone park
Collect five Golden Keys.

Better Park Operation
Assign staff members to a certain area. This way the park is cleaner, rides are fixed faster, and more people get to see entertainers.
Note: Put a staff room in each area.

Easy Money
These best way to use this glitch is to go to a puzzle sideshow that has a low play cost. While somebody is playing, up the play cost to $10,000. Make sure that you hit the confirm check to get that price activated. When they finish the puzzle you will get the $10,000 instead of the lower play cost they started playing at. Nobody will play it at $10,000, so lower the price back Down to a fair price. You can do this as often as needed. Puzzle sideshow works best because it gives you time to raise the price while the customer is playing.

More moneysubmitted by Park Boy
Place a Fries shop next to a Drinks shop and put the price of the fries right down to $0. Then put the SALT level all the way up. Note: Don't forget to click apply on both or it wont work. When the visitors buy some fries the salt will dry their mouths out and they will need a drink, so set the price of the Drinks to $10,000 and they will have to pay that amount.

More Visitors
Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] then press [Right Ctrl]. A airplane with more visitors will arrive. Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] then press [Right Shift] for a bus.
Note: At times this will result in the airplane or bus arriving to pick up people.

Happier Visitorssubmitted by hacker_at_work (Andrew Callaghan) -
Get loads and loads of side shows and put the price of the game down to $10. Then change the price of the game up to $9. After this put the chance of winning to it's max. When visitors come along they will win $1 and so are happier and will stay in your park longer.


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Avoiding Bankrupt
1. If you have an outstanding SMALL loan, get a bigger one - then pay off the small one. This will help a bit...
2. Ride your rides while you wait to get money. Do something crazy, like follow a guest (with binoculars). Who knows if they won't do something random?
Use the River in Lost Kingdom
Not sure if its the same for the water ride, but you can place the track for dinokarts on top of the river in lost kingdon (you can add jumps too... though this messes up the tiles somewhat)


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Free land
if you make a small buy land box around a corner in your fence (where there is a double fence), you can get one square of land for free. Using this you gat get most of the map for free (though natural features get in the way a bit)


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Earn $10000
When someone enters a sideshow click on the sideshow and put the price up to $10000 and click on the three ticks and watch the money go up.
NOTE:Remember to lower the price after this!!!
Get Rid Of Pranksters
There is a way to get rid of pranksters forever without having to worry about them ever again by editing standard.sam. You need to search for PeepInfo.PrankeryLikelihood then change the number to zero.
Tons of Cheats:
Search for Arrival.TimeBetweenArrivals in standard.sam then replace the number to one to get a lot vistors at a very fast speed.

Also search for Costs.QueueCell then change the number to one feel free to edit the other prices to one if desired.

Search for Region effects and you would see region effects and there Radius, Happiness, Illness, Hunger, Security, Attraction numbers they can go from -10 to 10. The higher the number the greater the effect it would cause.
While numbers zero and below would reverse the effect. Having the digit ten inserted where the digit for hunger would cause visitors to never be hungry.