Theme Hospital (PC) Cheats

Theme Hospital cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Get rid of rats...
...or at least the mouse-holes. If you see one in a wall, right click a corridor item (such as the drinks machine or a radiator) and place it over it. Then move the item again and the mouse-hole will have gone.


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Easily end epidemics
Whenever you get an epidemic event, delete the reception table before the timer runs out. After that you wait until the timer completes or make it go faster by sending one of the infected patients home. Even though the timer runs out, the Health Minister cannot pay you a visit because you removed the reception table! Better still, the epidemic event cannot happen again.


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Cheat Mode
Open a green [?] fax and click the following numbers on the pad at the bottom "24328". Then press the big button in the top right. Enter one of the codes below, and the woman over the intercom will say, "Warning: A Cheat is running in the hospital!"

Cheat Codes
Shift-C - Gain $2000.
Ctrl-C - All research is completed.
Ctrl-M - Skips to the end of the month.
Crtl-Y - Skips to the end of the year.
F11 - You lose the level.
Choose level
After you complete a level and you come to the "board game" type screen, press C and click to which hospital you want to play at.
Loads a money
Click on a little green box on the left hand side which has this ?. You will go onto the fax machine then put in 24328 then press the big green button to the right, come off this screen now. Hold down shift and c and your money will fly up.
Secret Level
Click on the green [?] fax and type "7287" on the pad at the bottom. When you complete the current level, you'll be warped to a secret level.
Xtra Fax machine codes
7827 - After you win the level go to a rat shoot level
24328 - Enable the following codes during game play
SHIFT-C - Get $2000
CTRL-C - All research completed
CTRL-M - Skip to the end of the month
CTRL-Y - Skip to the end of the year
CTRL+S - Doctor with special stills
CTRL+E - Makes one emergency
SHIFT+1 - Extra patient
SHIFT+I - Change patients illness
F11 - Level lose
F12 - Level won