Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Passwords

CollectaCard Passwords
Enter the following passwords (case-sensitive) in the Collection password entry screen, located under the Museum section, to unlock the CollectaCard. Entering the codes more than once levels up the respective card.
Warrior of Light01 Warrior of Light
Sarah's Lute01 Warrior of Light
Class Change01 Warrior of Light
Cyclone02 Firion
Wyvern02 Firion
Wild Rose02 Firion
Unreleased03 Onion Knight
Holy Paladin04 Cecil
Dark Knight04 Cecil
Brothers04 Cecil
Rides Boko05 Bartz
Boko loves Koko05 Bartz
I am Bartz05 Bartz
Flowered tights06 Terra
Magitek Armor06 Terra
Slave Crown06 Terra
Former SOLDIER07 Cloud
Lifestream07 Cloud
Hardy-Daytona07 Cloud
Lionheart08 Squall
Beloved Dagger09 Zidane
Zidane Tribal09 Zidane
Tantalus09 Zidane
Jecht Shot10 Tidus
Final Summoning10 Tidus
Zanarkand Abes10 Tidus
Ohoho!11 Shantotto
Unmarried11 Shantotto
Pain 10111 Shantotto
Alone in the world12 Vaan
Sky Pirate wannabe12 Vaan
The White Knight13 Lightning
Guardian Corps13 Lightning
Serah's sister13 Lightning
Beloved princess14 Princess Sarah
Hostage14 Princess Sarah
Cornelia14 Princess Sarah
Likes canoeing15 Minwu
White Mage15 Minwu
An urban turban15 Minwu
The Enterprise16 Cid
Pyrophobia17 Rydia
Beautiful pirate18 Faris
Friend to Syldra18 Faris
Princess of Tycoon18 Faris
Bandana man19 Locke
Hates mushrooms19 Locke
Cetra20 Aerith
A DA-TE!20 Aerith
Another gunblade21 Seifer
Disciplinary Committee21 Seifer
Master Vivi22 Vivi
Black Mage22 Vivi
Doesn't like heights22 Vivi
Y.R.P.23 Yuna
The Gullwings23 Yuna
Eternal Calm23 Yuna
Feed me24 Prishe
Amalia?25 Ashe
Then steal me.25 Ashe
Dawn Shard25 Ashe
Serah!26 Snow
Do-rag26 Snow
Sis!26 Snow
Cecil's best friend27 Kain
Son of Richard27 Kain
One-winged angel28 Sephiroth
Black Materia28 Sephiroth
Masamune28 Sephiroth
The Great Will29 Cosmos
Goddess of Harmony29 Cosmos
Gysahl Greens30 Chocobo
Kweh! KWEH!30 Chocobo
Fat Chocobo30 Chocobo
Red pompom31 Moogle
Bat wings31 Moogle
Ice Queen32 Shiva
Diamond Dust32 Shiva
Heavenly Strike32 Shiva
Judgment Bolt33 Ramuh
Hellfire34 Ifrit
Infernal Blaze34 Ifrit
Zantetsuken35 Odin
Sleipnir's rider35 Odin
Mega Flare36 Bahamut
Rat tail36 Bahamut
Goblin Punch37 Goblin
BOOM!38 Bomb
Three strikes38 Bomb
Not just green39 Green Dragon
Another tail?39 Green Dragon
Dangerous breath39 Green Dragon
Darkness, Silence, Poison40 Malboro
Drooling Daisy40 Malboro
Bad breath40 Malboro
Surprisingly regular41 Behemoth
Unbeatable?42 Black Knight
Yoichi Bow42 Black Knight
Sun Blade42 Black Knight
What's under the armor?43 Iron Giant
Reaper43 Iron Giant
Strongest small fry43 Iron Giant
Elemental weakness44 Hein
Barrier Shift44 Hein
Good at magic45 Ahriman
Mortality46 Xande
Libra!46 Xande
Weak against Mages47 Flan
Sssrrr...48 Scarmiglione
Blighted Despot48 Scarmiglione
Drowned King49 Cagnazzo
Maelstrom50 Barbariccia
Autarch of Flame51 Rubicante
What's in the pot?52 Magic Pot
Miss!52 Magic Pot
Voodoo53 Tonberry
Everyone's Grudge53 Tonberry
Knife and lantern53 Tonberry
Bartz's rival54 Gilgamesh
Big Bridge54 Gilgamesh
Vampire55 Enkidu
White Wind55 Enkidu
Wave Cannon56 Omega
Ragnarok57 Shinryu
Tidal Wave57 Shinryu
1000 Needles58 Cactaur
10000 Needles58 Cactuar
Gigantuar58 Cactuar
Magnitude 859 Hill Gigas
Once a Giant59 Hill Gigas
I AM an octopus!60 Ultros
Mr. Typhon60 Ultros
Level 5 Death61 Deathgaze
I just can't believe it!62 Kefka
Heartless Angel62 Kefka
Life... Dreams... Hope...62 Kefka
Bribes welcome63 Ultima Weapon
Shadow Flare63 Ultima Weapon
Mother64 Jenova Synthesis
Calamity from the Skies64 Jenova Synthesis
Countdown to Ultima64 Jenova Synthesis
Super Nova65 Safer Sephiroth
Pale Horse65 Safer Sephiroth
I am the chosen one!65 Safer Sephiroth
Bodysuit66 Esthar Soldier
Terminator66 Esthar Soldier
Shotgun66 Esthar Soldier
Defective weapon67 Gesper
Black Hole67 Gesper
Degenerator67 Gesper
UFO?68 Pupu
Elixir please!68 Pupu
Triple time69 Black Waltz No. 3
Curse, Meteor, Doomsday70 Ozma
The round guy70 Ozma
Seymour's mother71 Anima
Pain71 Anima
One of the Guado72 Seymour Natus
Qufim Island73 Gigas
Loves rocks73 Gigas
The Crystal War74 Shadow Lord
Xarcabard74 Shadow Lord
Implosion74 Shadow Lord
One of the Bangaa75 Bangaa Thief
Hates water75 Bangaa Thief
Sochen Cave Palace76 Mandragoras
Rogue Tomato76 Mandragoras
Too cute to hate76 Mandragoras
Judge Magister77 Judge
Gabranth77 Judge
Basch's younger twin77 Judge
The Purge78 Psicom Enforcer
The Hanging Edge78 Psicom Enforcer
Annihilator79 Manasvin Warmech
Targeting79 Manasvin Warmech
Crystal Rain79 Manasvin Warmech
Earth Shaker80 Adamantoise
Trapezohedron80 Adamantoise
Platinum Ingot80 Adamantoise
God of Discord81 Chaos
Know despair!81 Chaos
Demonsdance81 Chaos
Superboss56 Omega
Detestable Child24 Prishe
The lone female50 Barbariccia
Always around?16 Cid
Early bloomer17 Rydia
Tall, dark, and silent08 Squall
Best of the Black Mages69 Black Waltz No. 3
Pintsized Powerhouse03 Onion Knight
Undead minions48 Scarmiglione