The X Factor (PS3) Cheats

The X Factor cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Boot camp (Bronze)Qualified for Boot camp.
Judges' house (Bronze)Qualified for the Judges' house.
On air (Bronze)Qualified for the Live shows.
Focused (Bronze)Rehearse 1 song in same career.
Serious (Bronze)Rehearse 8 songs in the same career.
Professional (Bronze)Rehearse 15 songs in the same career.
Viewers' favourite (Bronze)Finish a Live show in first place.
Narrow escape (Bronze)Escape a final showdown.
Brilliant (Bronze)Answer quiz correctly 3 times in the same career.
Omniscient (Bronze)Answer quiz correctly 8 times in the same career.
Solo (Bronze)Perform 1 song in Solo mode.
Duo (Bronze)Perform 1 song in Duet mode.
Battle (Bronze)Perform 1 song in Battle mode.
Competition (Bronze)Complete 1 Competition.
Bronze disc (Bronze)Get a minimum of 6 000 points.
Star (Silver)Finish 3 Live shows in first place during the same career.
Real star (Silver)Win the competition in Star mode.
Piece of cake! (Silver)Win the contest without ever being in the final showdown.
Guardian angel (Silver)Win the contest after being in the final showdown at each stage.
Jack-of-all-trades (Silver)Perform all the songs in Solo mode.
Harmony (Silver)Perform all the songs in Duet mode.
Silver disc (Silver)Get a minimum of 10 000 points.
Addict (Silver)Sing at least 2 hours.
Keen music lover (Silver)Sing 50 songs.
Fashion victim (Silver)Wear all customisation items.
Superstar (Gold)Win the competition in Superstar mode.
Gold disc (Gold)Get a minimum score of 15 000 points.
Crazy night (Gold)Sing at least 3 hours.
Warm-up artist (Gold)Sing 100 songs.
Grand slam (Gold)Unlock all game tracks and customisation items.
The X Factor (Platinum)Complete all the other trophies.