The World Ends with You: Solo Remix review
The World Begins With You

The good:

-The art style is very unique, as it is actually inspired by the art style used by many people in Shibuya, Japan, which is where the game takes place.
-Very extensive story line that will keep you playing until the very end, and even afterwards.
-Interesting battle system, utilizes the top and bottom screen of the DS.
-Long post-game, able to play each chapter of the game over again.
-Characters are very well developed, each has their own unique personality.
-Great Soundtrack, uses real life popular J-Pop music, lets you switch between songs whenever you want in game on the cell phone menu.

The bad:

-Same couple songs play in the background over and over again, becomes a bit annoying and repetitive.
-Not enough voice acting, characters would say phrases over and over again and it would become repetitive.
-Battle Style is very hard to get used to at first and hard to control, along with the pins you have and your attacks.


The World Ends With You is a ground-breaking title that was created by Square Enix, the creator of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. Since this game was under the same developer as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, two extremely successful titles, The World Ends With You had a lot to live up to. Luckily for Square Enix, it lived up to these two series just fine, and turned out to be an amazing game.

Game play: 9/10
This game takes on a very unique approach to battles and controls. Prior to battles, the player must select certain attacks that they want to be able to use in battles. These attacks take the shape of Pins, and you can buy them in stores, receive them as awards for tasks, or win them after battles. You can go to your cell phone menu and choose which pins you can use in battle, and each pin has a certain method of attacking, many of which are reused with other pins. These include slashing the enemy with the stylus, or slashing across the character to shoot something in the enemy's direction. The more you use the pins, the more Experience they will receive, and they will level up and become stronger.

As Neku (the main character) fights on the touch screen with his pins, you must also control your partner character at the same time on the top screen using the D-Pad or the A, B, X, and Y buttons. At first, this can be very difficult and it could cause some confusion the first couple times with the controls, but continuing on with the story it begins to feel more comfortable.

When in combat, you can control your partner in different ways in order to match certain patterns on the top screen and activate a Fusion. When you tap on the Fusion pin in the corner of Neku's screen, you will activate the Fusion, in which you and your partner team up and deal massive damage.

Story: 10/10
The story in this game can only be described with one word: amazing. Basically, you play as a 15 year old boy named Neku Sakuraba, who wakes up in the middle of a Japanese shopping district called Shibuya. Neku doesn't remember anything about himself or what happened to him other than his name. He soon finds himself taking part in the Reapers' Game, a game where the ultimate reward is being able to get your life back. This sends Neku into a series of events with other players he meets, Reapers, and people that he can see in real life that can't see him.

Neku learns that he can't interact with other people that aren't playing in the game, because he is in a place known as the Underground Shibuya (UG) and that everyone else is in the Realground (RG).

The thing that really stands out about the story line is the fact that you honestly never know what is coming next, and there are many plot twists that keep you thinking about the story. This is the case when you finish the first week, only for Neku to wake up the next day, again lying in the center of Scramble Crossing in Shibuya. It is the scenes like this propel the story and make is completely different from any other game I have ever played.

Audio: 9/10
As I mentioned earlier, the soundtrack in this game is better than the majority of games I've heard. The soundtrack of this game consists of real-life J-Pop songs, including their vocals, which most games don't have in their music. The only problem I have with the music in this game is the fact that it becomes extremely repetitive. This can become very annoying, with the same songs looping in the background over and over again, but it is an easy fix considering you can customize the music that plays using tracks that you can buy at stores throughout Shibuya in the game.

Apart from the music, the other audio in the game, such as the voice acting, is not as good. The voice acting itself is very good and fitting for the characters, but apart from the occasional cut scene when you actually hear the characters voices, there really isn't enough of it. When characters are seen talking to each other, they usually only use text, but then they sometimes say short phrases using their voice acting, such as when Sho Minamimoto says "SOHCAHTOA" or when Joshua chuckles. The game could definitely benefit from more voice acting, as it seems like each of the characters had fitting voice actors, and it went to waste.

Graphics: 9/10
As stated earlier, the graphics in this game were based off of real life Shibuya art. This enhances game play, because it really adds to the overall effect of the game, and it helps the characters fit in more with their surroundings. The art itself is unique and, the character design is similar to most of Square Enix's other works in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series.

In the over world, the character design is not bad, but not really great at the same time. When the characters are standing far away they look very good, but up close... not so much. You can practically see every pixel in the sprite, which, although is expected for the Nintendo DS, could definitely be better at the same time.

Overall, this game is nothing short of amazing. The plot and music are incredible, and the game play and graphics are extremely unique and different from anything I've seen. Although everything is so good though, there are certain areas that the game could improve in, such as over world graphics and ease of game play. These however, take nothing away from the plot and near-perfect story. If anyone ever asked me about this game, I would not hesitate to tell them to buy this, as it is undoubtedly one of the greatest RPGs to ever come to the Nintendo DS console.

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