The World Ends with You: Solo Remix review
The World Ends With You

The good:

Great Character Designs
Good Graphics
Nice Storyline
Unusual and original battle system

The bad:

Boss battles can seem too hard at times
No Wi-Fi/Multiplayer
Tin Pin Slammer mini-game


Neku is a 15 year old boy who wakes up on the scramble crossing, with no memory except for his name. He is sarcastic, and doesn't like other people, and would rather work by himself. The cutscenes are gorgeous with the usage of detailed sprites and voice acting. A wide variety of music gives the game a nice theme whether it's crossing the street, or a boss battle. The battle system is unusual and original. You use a deck of 6 pins, each with it's own individual power, while using the D-pad takes control of the direction your partner attacks, and getting a certain pattern of cards, can unleash a devastating fusion attacks. The world of Shibuya is completely redefined in a variety of unique art forms, with a handful of unique characters along with it, each of which, is dead and trying to survive the "Reapers Game". Each having to give up there most valued thing as for an entry fee.

The reapers are an organization of People who have given up there normal lives for a set of wings, and partake in the reapers game. In the reapers game, you have a task to complete everyday, for a week. If you fail, your character will die, or the term used in the game, erased. If you win, you get to return to your living self and your entry fee will be returned. There's a little twists and rule breaking of surprises in there too. A cast of creatures called "Noise" will be your target for majority of the time, but on occasion, you'll find yourself fighting bosses from the reaper's organization. If you find it to difficult on Normal, Hard, or Ultimate, you can retry on easy. There are also "Trends" of clothes you can wear to boost your stats, and give you benefits where particular trends are popular. You can also make a trend popular by fighting noise by scanning with your "player pin" you receive in the beginning of the game, to find noise, going in too battle with them, and raising the trends popularity, until it becomes the most popular trend of the area. The mini game, which is unfortunately, associated with the main story, Tin Pin Slammer is a somewhat hard mini game, where you slide a pin around on a board, trying to knock out the enemies pin. Some battles can seem awfully easy, but others can seem unbelievably hard. There is also a "Reaper Review", in which you have to answer questions about things in Shibuya, from signs, trends, and even people. You may find yourself failing, and having to run around town searching for the answer, to get to the next area.

Neku will meet other players, such as Beat, the skateboarder, Rhyme, Beats sister, Joshua, the mysterious boy, and Shiki, the fashion fanatic. With Neku, and his partner, you can learn the biggest lesson of all.

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Nagare May 28, 08
    Pretty nice overview but could have gone more indepth into certain parts like the Pin mechanics in battle.
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Jeremiah May 28, 08
First review... =/ Know the basics of what has to be in it, now. Thanks for the comment.
Last edited by Jeremiah :: May 29, 08
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