The World Ends with You: Solo Remix Tips

Mingle tips
Retail outlets (specifically those that sell Nintendo DS and DS games) are great places to use mingle mode.

1.Take your DS and TWEWY to the demo DS in the store.

2.Activate mingle mode on your DS.

3.Put any of the demo DS into pictochat (if the DS is currently running a game, turn it off then hold start and turn it back on to access the DS menu)

4.Exit mingle mode and claim your pin points. Repeat as needed.

*note* Some store locations also have a DS Download Station. The first time TWEWY encounters this it registers as an alien, rather than a civvy (mine showed up as "the shining prince"). Thereafter it shows up as a civvy. As far as I can tell, it remains a civvy even after the DS Download Station is updated to a new volume (I think volume 9 is the most current).