The World Ends with You: Solo Remix Cheats

Quick Pin Leveling
First things first, put the pin/s you would wish to level up in your main deck. Then save your game and power off your DS.

+Turn your DS on
+Go into the setting menu
+Go to the calendar
+Set your calendar back a certain number of years/days/months
+Save the settings
+Turn your DS back on
+Now edit the calendar again, set it exactly seven(7) days ahead of the previous date you set
+Save the settings
+Turn TWEWY on
+You should receive 297 PP from shutdown mode
+Turn DS off
+Adjust calendar to seven (7) days further
+Save settings
+Go into TWEWY, you should have gotten another 297 PP
+Repeat as long/often as you want

This cheat is great for those of you who don't want to actually turn your game off for long periods to evolve your Ice Risers. Now go try it.