The World Ends with You: Solo Remix Tips

Pin Points
As all players know, Pin Points are required to level up and evolve pins. The problem is the way the PP is accumulated. There are 3 types of pp:

*Battle Pin Points (BPP)
*Shut Down Pin Points (SDPP)
*Mingle Pin Points (MPP)

These three types of PP all make up the total types of PP most pins can use. BPP is accumulated after most battles. SDPP is accumulated after shutting down the DS for an extended period of time, like for the night or over the weekend. The amount of SDPP that is received is figured out by the number of minutes that the game has not been used.

*For the first day, every 10 minutes is worth 1 SDPP
*For the second day, every 20 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*For the third day, every 40 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*For the fourth day, every 80 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*For the fifth through seventh day, every 160 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*After the seventh day, no more SDPP is possible to accumulate.

MPP is the last of the PP. MPP is accumulated after using Mingle Mode from the Phone Menu. the amount of MPP received is equal to the number of certain other people that you meet up in wireless communication:

*ESP'ers are other people that have "The World Ends With You" that are mingling. You get 50 PP for every ESP'er you meet up with.
*Civvies are Nintendo DS owners who are using the wireless functionality of a non-"The World Ends With You" game. Picto-chat is also included, but not DS Download Play. Civvies give 20 PP each.
*Aliens are apparently other forms of communication that can be reached, but is sort of hard to find. Aliens give 100 PP each.

And there you have it! A simple explanation of PP.