The World Ends with You: Solo Remix (iPhone) Cheats

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.


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Save Screen Character Icons
Upon completing certain tasks, character icons will be added to your save screen.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ShikiComplete the first week
JoshuaComplete the second week
BeatComplete the third week
RhymeHave all items (Books, Clothing, Stickers)
Mr. MewHave every pin mastered
HanekomaCollect all secret reports
Rhyme (noise form)Fight every noise at least once.
Unlockable Scene
If you complete all of the tasks required for the Secret Reports and have played through Another Day, you can unlock an extra scene. Try it out!
UnlockableHow to unlock


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Chapter Selection
To unlock the option to play any chapter at any time, complete the game once through and save your game after the ending sequence.

Difficulty at First
You can't change the difficulty right away, but if you wait around two chapters into the game, it allows you to change from normal to easy.
Don't Shout, Just Breathe (Pin Tip)
Do you feel that shouting to activate your pin's psych might be just a LITTLE weird? Are you, perhaps, in a public place? Then don't worry about shouting. Short blows of air will work just as well for the game. And you can always come up with an excuse for doing it ("A fly just got on my game!")
Don't try to focus on both screens right away
Before you get the hang of the game, I wouldn't advise trying to watch both screens of the game, watch one for like 3 seconds, then the other.
Drop Rates
Pins are dropped by Noise after they are defeated sometimes. To increase the chances of getting a certain pin, then you can do one of two things:

-Decrease your level. This adds 1 to the drop rate for every level dropped
-Chain battles, this multiplies your current multiplier by the number of battles chained (4 battles chained, 1 normal drop rate = 4 drop rate)
Getting Shadow and Dark Matter
A quick and easy way to get the most elusive pins in the game.

Dark Matter:
Requirements: Ultimate Mode, Chain 16 (Recommended), Level 80 (Recommended)

Set your difficulty to Ultimate and set your drop rate to around 30 (around 25 if fine though- no less!). Then, go to Week 1, Day 4, and when you're allowed a break from the dialog pick your partner of choice (but remember that you will fight Reaper Beat with Joshua no matter what), then scan while at the left side of the area. Touch the boss symbol first and then touch as many other Noise symbols as you can (don't worry; when you get to them, they'll be easy).

Fighting Reaper Beat:
He's insanely fast, making projectile attacks fairly inaccurate, so opt for pins that bring Neku close to him and guarantee a hit. I use(d) Shiro, Healing Bunny, Boomer, Rhyme (sub pin), Kanesada, and Tin Pin Blade. All of Beat's attacks are physical, so you'll know when he's attacking and when you're in danger. Remember, this doesn't have to be pretty, you just need to hope that, when the fighting is over, it's a large red pin that you collect.

Finish off the Noise, which at this point is even easier done than said, and you'll have collected a Dark Matter pin.

Shadow Matter:

Requirements: Ultimate Mode, Chain 16 (Recommended), Level 80 (Recommended)

Set the difficulty to Ultimate and go to Week 3, Day 7 (actually, you can do this on any chapter with Taboo Noise, but W3/D7 allows you to go pretty much anywhere you want, so it's not necessary to go to Another Day), and go to an area with Taboo Noise. Pick the partner you're most comfortable with, then scan.

Once a Taboo Noise or two gets close, start chaining as many other Noise as you can. There's only a low, low chance of the Taboo Noise coughing up Shadow Matter, so the higher you drop rate, the better (I managed to get about 4 of the pins (in one try) with my drop rate at 30 and only chaining two or three battles, so don't worry.).

Kill the Noise and hope that it's large red pins you're picking up.

(Please note that I DO NOT prefer or recommend this method.)

Go to Week 2, Day 7 and head to Shibukyu Main Store. Scan while around the middle of the area, touch the boss symbol first, then any other amount of Noise you want. (WARNING: The boss will be powerful.) Put your drop rate high; Shadow Matter is still rare.

Now, you'll be fighting Minamimoto (first time you fight him), but he's NOT YOUR TARGET. Instead, you're aiming for the Taboo Noise he spawns. Keep killing the Noise as much as you want and ignore Sho, and keep watching for the red pins. You can get an unlimited amount of Shadow Matter this way, but remember that your inventory will cap it at 99. Remember that Minamimoto is difficult to beat, so go into battle EXTREMELY WELL PREPARED.

Hope this helps.
Hidden Items!!!!!!!!!!!
There are various special items in the game which can boost your attack,health,and defense by a TON! If u Have already beaten the game there are hints in the chapter selection area.
A few i remember are at day one it says "meet up with the secret" go to the hachiko statue and a "!!" comes up tap and you'll get a item! Another is i forgot the day but the hint is "White!White!" If u go find the man in the suit he'll play reaper creeper.Do white every time and TaDa!!!U get the Item. NOTE: "Most of these items require high bravery to equip so i would suggest eating a bunch of Cordercyps because they give u a 50 bravery boost!"
Higher Pin Drop
If you want to gather more pins from a battle, you can lower your level via your cell phone. You have less HP and the enemies are harder, but you will receive more pins from the Noise.
How To Mingle
I might be the only one who had some trouble mingling with Civvies (that is to say, DSs playing other games), but then again, I might not. So here's my tip. Whoever does not have the game should get into Pictochat, NOT the downloads screen. When the owner of TWEWY opens up mingling, the other player should enter a chatroom. Wait 30 seconds, and the game should recognize the other. Congrats! That's all you need to do.
Joshua's Super Finisher
<span style="color:navy;">You know at the end of a combo with Joshua, when he's floating in the air, all the enemies on one side get hit by that beam of light? well, put some threads on him to to increase how many combo panels there are for an even better combo finisher. The rule for this finisher is that there needs to be six attacks for each enemy, so if theres one noise on the side your attacking, you'll need to have hit it 6 times by the time you reach the end of the combo, if theres two noise, you need 12 attacks. The result is two giant beams of light, hitting the noise on both sides, for about twice the damage the combo finisher normally does. Couple this with the light puck, and the result is VERY nice <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Example: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> </span>
Keep Neku moving while looking at partner
A tip I use to try not to be Erased is to keep Neku moving even when I am looking at another screen, by rubbing my stylus all over the screen.
Mingle tips
Retail outlets (specifically those that sell Nintendo DS and DS games) are great places to use mingle mode.

1.Take your DS and TWEWY to the demo DS in the store.

2.Activate mingle mode on your DS.

3.Put any of the demo DS into pictochat (if the DS is currently running a game, turn it off then hold start and turn it back on to access the DS menu)

4.Exit mingle mode and claim your pin points. Repeat as needed.

*note* Some store locations also have a DS Download Station. The first time TWEWY encounters this it registers as an alien, rather than a civvy (mine showed up as "the shining prince"). Thereafter it shows up as a civvy. As far as I can tell, it remains a civvy even after the DS Download Station is updated to a new volume (I think volume 9 is the most current).
Pig Noise
Pig Noise are a type of noise that shows up green while scanning, and they look like pigs. Defeating them can be a hassle, but they thankfully don't attack. Certain pigs require damage to be dealt only by certain pins, and some pigs need to be taken out in order. Try everything, and you should eventually figure out how to beat the pigs. They give really good drops.
pigs, and josh
always be Joshua when u can! he can levetate, which makes him almost invinsible, unless there are birds are high jumpers. He works best with killing pigs too. always have pins that make the pig fly upward when battleing, they buy time, and the most important, just kill them fast!
Pin Points
As all players know, Pin Points are required to level up and evolve pins. The problem is the way the PP is accumulated. There are 3 types of pp:

*Battle Pin Points (BPP)
*Shut Down Pin Points (SDPP)
*Mingle Pin Points (MPP)

These three types of PP all make up the total types of PP most pins can use. BPP is accumulated after most battles. SDPP is accumulated after shutting down the DS for an extended period of time, like for the night or over the weekend. The amount of SDPP that is received is figured out by the number of minutes that the game has not been used.

*For the first day, every 10 minutes is worth 1 SDPP
*For the second day, every 20 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*For the third day, every 40 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*For the fourth day, every 80 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*For the fifth through seventh day, every 160 minutes us worth 1 SDPP
*After the seventh day, no more SDPP is possible to accumulate.

MPP is the last of the PP. MPP is accumulated after using Mingle Mode from the Phone Menu. the amount of MPP received is equal to the number of certain other people that you meet up in wireless communication:

*ESP'ers are other people that have "The World Ends With You" that are mingling. You get 50 PP for every ESP'er you meet up with.
*Civvies are Nintendo DS owners who are using the wireless functionality of a non-"The World Ends With You" game. Picto-chat is also included, but not DS Download Play. Civvies give 20 PP each.
*Aliens are apparently other forms of communication that can be reached, but is sort of hard to find. Aliens give 100 PP each.

And there you have it! A simple explanation of PP.
secret ending Sequence
There's an unlockable, secret ending sequence that can be unlocked. To do so, collect each and every Secret Report in the game.
The highest attack suits!!
The thread is a No.038, Patchy Biker Jacket. It atk and ability make atk to +21. It's the good thread for increase atk.
Too tough for you?
If the game is too tough for you in the beginning, you can switch your partner to auto play for a little while.
Twewy Solo Remix: Miyashita Park Another Day Choirfrog
On the Chapter Another Day, there is NO Taboo Noise anywhere.Yet the best place to find a Taboo Noise is at the Miyashita Park. Can't find it? Go back to the underpass and talk to Sho. Done? Scan Miyashita Park. There will be a Taboo noise symbol there. It will be a group of 3 Choirfrogs. You have to talk to Sho repeatedly if you wish to encounter any Taboo Noise on Another Day.
Note: This method of finding the taboo noise is NOT foolproof. Sometimes the entire area will have no noise at all.
Ultimate Difficulty
Complete the game at least once, then play the "A New Day Chapter." Go to the third floor of the Shiba-Q Headquarters and purchase Ultimate Difficulty quest item to unlock it.

Easter eggs

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Joshua in Day 1
At the Statue of Hachiko joshua has his back turned to the screen in the area. (Week 1 day 1) Try looking for him.
Show The Games Played Time
Hold L & R at the save screen and look at the bottom screen in the top right area and it will be displayed there. You have to do this everytime you want to see it though.
View total time played
Enter the deed menu in the phone menu, then press Shiki to reveal the total time you have spent playing the game.


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To mingle, you need someone with either a DS with TWEWY, or a DS doing some sort of wireless activity (not sure on wi-fi). If you have no one that has the game, but have another DS. Turn on Mingle, and make the other DS do pictochat. You should run into a civvies. Rinse, lather, and repeat! Try to get those pins that can evolve with mingle PP!
Quick Pin Leveling
First things first, put the pin/s you would wish to level up in your main deck. Then save your game and power off your DS.

+Turn your DS on
+Go into the setting menu
+Go to the calendar
+Set your calendar back a certain number of years/days/months
+Save the settings
+Turn your DS back on
+Now edit the calendar again, set it exactly seven(7) days ahead of the previous date you set
+Save the settings
+Turn TWEWY on
+You should receive 297 PP from shutdown mode
+Turn DS off
+Adjust calendar to seven (7) days further
+Save settings
+Go into TWEWY, you should have gotten another 297 PP
+Repeat as long/often as you want

This cheat is great for those of you who don't want to actually turn your game off for long periods to evolve your Ice Risers. Now go try it.