The Wonderful End of the World Achievement Guide v1.1
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: : : : The Wonderful End of the World Achievement Guide

The Wonderful End of the World Achievement Guide

by vicrabb   Updated to v1.1 on
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                        The Wonderful End of the World
                          Dejobaan Games - PC - 2008
                            Achievements  Guide 1.1

=============================TABLE OF CONTENT===================================
1. Introduction
2. Achievements
3. Copyright

1. Introduction

This achievement guide concerns the game THE WONDERFUL END OF THE WORLD, where
you control a puppet that can absorb things.

It was featured in the Potato Sack, helping to launch Portal 2 earlier than
intended and that's why it is now in my STEAM.

This guide will be published on:

- - arkena
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Version 1.0 - 16th June 2011: Publication of the guide
Version 1.1 - 08th July 2011: Wonderful Big Bladder added 

2. Achievements

Wonderful Demi-Six

*Objective: Devour half the world by finishing 6 of the 12 levels.

Just complete 6 levels on the 12 to get it. Don't forget that you have to unlock

Wonderful Megalopolis

*Objective: Complete the Megalopolis level.

Getting this achievement means that you've finished the game. Megalopolis being
the last level to unlock, once you play it, you'll get it. Now, Megalopolis
isn't so easy to reach: you have to score A or A+ in the other levels to unlock
it. A- doesn't count! So, be patient! Some levels are harder than others:
Cafe Internet and Bumble Burbs.

Wonderful 500

*Objective: Grab 500 or more objects.

Just play the game and keep grabbing items. It will be probably your first
achievement to unlock.

Worderful 2,500

*Objective: Grab 2,500 or more objects

Just play the game and keep grabbing items. I got Wonderful 500 Apr 16, 2011 at
8:32pm and Wonderful 2,500 the same at 8:49pm!

Wonderful 10,000

*Objective: Grab a massive 10,000 or more objects.

Just play the game and keep grabbing items. You'll probably get it if you're
trying to unlock the last level or to get the twelve A+.

Wonderful Bronto

*Objective: Steal the brontosaurus in Bumble Burbs

Play in Exploration Mode and when you're beginning to grab the bigger houses,
you'll be ready to take the dinosaur walking around a building. But you have to
be a big puppet in order to get it, generally, in Timed Mode, you don't have
time to reach the good size.

Wonderful Librarian

*Objective: Steal the Orangutan in the Bibliodiscotheque.

Normally, you'll be able to do it in every mode. But the best is still
Exploration mode. Just be big enough to get the Orangutan, when you can grab
humans (or just a little smaller).

Wonderful Donut

*Objective: Steal a donut in the Bibliodiscotheque.

The donuts are located under the white bookcases in the living room. You have to
be small to reach them, so when you're finished with the counter, get under them
to grab your donut. Any mode can be played for it.

Wonderful Ship Shape

*Objective: Steal a clipper ship in Rice Cake Parade.

The clipper ship can be grabbed at the end of the level: once you can go on the
islands, go on the trees on and once you're done, go on the Chinese dragon one.
Once you're done with it, you can grab a clipper ship sailing on the sea.
I recommend the Exploration mode for it but I managed to do it in the Timed mode
at the last second.

Wondeful Grandmaster

*Objective: Obtain 12 A+ grades

That achievement consists in reaching A+ in ALL levels, including Megalopolis.
Don't forget that it's not because you're unlocking the last level that all your
grades are A+ (A is sufficient). In Bumble Burbs, the faster you can grab the
cars, the better will be your chances to get an A+. In Rice Cake Parade, grab
the ships to end the level. In Cafe Internet, it's better to visit the tables
first. Don't forget that once you're grabbing the chairs around 30 sec left,
it's a good sign that you can reach the A+. In Skytop Mall, you don't have a
choice, you need to grab a lot of blue walls. In World Forge, you need to reach
at least the sides with Wheeeee! before 20 secs.

Wondeful Big Bladder


*Objective: Explicitly reset the game, then complete the entire thing in one

Reset the game and beat it without interrupting your game. You need at least
to unlock the last level again and to score something in it.

3. Copyright

* Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@) - cleo_rabb(@)
* Country: Belgium
* Version: 1.1
* Dates: May - June 2011

Don't hesitate to email me about an achievement that I got wrong!

I don't mind you picking my guide for publishing it on your site but please,
notice me and credit me. Oh and I don't want you to edit my FAQ for making your
site appear on it. This work is copyrighted, so, you can't take it and make you
the author when you're not.

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