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Something you out to come out and play with


Usually, developers opt to make games based off of timeless or current licenses. Rockstar decided to raise awareness for a cult classic. Good for them.

The reason you'd want to make a licensed game, typically, is to just make more money, which is why you usually see flavors of the month, or timeless classics like Star Wars and Spiderman, but Rockstar chose The Warriors because they wanted to raise awareness of it. The Warriors wasn't like Back To The Future or Ghostbusters; it was a cult classic. Reviewers back during its release (1979) weren't really into it, calling it exploitative and sup...




When Virgil, the leader of a gang called 'The Rogues' shoots the most influential man in the underground gang scene 'Cyrus' during a meeting with over 9000 gang members all hell breaks loose. During the ensuing chaos which follows, a small gang from Coney Island called The Warriors get accused of the killing.
With 20 Miles separating them from their home ground of Coney Island they are left with little choice but to fight their way past the thousands of gangs desperate to take them out first.

Based on the excellent 1970s film of the same name which caused an uproar and apparently caused th...


Warriors, come out to play...

The good:

Solid controls, easy to get used to. Good storyline, 2 player accessable throghout entire game.

The bad:

Graphics are weak, kind of short.


The Warriors is a beat em up style game based on the cult classic film "The Warriors", The Warriors follows the path that so many games go down, following up a movie with a video game. But the Warriors does what few others like it have been able to do, and that's succeeding in making a fun game multiplayer, or by yourself.

The gameplay in the Warriors is solid. Expanding past your basic punch and kick controls that your standard beat em up features, though the controls could have been done better, and do feel a little funky at times. Either way, from throwing some chump into a wall, to beat...


An excellent brawler


First to say, this game is long so don't expect to beat it in 1 or 2 days. If you have seen the original Warriors movie, then you will be completly familiar with some of the characters, settings and sayings.

Taking place 3 monthes earlier before the movies backround, you get to play as each main Warrior, and complete basic missions such as tagging enemy gangs turf(as well as tagging their "burners") , destroying gang hideouts, taking out gang leaders and just basicly getting the Warriors gang known.

After the basic missions, comes the movie's setting, which is a little short. The game follow...



The good:

The Warriors has excellent fighting with many different ways to bop past any outfit, lame or heavy.Bottles, bricks, wood, garbage bags, baseball bats (FURIES ring any bells?)switch blades and PLENTY more are at your disposal. I thought that every aspect of the fighting was done very well. There is just something classic about Vermin holding a Orphan while you nail him in the face with a wooden plank.

Also, there are many different ways to use and preform maneuvers with an object. Take a glass bottle for example. You can throw it from a distance, aim it, walk up close to a enemy and smash it in his face. Once it is broke, you can slash somebody with it, slash them while a fellow Warrior is holding them, and the list goes on.

I loved Barry DeVorzon's music in the movie, and it is also in the game, which has a very impressive soundtrack by actual artists from the late 70's.

The game really captures the essence of fighting for your life/territory in the gutter, and using what you can find to defend your self. It has a very special feeling to it, which is very hard to accomplish. Only a few other games can give you that feeling, Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid are two of the best examples.

A lot of things to unlock too, creating your own gang is nice, but being able to customize your gang colors would have added some unity to your set.

The bad:

WAY too short. The game was so damn fun that I didn't want to put it down, and I beat the whole story in less than a week. That tends to be the case with many of Rockstar's games.

Also, though there were plenty of characters to unlock, the Rumble mode seemed to lack in quality. Loading times were pretty long, and the Rumble often end so quick, that your back loading the screen faster than you can say "Turnbull ACS"


The Good and The Bad pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say except for one last thing.

Now, I don't have a connection to my PS2 to play online, but I can tell you this, The Warriors online would have kicked ass. Imagine creating your own bopper, cruisin' the streets, building up your rep, then trying to earn your colors in any of the various gangs, by completing tasks that the leader commands you to do. Then you could raid other territories, get into it real heavy in a rumble.

Just thinking about it makes me want to write to Rockstar and tell them to make another Warri...

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