The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead FAQ/Walkthrough Final
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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead FAQ/Walkthrough

by Black Genesis   Updated to vFinal on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - LONG ROAD AHEAD
Written by Gamecoder

Thank you for taking your time to read my Guide, and I hope that this Guide can
help you complete the game.  This is my tenth time writing a Guide (not sure if
you call this a Guide since it's a very short one), so I hope that it lives up
to your expectations.  This Guide also contains spoiler, so read at your own
risk.  If you find something that I've missed, please feel free to email me.

------------------------------[VERSION HISTORY]--------------------------------
September 02, 2012
- Guide completed


Episode 3 begins in the town of Macon, Lee and Kenny are searching for rations
and supplies.  When you regain control of Lee, speak with Kenny, then check the
ladder (it will fall off).  Approach the jeep, then search the winch infront of
it.  Grab it to trigger a scene, then attach it to the trailer axle.  Approach
the jeep again, and use the winch control.  Climb the jeep, then grab Kenny's

If you choose to shoot her, aim at her head, then press the left button on your
mouse.  If you choose to leave her then press the right button on your mouse.

If you choose to shoot her then you will alert the zombies.  They'll come at
you, and you'll going to have a hard time gathering supplies in the next
section of the game.  If you choose to leave her then the zombies will focus
their attention on her instead of you and Kenny, and you will have an easy time
gathering supplies in the next section of the game.


Grab as many supplies as you can.  Depending on what you've chosen earlier,
you'll either get all the supplies, or just of a few.  Once you've gathered the
supplies, jump on the counter to trigger another scene.  Quickly press Q, then
E.  If you are loyal to Kenny, he's going to help you.  Tip over the fridge to
your right, then approach Kenny.  Another zombie will attack you from your
left.  Aim your cursor on his head until you see the punch icon.  Click it, and
Lee will smash him with his gun.  Do this routine twice, then press Q and E.
Lee will push the zombie on the wall with spikes impaling him.


When you regain control, enter Lilly's room again to trigger another scene.
After the scene, you will get a FLASHLIGHT.  If you have Carley in your group,
move to your right and climb the stairs to trigger a scene with Carley.  And
also, having Carley in your group will get you an option where you can either
tell your group about Lee's past, or keep it a secret from them. 

Anyway, if you have Doug in your group, he's infront of the RV.  Speak with
him, then show him the flashlight.  Speak with Clementine near the stairs, then
show her the flashlight.  Speak with Kenny and Katjaa, then show them the
flashlight.  Speak with Ben, then show him the flashlight.  Now go to the left
side of the area until you see some broken glasses on the floor.  Inspect them
to trigger a scene, then inspect the chalk x drawn on the left wall.  Speak
with Clementine again (you can speak with everyone about the chalk if you want
to), and ask her about the chalk.  Speak with Duck (give him a high five if you
want to) and show him the flashlight.  Inspect the chalk souff on the floor,
then push the gate.  Once you're outside, move to your right, then look at the
fence and the grate.  Open the grate, then pick up the bag to trigger the next

Install them first until Lilly shoots one of them.  Now, you'll be in a
shooting game where you have to shoot some bandits and zombies.  Press the A
button and quickly shoot two bandits (aim at their head).  If you're taking a
lot of time killing them then they will kill you.  After the scene, press the D
button and kill 3 bandits to trigger the next scene.  After the scene, quickly
kill the zombie by aiming on his head.  Now for the next part, you have to move
left and right to keep the zombies away from the RV.  Keep shooting until the
next scene triggers.


After the scene,

If you choose to leave her behind, a zombie will approach her, and she'll run
away.  If you choose her to stay on the group then she will steal the RV
later in the game.

Speak with Katjaa, and then with Clementine.  During the scene, quickly press
the Q button when it appears.


Speak with everyone, then open the boxcar door to your left.  When you're
inside, grab the WATER and the MAP.  Enter the door behind you, and keep moving
to your right until you reach the cab door.  Open it to trigger another scene.
Now use your pistol with the cab door, then try to shoot the engineer.  Examine
the dead engineer, then speak with Kenny.  Look at the notepad, then leave the
train, and speak with Clementine.  Give the water to Katjaa, then get inside
the RV.  Approach the console, and grab the PENCIL at the bottom of it.  Return
to the cab, and use the pencil on the notepad to get the NOTEPAD.  Use the
console to your right with the notepad.  Using the notepad, start up the engine
(it's not that hard to solve it since the notepad shows you how to do it).  The
console on your right has 5 and 6 only.  To get the 9, you need to get out of
the cab, and then check the engine compartments near Lee.  Find the engine
compartment that has 9 inside (starting from right to left, it's the last
compartment).  Once you've activated it, enter the cab, then use the throttle.
Head outside, and open the 3rd engine compartment starting from your right.
Take the SPANNER to your right, then return to the boxcar.  Take the door to
your left, and keep going until you see the couple pin connecting the 2 trains.
Using your spanner, pry it.  Return to the boxcar to trigger another scene.
Speak with everyone, then use the throttle to move on to the story.

Pick up the RUG, then use it to Duck.  Head towards the cab, then show Kenny
the rug. 

You can fight him, or convince him to stop the train. If you choose to fight
him, you need to stop his punches by moving your cursor on his fist (before he
punches you), and click it when the hand icon appears, then quickly press the Q
button.  You have to do this routine 3 times in order for him to back down.
During the scene, you'll have to make another choice.

If you choose to let Lee kill him, aim the cursor on his head, then click it
when the gun icon appears.  If you choose not to then Kenny will kill him.
If neither of them shoot him then he will turn into a zombie.

When you regain control, return to the boxcar and grab the BOTTLE OF WHISKEY.
Take the whiskey to Chuck, (you can let Lee have a sip if you want), then speak
with Kenny, and let him have a drink from Chuck.  Once Kenny is out of the cab
seat, grab the MAP BIN from the wall.  Return to the boxcar, then grab the
SCISSORS inside the backpack near Clementine.  Speak with Clementine, then
teach her how to use a gun.  You need to shoot 3 bottles in order to move on to
the story.  If you've having a hard time, just focus on the shots you've
missed.  Use those shots to direct Clementine on the bottle.  Once you've
taught Clementine how to shoot, show her the scissors.  Once you've cut
Clementine's hair, show her the map to trigger the next scene.


Use the ladder to trigger the next scene.  When you regain control, open the
FRS truck near Lee, then search it to get the TAPE.  That's all you can do for
now, so climb down.  Speak with everyone if you like, then walk under the
bridge until you reach the train station.

Head all the way to your right until you trigger a scene.  Look at the window
above the door then boost Clementine, so that she can look inside the window.
Open the door, and get inside.  Once you're inside, prop the window open using
your spanner.  Move forward, and look at the gap above the cage door.  Boost
Clementine to the gap, and get ready to fight some walkers.

Quickly press the W button until you reach the door.  Now move your cursor on
the spanner and choose the option to "grab" (not look) it.  Once you have the
spanner, hit one of the zombies, then quickly press Q and E to kill the other
one.  You're not done yet, quickly grab the KEY from Clem, then use the key to
unlock the door.  Quickly open it, and aim your cursor on the zombie's head,
then click it when the gun icon appears.

Grab the BLOWTORCH, exit the station, then return to the bridge.  Head towards
the tanker, then use the blowtorch on the hitch.  Now, use the tape on the
blowtorch, then use blowtorch again on the hitch.  Give the blowtorch to Omid
to trigger another scene.  Use the blowtorch again one last time to trigger the
rest of the scene.

It doesn't matter since both of them will be saved.  Congratulations!!! You've
just finished Episode 3!!!



------------------------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]---------------------------
Q. Hey your guide sucks.
A. Well, it doesn't bother me since I expect this kind of feedbacks.

Q. Is there any way to save Carley/Doug?
A. No.

Q. What about Katjaa and Duck?
A. You cannot save Katjaa.  You can choose not to shoot Duck, but he will turn
   into a zombie.

Q. What transfers on Episode 3?
A. There's a lot of them, but the major decisions are:
   - Help kill Larry? Yes or No
   - Kill both of the St. John brothers? Yes or No
   - Stole food from the car? Yes or No

Q. Hey can I contribute something in your Guide?
A. Yes you can as long as it hasn稚 been mentioned yet in my Guide.

This Guide is copyrighted by me so do not distribute, reproduce, sell, copy, or
post this Guide without my permission.  This Guide is protected by the 
International Copyright Law, so disobeying this rule means absolute penalty.

In another language: BAWAL ANG MAGNAKAW DITO!

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