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Console Commands
Enable the console by locating the game's "config.xml" file, under the game's data folder on your hard drive ("game\data"). Open the file using a text editor, then locate the line says "<fullscreen></fullscreen>". Right below that line, enter a new one and write "<console></console>" (without the quotes). Save your changes to config.xml, remembering to retain the file's .xml extension, then launch the game. Now you can enable the console by pressing the tilde key (' or ~). Parameters that you must enter yourself are listed below in brackets, but note that you shouldn't enter the brackets themselves in order to make the code work.
Refill Lympha, Nerva, and hearts/turgor
Gain a specific glyph heart/open_zone (number)
Gain all glyph hearts and 200 of each kind of lympha and nerva/giveall
Gain all attack glyph hearts and some lympha/stronger
Gain a specified type and amount of Lympha color/add_fl (0-6) (desired amount)
Gain a specified type and amount of Nerva color/add_al (0-6) (desired amount)
Open access to all chambers (note: you cannot reverse this process)/openall
Defeat Brothers with one hit (must be used during an actual duel)/die