The Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats

The Urbz Cheat Codes these cheats work
Enter the codes during game play.Enter Cheat Gnome first. there will be a sound like someone is saying something
Cheat Effect
Circle,L1,L2,R2,R1-CHEAT GNOME
L1,R1,Down,X,L3-Max Physical Skill
L1,R2,X,Circle,Up-Max Mental Skill
L3,R3,R1,R2,Circle-Max Artistic Skill
L1,R2,Right,Square,L3-Acquire Skill Object
Triangle,R2,L1,X,Square-Power Socials
R2,L1,R1,L2,Left,Circle-Raise Motives
Up,Down,Circle,Up,Down-View Development Team
L2,R2,UP,Triangle,L3,X-Unlock all socials
R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L2-Fast forward six hours