The Urbz: Sims in the City Tips

Heidi's Drinks
These are the reactions for Heidi's drinks. (She can be found at 6am in the tunnel in the jail or from 2 am-5 am at the Carnival)

Rosebud= $2,222 (Cost: $100)
Silver-Tongue Smoothie= +1 Charisma Point (Cost: $999)
Gourmet Berry Smoothie= +1 Cooking Point (Cost: $999)
Clock Berry Smoothie= +1 Mechanical Point (Cost: $999)
Buff Berry Smoothie= +1 Body Point (Cost: $999)
Mind Berry Smoothie= +1 Logic Point (Cost: $999)
Da Vinci Berry Smoothie= +1 Creativity (Cost: $999)

***I don't know what the slip of paper does yet but it has the password of Club Xizzle and the recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu (Can also be found by talking cooking with Giuseppi Mezzoalto).

[Don't bother buying the slip of paper... it's a waste of money)