The Urbz: Sims in the City Tips

Heres Some Tips
After spending thousands of Simoleons trying to get my Hogg right to beat Dusty Hogg, I've finally found a combination to help you win.
Chassis: Heavy
Engine: Annihilator
Nitrous Tank: Large
Tires: Racing
Accessory: Super Nitro
(Hold B through the whole race, and you are guarrenteed to win!)

Another thing, jails are pretty cool. You may be like, OH NO! JAIL! But it's actually good because you have the chance to get all your motives up, plus its free! You only have to sleep until the gates open. Therefore, this leads onto another cheat;

Sick of paying bills? Don't pay them! All that'll happen is you may be put in prison every 10-15 days, but who cares? Jail is good. (Read above to find out why), which leads onto ANOTHER cheat;

If you're doing a mission or any tasks which DOESN'T involve talking, then don't bother about filling your motives. If you ever get so hungry, you'll pass out then your motives will be 2/3 full. Plus if you wet yourself, its a 50% chance you'll go to jail, and like I say, Jail is good!

Not being around your home, not taking showers, not having comfort, etc, cannot make you pass out or be sent to jail. You'll find that you've completed the game in no time with all these tips.