The Urbz: Sims in the City (DS) Cheats

The Urbz: Sims in the City cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Urbz: Sims in the City cheat codes.


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1 Step Miracle Grow
Sick of having your plants die because you are too busy to water them? What you do is when your plant turns all yellowish-brownish, then press "A" on the plant and go to the "Move" option. Move it somewhere else or just keep it in the same spot and it will turn a healthy green again.
After Beating Daddy Bigbucks
After you beat daddy bigbucks, you walk through the city. When you get close to club xizzle you see the robot from the sims 2 (platform ds)
-->Just some intresting fact i picked up<--

I have beat the game....still on the rep missons though, ask me questions if you need to...
If you have protested Daddy Bigbucks you will get in SimQuarter. In SimQuarter you will see a large house that looks like a palace. It's name is townhouse and it costs 4000 simoleons to buy itself. It also costs 400 simoleons to pay the weekly bills.
Bypass the man-eating plants
Ok to do this all you need is the gravboard (Which you have definetly have by the time you get far enuf to see man-eating plants unless you sold it) just get on the gravboard and you can go hover right past the man-eatung plants! happy looting!
Change the colour of furniture!
To Change the colour of the furniture, stand next to some pieces of furniture, and press R. It will change the colour.
Cool Art
If you have a animal crossing book there will be some designs(this is in real life) go to the art dude use the designs from the book.Go to the thrift shop and sell it. (this is how i got loads of cash!)
Dancing nutria
Once you can get the little fan boat, in glass town go to the steps near sim quarter and go down them.Use the boat on the water by pressing A. Go right and keep going right until you find a swampy island.Find the wooden platform attached to the island.Go up to it and press A(this gets you out the boat and onto the island)There will be nutrias popping up and down.Go to one and press A.

There you can finish your mission now!!
Earn Easy Extra Money!
Talk to someone and click the button "Do friendly Stuffs" (Yellow button). Then, Click the "Ask for Errands". The person you talked to will give you a Simple task. Ex. You asked an Errand from Luthor L. Bigbucks, he'll ask you too give his Car keys to Lottie Cash, Then when you give the keys to Lottie, She'll Give you Money. That's what I do to earn extra Cash. (Note: It's better if you ask an Errands from the Richies, They give Higher amounts of Cash!)
Easy Money
At 2:00am-3:00am go to the back of the carnival, buy rosebud from the ninja in the trees and drink it you will get about 2000 simolins!
Easy money!
First buy the penthouse in glasstown, now get promoted to the highest promotion in Squegee clean, now every single day when you wake up and you are about to leave your house go up the elevator and play! That's an easy 2000 a day!
Easy Reps
Talk to the head person of each rep group and get your rep up to 100. After that walk away and go back to them a do 1 thing to annoy them and right after that get your rep back up to 100. Then you walk away and get a rep point. You keep repeating that until you wish to stop.
Everlasting Plant
Don't want to water your plant? Just put it in your pocket, and then take it out again when it's dying. It'll become healthy again.
ewan moving in with u
get you and ewans relathionship to 100% then ask him to move in
Free Cookbook
When you finish the Graveyard Mission with Gramma Hattie, she will give you a cook book with 3 Recipes.
fun cheat
If your sim need some fun/ games then go to the top of the jail and have a go on the trampaline
(it works)
Furniture in the beginning...
When you are still at the King Tower in the beginning of the game, go to the penthouse. You can put the shower, toilet, and Biker Sofa in your pocket. You can also put the bed in your pocket. When you are out into the city later in the game, you will still have the items in your pocket. You will save simoleans if you use them as furniture when you rent a house, or you can sell them to make some extra simoleans.
Garbage can
Get 100% relationship with Phoebe Twiddle to unlock the Garbage can (near entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown)
Get Slapped
If you insult Crystal a lot of times she leaves for awhile and when she comes back she slaps you.
Getting relationships DOWN!
When you want 10 rep points for one of the rep points you need to get the rival group leader down to -5 relationship or lower, so to make this go by QUICKER if there is no : Call name, insult, intimidate, complain,rude gesture, or annoy click on friendly stuff and ask them for an errand they will say no and then the options you have to talk to them about will change, when you have a "call name" or something in one of the 3 options click it and their relationship will go lower REPEAT the steps above for a faster time at getting peoples relationships down!
Getting sculptures in your house or extra money
Well, first you need the pro carving bench and your creativity level high.
1. Buy the bench in the carvers shop, in the sim quarter market.
2. Put it in your room.
3. Buy some wood in the market.
4. Go home and press A when there's the arrow over the bench.
5. A screen will appear on the bottom screen of your wood and bench.
6. Click on the wood then the red button, you will make either a small block or a big block.
7. Click the block and the red button again and it will say 'you have made a....'
8. If it is a small block then sell it to the carvers shop although if it is a big block then go to your pockets and place it in your room.
9. The more amazing the sculpture is the more money you'll get for it.
P.S. If it says you have destroyed it. You need more points on creativity.
Even processionals make mistakes!!! Sometimes you can get redwood lying by university or the carnival or somewhere. You will sometimes destroy it even if you cant get your creativity level any higher!! You can also change the colour of the sculpture by pressing R. The more you pay for the wood the more money he'll pay for the sculptures!!

Hope this helps!!
Good combination on your Hogg to defeat the Hogg! (Dusty)
I spent a while wasting time and simoleans to try and come up with a hogg that could hold all the weight I needed but with all the right parts to defeat Dusty Hogg. Well I finally found that this combination works perfectly.
Chassis: Heavy
Engine: Annihilator
Nitrous Tank: Large
Tires: Racing
Accessory: Super Nitro

(It works!)
You will have to ride through puddles and that slows you down but you can still win easily and afterwards Dusty will give you his old hogg! Cruis around town in your (technically) new motorcycle!
Gramma Hattie's Cookbook
By maxing your relationship with Gramma Hattie, you can get a cookbook from her which contains three recipes.
If you are saying this about the last mission its very easy to find the nuclear fuel rods, All you do is go to the cemetary and go to the Bayou and look around for small green glowing recycable things. those are them then give them to the girl and go on with the rest of the game. Oh and when you get done with the game you are on free roam. Also see what happens daddy B. at the end!!
Helpful Tips
When you're looking for helpers for Splicer Island, just earn 50+ relationship with one of the monkeys.

If you can't find the Paradise Island map, just go to the very top of Olde Salty's riverboat (go to the room with the bed and the parrot and go up the ladder). It will be there in the far corner. Then give it to Gordie. Oh, and it will also be there more than once.
Heres Some Tips
After spending thousands of Simoleons trying to get my Hogg right to beat Dusty Hogg, I've finally found a combination to help you win.
Chassis: Heavy
Engine: Annihilator
Nitrous Tank: Large
Tires: Racing
Accessory: Super Nitro
(Hold B through the whole race, and you are guarrenteed to win!)

Another thing, jails are pretty cool. You may be like, OH NO! JAIL! But it's actually good because you have the chance to get all your motives up, plus its free! You only have to sleep until the gates open. Therefore, this leads onto another cheat;

Sick of paying bills? Don't pay them! All that'll happen is you may be put in prison every 10-15 days, but who cares? Jail is good. (Read above to find out why), which leads onto ANOTHER cheat;

If you're doing a mission or any tasks which DOESN'T involve talking, then don't bother about filling your motives. If you ever get so hungry, you'll pass out then your motives will be 2/3 full. Plus if you wet yourself, its a 50% chance you'll go to jail, and like I say, Jail is good!

Not being around your home, not taking showers, not having comfort, etc, cannot make you pass out or be sent to jail. You'll find that you've completed the game in no time with all these tips.
how to run and how to get skateboard
1st running is easy all u need 2 do is walk then click b.2nd getting the skateboard u need 2 talk 2 berkeley clodd,he will give u a mission for u to get him a shrunken head. attend the auction at 5-7 as high as u can to get the shrunken head then after u get it give it to him and he will give u a skate board with no wheels how u use it is click r outside turn were u wanna go then click a as fast as u wanna b to put it away.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> hope it helps!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Human-eating plant
There are aggressive plants on Splicer Island(Before it gets developed) and on the bayou that will eat you. If you let them eat you, you'll end up with 2/3 of your needs filled.
human-eating plant hitter
If the human eating plant on the twins brothers island gets you just press the A button while still dragging you towards it and it will back off so you can get the light you need and it also works on the others human-eating plants!
Information about what you get in your rep group!!!
Rep group; NERDIE
electric chair
gold and silver plaque
upgrades your skills all at the same time and can be displayed
Polly Nomial

Rep group;STREETIE
wall radio
gold and silver plaque
for music and fills up your fun motive and can be displayed

Rep group;RICHIE
hyperbolic pod
gold and silver plaque
fills up all of your motives in just a short time and can be displayed
Luthor L. Bigbucks

Rep group;ARTSIE
skin changer
gold and silver plaque
this is like your wardrobe but also it changes the colour of your hair and its style too and can be displayed
Roxanna Moxie
Jails rule!
If you get busted or are far from home, go to the jail and you have everything to fill your motives up!
Lost cave in Sim quarter
Get 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee to unlock the Lost Cave in Sim Quarter
Making Money Quick and Easy
There are loads of mini games to play to make a load of cash but these are the best ways that I have found to make lots of money quickly.

To make cash to cover all/the majority of the rent buy all the items in the museum, then you will receive $1,000 per month on the same day as your bills arrive.

If you buy a easel then you can pain pictures in you home and it costs you nothing, there are 4 different pictures you can paint the prices vary, $25, $75, $150 & $300. you can paint as many as you like and sell them all to the thrift shop. obviously you can only carry as many as your pockets will hold. (p.s the higher your creativity the better your paintings will be)

If you but a Wood Crafts man table from the Man in the market and buy wood you can carve it and then sell it back to him.
The wood can be made into different sizes, small or large, you have no control over this but is the pieces are larger you will get more money. The most I have received for one piece was $1500.
Another little tip if you find redwood lying around carve it that is worth the most money and it cost you nothing <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> (and again the higher your creativity the better your carvings will be)

Buy ingredients from the man in the market - make sure you have a mixer and an oven.
You will need to have cooking skill points otherwise most of the food you make will be destroyed.
here is a list of recipes and how much you will get for them is you sell them back to the guy on the market:

PEACAN PIE - 1 nut 1Flour, 1 Sugar -$42

APPLE STRUDEL - 1 Apple, 1 Nut, 1Sugar - $60

STRAWBERRY TIMARISU - 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla, 1 flour - $102

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - 1 strawberry, 1 Sugar, 1 flour - $42

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES - 1 vanilla, 1 flour, 1 sugar - $60

BISCOTTI - 1 chocolate, 1 nut, 1 flour -$87

CHOCOLATE CAKE - 1 chocolate, 1 flour, 1 sugar - $95

SUGAR COOKIES - 2 sugar, 1 flour $47

APPLE PIE - 1 apple, 1 flour, 1 sugar - $32

TOFFEE APPLE - 1 apple, 1 vanilla, 1 sugar -$80

VANILLA SWIRL TART - 1 Chocolate, 1 Sugar, 1 Vanilla -$60

I am only on mission 3 at the moment so as i go along and pick up more tips I will post them for you all.
Hope this helps some of you <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Mamboa Loa's Crystal Ball
All you have to do is gaze into the crystal ball to raise your energy and fun meter <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Miniopolis University!
If you don't know when to go to the university to get certain stats and to get smarter go at these times for these upgrades in stats!

6am - 9am || Cooking 1012
10am - 1pm || Creativity 1005
2pm - 5pm || Logic 1040
6pm - 9pm || Mechanical 1030

*NOTE: these times are all in the sims times. Go at those times for getting your cooking,creativity,logic, or mechanical up!
More time on the comedy mini-game
When you are playing the comedy mini-game and you do good and the crowd likes it they will throw roses at you!! Make sure to pick them up for 5 seconds of extra joking time!
Ninja Helps You!!!!
When you go and visit Hedi Shadows the Ninja you can just look at the slip of paper it says ""BUCKET" and don't forget to add 1 vanilla 1 flour 1 strawberry" you don't need to buy it!! This is how to get into Club Xizzle.
Nuclear Rods
When you're doing the mission to make the time machine and require nuclear rods, then you can easily find a good amount of them in the swap.
Old broken down school bus
Get 100% relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto to unlock the Old broken down school bus (near thrift shop)
paridise island map
GO to the ship at the dock and go to the highest part of the ship.the map will be there.put it in your poket and give it to gordie.
Projection booth
Get 100% relationship with Theresa Bullhorn to unlock the Projection booth (near door behind the snack counter of the cinema in Glasstown)
Raise Skills Faster
While raising a skill rapidly tap the A button to raise the skill faster.
Hint: Dessert Recipe List

Below is a list of some dessert recipes. The name of the recipe is on the left, and the ingredients needed are on the right.

* Apple Strudel - Apple, Nuts, Sugar, Flour
* Birthday Cupcakes - Flour, Sugar, Vanilla
* Caramel Apples - Apple, Vanilla, Sugar
* Chocolate Biscotti - Chocolate, Nuts, Flour
* Chocolate Cake - Chocolate, Sugar, Flour
* Fudge Brownies - Nuts, Chocolate (x2)
* Glazed Fruit Salad - Lemon, Apple, Strawberry
* Lemon Tart - Lemon, Sugar (x2), Vanilla
* Low Carb Chocolate Cake - Chocolate (x2), Sugar
* Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry, Flour, Sugar, Vanilla
* Strawberry Tiramisu - Strawberry, Flour, Vanilla
* Sugar Cookies - Flour, Sugar (x2)
Ask people around town about COOKING and they will either say they hate it, something cheap does them or they love it and a recipie. Take a note of and try it. Here is a few I picked up.

STRAWBERRY TIMARISU - 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla, 1 flour

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES - 1 vanilla, 1 flour, 1 sugar

BISCOTTI - 1 chocolate, 1 nut, 1 flour

CHOCOLATE CAKE - 1 chocolate, 1 flour, 1 sugar

SUGAR COOKIES - 2 sugar, 1 flour

APPLE PIE - 1 apple, 1 flour, 1 sugar

TOFFEE APPLE - 1 apple, 1 vanilla, 1 sugar

1 strawberry, 1 flour, 1 sugar does make something. If you find out, can you post what it is and if you have other recipies, post them too, please.

PS - If you plan to sell your treats, make sure you have a high COOKING skill because if you don't...
A) Lots will be destroyed in the oven
B) They will be worth nothing, really

ENJOY <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
If you have the best security system then you don't get things robbed, it will just say that your alarm went off.
When running is outlawed, just rapidly tap B. You wont be sent to jail and you can still go faster than walking.
Running From The Law?
When you get the mission "Running from the Law",you'll go to jail, however, if you just hold B, you will manage to evade them (as you will walk faster) and escape capture so you won't end up in jail.
Secret Storage
Making friends is one of the most important part of the game, so you should be rewarded, right? Well most of you don't know you will be. Once you get 75% you get Xizzle beads. Also with some people you will get storage places. These are good if you don't have enough money for a house you can put things in it. It is also good if you are far a way from home and need to freshin up. People who give you space:
Ewan Wahtawee-Space on docks past job.
Theresa Bullhorn-Projector room on the left side on the theater
Plus More found all around the city!!!!!!!!!!
Sensory Deprivation Tank
Have a full rep meter with the Richies to unlock this item. It refills ALL your motive bars when you use it.
Some Easy Cash Of Food.
1. 2 sugar 1 flour
2. 2 lemon 1 sugar
3. 2 chocolate 1 nut
In all of that you get about 2-300 simolines.
Splicer Island Property
Once splicer island is built, You'll find a hut that is empty, you can fill it with anything except a telephone!
The Usually overlooked apartment
In Glasstown there is an apartment that is the 2nd largest in the game its entrance is between the fanboat steps and the King tower enterance that is facing the road 2 sim quarterand b4 u waste time going there here are its prices it initally costs 3,500 simoleans and 800 simoleans in weekly deposits (the upgrades station is a fuse box to the right of the room with yellow tile)Hope this helps those of you who didnt know of this apartment and want it!
Unlock Moon Base Zeta
Purchase a green meteorite off Internet shopping. Then with the meteorite still in you pocket, go to Sim Quarter and use the telephone booth. The moon base where you can buy the Rocket Bed and Cheese Modulator will now be unlocked.
Unlockable Storage Areas
You unlock these areas by getting to maximum relationship with them.Unlockable How to Unlock
Garbage can (near entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown) 100% relationship with Phoebe Twiddle
Lost cave in Sim quarter 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee
Old broken down school bus (near thrift shop) 100% relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto
Projection booth (near door behind the snack counter of the cinema in Glasstown) 100% relationship with Theresa Bullhorn
Use Coffee to get more done!
If you buy coffee that will replace sleeping, so you have more hours in your day! The only problem is that you will have to go to the bathroom!
When you reach the SimQuarter Luthor L. Bigbucks
will ask you to sponsor one of the exhibits in the museum. Because his dad wants to destroy and rebuild it as a bank(If you are in the Richies. Luthor Bigbucks is also your leader!). When you go to the museum if you have money buy all of the exhibits and after that every week you will receive money(It's amount will be 10 times shorter than you have given to the museum.). And maybe you will stop paying rents and get as much as rents every week.(That's what I do!)
When talking
Do you know when you're talking to someone and you keep on talking. Then there's nothing but bad things to talk about. What you can do is go to "friendly stuff". Then go to "back" ( the last orange button) there is good things to talk about. If there isn't do it over.
Win at the race
Want to always win at the racing game in the chopper garage?? While playing, press B button on SOLID GROUND (no mountains), to zoom past other players! Trust me I have had this game for 4 years!
xizzle beads
in the last air-vent up on top of the jail house by the bench,

in the plant in the doctors office,

in the clothes of slice o'life pizza parlor next to the bathroom,

on the fence next to the lady who sits right next to slic o' life,

under the desk in the university,

and the real obviouse one 75% relationship with any one

there are more but i dont know how to explain where the are like in the bayu and in the cemitary by the entrance near to the bayu but trust me i have found like 30 xizzle beads

in the tier of the old school bus,

under the railing before you go into saltys river boat'

in the net that is on the wall of crawfish shack,

in saltys river boat go to the second to tallest area where the parrot is and go to the white couch withe the net on it and there is one there,

in king towers gym under the bench,

in glass town on kings tower there is a slanty red thing by the entrance by the city apartment and there is one there,


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Check all items in stores!
Like looking through the items in shops but hate having to move around to look? Well go to 'Second Looks Thrift Emporium' (The shop owned by Phoebe Twiddle) just before it closes and wait until 11.30pm then buy all the items that you can hold and wait till midnight then sell all the items you bought. Buy TWO of the items at the top then click down to the next set of items. You'll see that the down arrow is still usable! You can view all the items in other shops as well as the internet, your mailbox and even your pockets!!

Only thing is, you can't buy anything except the food stuff (pizza, coffee etc.)

Happy Gaming!!
Get Easy Body points!
Ok what you have to do is get into jail. Easy way is to go to the bathroom outside. Then, fill up your needs. When the jail door opens, DONT go outside. Just use the dumbells inside the jail. When you need to refill your needs, just go in the open jail door! repeat as long as you want!
Glitched dusty
in the jail cell dusty some times appears in there. get in there with him and wait (easiest in running from the goal). soon he will walk through all the walls and off the screen! this happens to other characters in diffrent areas, so keep looking!
(also blend 3 chocolates together for a cure to vampirism)
(and a giant chocolate bunny <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)
Moving Butterfly
When you unlock the Sim quarter if you go to the bushes by the Museum look at the butterfly and hit pause, however even though you pushed pause the Butterfly still moves around! Try it!
walking on the water!!
Ok, here's a glitch that enables you to walk on water. You need to get to the small island where you catch the dancing nutria for roxanna moxie. at the island, go to the left side. notice that it somehow looked like a small beach at the left side of the island. try going to the water from there. at one point you will be able to go onto the water. well you can also airboard on the water, and that's pretty cool. but here's a catch. you cannot enter the landside without getting on/off the fanboat first. Note: this glitch can also be done with the GBA version of the game.


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$Be Rich 4 Life!!$
At the beginning of the game, when in king tower, DO NOT give Kris Thistle your squeegee and bucket until later. This way, you can improve your skills (mainly body) and earn lots of simoleons from the bird poop game. you can be promoted up to level 3 before you need mechanical skill. because you cannot get mechanical skills at that point, you cannot be promoted further. you can earn about $400 each time and when you get about $6,000 simoleons, give Kris your squeegee and bucket. Later you will need this money and it will come in very handy!!
clean bed
unleash your robot vacuum cleaner the quickly go to your bed when you wake up it will be made
Dressing up as Pepper Pete
When Olde Salty wants to sell his boat to Daddy Bigbucks...Mambo Loa tells you to dress up like pepper pete and convince Olde Salty (his brother) to not sell the boat to Daddy Bigbucks..Mambo Loa tells you to find some stuff inorder to dress up like pepper pete.
You will find the sailor's coat in Phoebe Twiddle's shop (at the back with shop,its stashed in the clothes)
And you will have to shop online at the cafe Z-Bach to get the sailors cap.
Then you will have to go to Pritchard Locksley and get the Fake Beard from him.
At last you will to give the costume items to Mambo Loa
Earn more money in the fiddle game
In the fiddling mini-game in the Bayou, you can earn twice as much money if you have the Gold Fiddle in your possession. You can get the Gold Fiddle from Cannonball Coleman after completing a mission for him.
Entry to Club Xizzle
The password to Club Xizzle is "bucket".
Free Repair!
When something in your house is broken call the repair man and he will repair it. But before he fully repairs your item all the way walk out the door and go back in then press the "A" button and then press "Repair" then when you repair it it will start off where the Repair man stopped and you finish the rest of the job and keep your 100 Simileons.
Glitched Squirrel
When you unlock SimQuarter, stand on the steps to the graveyard but don't go in, instead look at the squirrel to the left of you in the grass. It may look normal, but looking at it for a long time, you can see it acts glitched.
Heidi The Cheat Ninja!
All cheats are purchased from the Cheat Ninja, Heidi Shadows she only appears in certain places at certain times.

1a.m. - 2a.m. Use the time machine and travel back to Nov. 28 1984
2a.m - 3a.m. Carnival
4 a.m. - 5a.m. Paradise Island
6a.m. -7a.m. Secret tunnel from jail to dark tree
10a.m - 11a.m. Moonbase Zeta

Items you can purchase form Heidi Shadows.

Rosebud $100 $2,222 in cash
Silver-Tongue Berry Smoothie $999 1 Charisma point
Gourmet Berry Smoothie $999 1 Cooking point
Clock Berry Smoothie $999 1 Mechanical point
Buff Berry Smoothie $999 1 Body point
Mind Berry Smoothie $999 1 Logic point
Da Vinci Smoothie $999 1 Creative point
Slip of Paper $999 Password for Club Xizzle and recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu
Housewarming gifts!
You'll need a phone in your house for this one.
buy a decent home that looks nice and you invite a friend over. (Third option after you selevt "Make Call") You have to have a good relationship with them for them to even come over though so make sure your goodfriends with the person otherwise they'll say they are busy. When your friend comes over they will have the green exclamation point above their head. They will either say you live in a dump (to put it vaguely) or that they dig your home (to put it vaguely) If they like your home they will give you a housewarming gift...most of them are worth at least 500 simoleans. But they are one of a kind. I've gotten these gifts so far.

Crystal: magic lamp
(If you go to your pockets and tap it a cloud of smoke will go around your sim and you will be transferred into the lamp where you can find a Xizzle bead in the baskets and you can go to the bathroom and rest...wherever, whenever!)

Lottie Cash: Lottie Cash Statue:
A statue of herself

Luther Bigbucks:'98 Adder Bumper
The bumper to a very expensive car previously owned by him

Guessippi Mezzalto: Orange Pedestal
a pedastal..with oranges..not much else to say.
how to earn popularity
when you want to earn popularity for paradise island and you dont have a lot you talk to people for a really long time after they give you xizzle beads you earn popularity
more for paintings
buy the easel to paint and get full creativity then paint and when u do u will paint masterpieces instead of just pictures u will get more for the master piece
quick way to dark tree
u got to have 100% good relationship with Det.Dan D.Mann. then he tell u about a secret tunnel, then u must go to the jail.The Misty Water's photo u usualy see will have a big hole go in it.Go into it by pressing A in front of it.
Rep Group-Exclusive Items
Whatever clique you are in, the method is the same: earning full rep with them.

Bod-Mod Booth - Earn full rep meter with the Artsies and talk to Roxie Moxie
Mad Skillz Cerebral Data Infuser - Earn full rep meter with the Nerdies and talk to Polly Nomial
Ultimate MP-DEE Stereo System - Earn full rep meter with the Streeties and talk to Darius