The Tale Of Despereaux (Xbox 360) Cheats

The Tale Of Despereaux cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Acrobat (30)Complete a chapter without a bad fall.
Bell Ringer (20)Complete chapter 12.
Brave Knight (30)Defeat 100 enemies.
Brave Mouse (20)Complete chapter 4.
Bridge Champion (20)Complete chapter 13.
Bull in a China Shop (20)Destroy 1000 baskets or crates.
Button Scavenger (30)Collect 1000 buttons.
Cheese Collector (20)Collect all of the cheese in a chapter.
Cheese Connoisseur (30)Collect 1000 cheese.
Cheese Crazy (40)Collect all of the cheese in every chapter.
Cheese Happy (30)Collect all of the cheese in 8 chapters.
Chef Wannabe (30)Complete a chapter while wearing the chef costume.
Clean Molars (20)Find the toothpick weapon.
Combat Mastery (30)Purchase every available combat move from Caravaggio.
Combat Squire (20)Purchase a combat move from Caravaggio.
Corker (20)Find the corkscrew weapon.
Curtain Raiser (20)Complete chapter 3.
Gifted (20)Complete chapter 5.
Gladiator (20)Complete chapter 8.
Hammerer (20)Find the nail weapon.
Head of Class (40)Receive an "A" ranking in every chapter.
Honor Roll (30)Receive an "A" ranking in 8 chapters.
Knight in Shining Armor (30)Complete a chapter while wearing the knight costume.
Knight's Page (20)Complete chapter 1.
Lactose Intolerant (30)Collect less than 50 cheese in Chapter 12 or 13.
Lancer (20)Find the needle weapon.
Lion Tamer (20)Complete chapter 15.
Master of Disguise (20)Complete chapter 10.
Not a Dent (20)Complete a chapter without breaking any baskets or crates.
Rat Catcher (20)Complete chapter 14.
Runaway Rodent (20)Complete chapter 6.
Soup Lover (40)Find all 6 soup bowls in the game.
Stair Master (20)Complete chapter 11.
Storybook Hero (100)Complete the game.
Surfer Dude (20)Complete chapter 7.
Tip-Toe-Topper (20)Complete chapter 9.
Tome Raider (20)Complete Chapter 2
Top Student (20)Receive an "A" ranking in a chapter.