The Sims Life Stories

  • Released on Mar 19, 2007
  • By Maxis for PC, Mac

The Sims Life Stories (PC) Cheats

The Sims Life Stories cheats, Codes, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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Hints & Cheats
Here is some basic stuff if your into cheating.
You cannot use these on Story mode, only Free Play Mode

How to get the Cheat Box:
press Ctrl Shift C at the same time, the cheat code box should show up.

More cheats for the Cheat box:

FamilyFunds(Family Name)(Amount) - Entered in neighborhood view gives family any amount you choose. Do not use commas in the amount.
motherlode - Gives family 50,000 Simoleans
kaching - Gives family 1,000 Simoleans
aging off/on[choose one of the two]- Turns aging off/on for everyone on the lot
moveobjects off/on[choose only one]- allows you to place objects where you normally couldn't (in building mode only)
expand - expands cheat box
exit - exits cheat mode
maxmotives - maxes all motives for everyone on the lot
aspirationlevel(0-5) - enter a number 0-5 0 places aspiration in red 5 in Platnum
aspirationpoints(#) - Adds aspiration points to the selected character
unlockCareerRewards - Unlocks all the career rewards for selected character
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true/false[choose true or false] - Open the boolprop cheat...only some of them work (I have never used this one before btw)
roofSlopeAngle(15-75) - Changes the roof pitch 75 being the steepest
boolprop allow45degreeanlgeofrotation true/false - Allows you to turn items at 45 degree angles. Use the . and , keys to rotate.
boolprop snapobjectstogrid true/false - Turns the ability of objects to snap to grid off and on.
motivedecay on/off - makes the motives slowly decay or not at all.
lockaspiration on/off - locks the aspiration score of sims on the lot
sethour (0-23) - sets the hour of the day.
abc - expand cheat window
help - Shows most of the cheats that your can use